Due Diligence: 2020 Election - Part 1

Due Diligence: 2020 Election – Part 1

In an effort to provide informational content for the 2020 elections the PSB Newsroom will be tracking voter irregularities and various voting practices through to the November elections. We begin this series with the following report. If you have any information in your location to contribute to this effort, please leave us a Comment at the end of this article and we will incorporate it into our reporting. ~~ Ed. 

There seems to be no end to this stealth manipulation being practiced by those opposed to the Trump Administration and the Republican Party candidates. Hiding information, misleading choices, attempts to create confusion among the citizens of OUR country all have been gaining popularity over the past year.

Most of these moves intend results that support the “narrative” of the Left which the mainstream media (MSM) wants you to know. Their reporting is designed to grab voters’ attention to a talking point, a shiny object so to speak.

Super Tuesday
March 3, 2020

An opening salvo of attacks to confused voters, especially Trump and some “on the fence” voters, has begun in the 2020 primaries.

Many Republican Party ballots are confusing, some voters have reported. Some states require voters to declare which party you will be supporting. Accordingly, they were given either a Republican or Democrat voter ballot.

There were reports some voters were confused by the placement of candidates’ names. The Trump name was placed out of order on the ballots.

After hearing of the confusion on the ballots, I sampled Republican ballots from 27 states. Most listed three choices, Donald Trump, Bill Weld, and uncommitted.

However, some states had many choices for President. While the names were valid, I found that all but Weld had already dropped out of the race. On all the multiple choice ballots I sampled only one name remained in the race along with Trump — Bill Weld, a never-Trumper candidate. At issue: why would those who had dropped out of the campaign remain on the ballots?

Conscientious voters, die-hard Trump supporters and those who closely study and examine their voting materials will find their selection, even from multiple choices.

It is the uninformed and those that may not want to vote Democrat who can be confused or influenced. These voters may select a candidate not in the race. This has the potential to change the dynamic of the races. The pundits of the MSM, to control their  narrative, can and do skew incidental data. That in turn can influence indifferent voters.

When a “lower than expected turnout” is the narrative, some not aware of the truth of the report may be swayed by the lack of all information available.

This is a short, but important article to remind everyone to be aware and to pass this information along, especially to those you know who are not as keen as you are to study the candidates and make informed choices based on a candidate’s policies. That will go a long way to avoid any confusion being perpetrated by people attempting to muddy up our elections.

We at Patriots’ Soapbox Newsroom will be following and reporting these narrative grabbing headlines and bring clear reports to the people.


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