The Senate Judiciary Committee has released documents disclosing details about the ICIG interview regarding the Clinton Server.

You can download the 105 page document here.

A review of the documents appear to confirm what Rep. Gohmert described in congressional testimony about a foreign government, NOT Russia, getting every one of Hillary Clinton’s emails in real time:

Brian Cates of the Epoch Times had a very interesting thread on this topic:

This story is still developing…


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Bob Rowe
Bob Rowe
2 years ago

Are we supposed to believe we don’t know the rest of the story: China pays for access to Hillary’s emails by sending $$$,$$$,$$$.00 to CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike forwards money to one of the Clinton Foundations. Emails go to Chinese. Includes Classified SAPs. Intel sold purposefully. Why bother hacking for it when they are giving it away to enrich themselves? RE: #438,… Read more »