Deadline to Protect 2020 Election Records in Georgia is TOMORROW

Deadline to Protect 2020 Election Records in Georgia is TOMORROW

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled last week that Georgia voters have legal standing to sue Georgia officials who break the law, without having to prove an individual plaintiff was hurt. Voters can be hurt as a group when the law is broken by their government and they can sue for it, regardless of federal standing requirements, the Court ruled.

This reverses Judge Amero’s ruling that Garland Favorito cannot sue Georgia for counting illegal votes because he can’t show he was injured (“no standing”). The judge dismissed Favorito’s case, refusing to look at the evidence, but now he’ll have to.

The problem is Georgia and its counties can start destroying ballots soon, and Friday, Nov. 4 is the deadline to preserve them before this begins. Favorito is suing to audit the Fulton County mail-in ballots, and the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee unanimously approved a motion to audit those ballots in Dec. 2020, before Judge Amero dismissed the case. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was to lead the audit. His testimony was what convinced the Subcommittee that the ballots should be audited.

Now Pulitzer is urging patriots to call the Georgia Supreme Court and request Favorito’s case be expedited before the ballots and records are destroyed.

(his audio-only podcast has less commercials)

The phone and fax numbers for the Court’s Clerk’s office can be found on the docket, which Pulitzer has posted on Locals (not pay-walled), or at the Clerk’s office webpage. The case is Favorito v. Wan, number S22C1285. The ruling that makes “standing” unnecessary in Georgia, when government breaks laws, is case S2230029: Sons of Confederate Veterans v. Henry County Board of Commissioners (also posted on Pulitzer’s Locals). I uploaded both files here for anyone with problems signing on.

Pulitzer walks you through everything in the second half of the podcast, including what to say to the Clerk’s office: in light of the Supreme Court decision in Sons of Confederates v. Henry County, the pending case of Favorito v. Wan must be expedited to prevent the destruction of these voting records. Be respectful and be brief. Know what you’re talking about. Follow up your phone call with a faxed letter if you can.

This puts it on the books that a state’s constitution can override federal requirements in state court, specifically the “standing” requirement that judges have used across the country since 2020 to dismiss Election Fraud cases. States that disagree with these judges can follow Georgia’s example. They know this ruling is legally sound and was written correctly, since it came from the Supreme Court.

In short, the judgment in Sons of Confederate Veterans v. Henry County may end up giving the fraud we saw in 2020 its day in court, all over America; and if enough people call the Clerk’s office, Georgia’s 2020 records may be saved from destruction at the last minute, and Fulton’s mail-ins audited. For everyone who saw 2000 Mules, those were mail-in ballots going in the dropboxes, and the motion to audit them in Fulton is already stamped.

We were in a similar predicament two months ago with the Cast Vote Records, and they were collected for almost every county in the country. This needs to happen again, and it appears the Court is inclined to protect these state election records given the timing of their new ruling, but you never know.

Make sure they save the evidence!

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