Elizabeth Heng Creates Anti-Socialist PAC

Elizabeth Heng Creates Anti-Socialist PAC

Debuting a 30-second commercial on television during the DNC debates, Elizabeth Heng has set off a firestorm exposing socialism as the Pol Pot “paradise” her family escaped. In an interview with Breitbart  we learn that Heng’s family survived Pol Pot’s cultural cleansing.   As he faced death, her father suddenly claimed he should be allowed to live because he was engaged to marry a woman.  The thugs made him point out this woman he planned to marry and he picked the prettiest woman standing around.  She agreed to marry him, saving his life.  Pol Pot allowed married people to survive because he wanted to take their children and brainwash them for socialism.  Later they escaped to the US and were given political asylum.

As a Republican, Ms. Heng ran for congress in a blue district in California two years ago and lost.  She has received death threats from radical leftists for making the ad.  Alexandra Cortez claimed Ms. Heng was making the GOP white supremacist case, not the case of young people of color in the United States.  The ad shows piles of skulls from the slaughter by Pol Pot’s henchmen, the Khmer Rouge.   Ms. Heng explained that if people like her did not stand up, America could fall to socialism where socialists running for office have promised to stop airplanes, stop the cattle industry, stop fracking, and stop family reproduction.

Ms. Heng’s PAC is working to give young conservatives a voice against the radical left and for the US Republic’s freedom and ideals.

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