Entrapment: FBI Agent in

Entrapment: FBI Agent in “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” Claimed “Mission is to Kill Governor!”

August 30, 2021 — The so-called “Whitmer Kidnapping Plot” has been unfolding for a long time now. Thousands of pages of documents have been filed and countless exhibits produced. Over this period of time, I have reported extensively on this case in prior articles but for those of you who are not familiar with the case, see the following Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV of our reporting on this case.

In a brief summary of our reporting, it has come out that 12 out of the 18 individuals involved in the so-called “plot” were FBI informants as well as two undercover FBI agents. From the evidence, it appears that the FBI drove the entire “plot” from start to finish. Text messages from the FBI handlers reveal that they directed the main informant, who happened to be second in command of the group, to “draw” specific people into the plot. That handling agent then directed the informants to “delete these texts” which is obstruction of justice.

Buzzfeed reported that Dan, aka CHS-2, was involved with every aspect of the plot from start to finish. A prosecutor working this case was “reassigned” due to ethics concerns and an investigation being conducted into misconduct with informants in a prior case. The main FBI agent overseeing the operation, Richard J. Trask was later arrested for attempting to kill his wife, beating her senseless after a “swingers” party.

Mugshot of FBI Agent Richard J. Trask

This has been one of the most incredible cases for examining how the FBI “investigates” or perhaps manufactures “domestic terror” plots.

A recent filing in the case has disclosed some very disturbing texts that seem to reinforce the notion that this was FBI entrapment. That filing comes from the United States vs. Fox, et al.

The twelve-page filing, Defendants’ Joint Supplement to Motion to Compel provides another window into the defense strategy attorneys will be pursuing in relation to the case.

What is going on here? Now we are learning one of the FBI handlers in this case runs a separate company profiting off his access to government as an FBI agent seeking to gain publicity as a “internet intelligence company”?

An FBI agent who helped ‘foil’ a plot to abduct Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer may have used his knowledge of the case to lend credibility to his private cyber intelligence company, newly filed court documents allege.

Attorneys for five defendants charged with attempting to kidnap the Democratic governor are seeking information about special agent Jayson Chambers, after a BuzzFeed report claimed that the FBI agent may have published tweets about the undercover operation before it was made public. The foiled kidnapping plot – allegedly hatched in retaliation against Whitmer’s Covid-19 measures – was initially used as evidence of the domestic threat posed by right-wing extremism. But the narrative began to fall apart after it was revealed that at least 12 undercover informants played major roles in the scheme, leading to allegations of entrapment. 

According to BuzzFeed, a ‘right-wing troll’ who claimed to be the CEO of Exeintel, an internet intelligence firm, appeared to tweet multiple times about the FBI’s investigation before the alleged abduction plot was thwarted. The account, @ravagiing, issued a cryptic warning (‘Don’t worry Michigan I told ya A LOT more coming soon’) just hours before the FBI arrested nearly a dozen suspects in October. As it turns out, Chambers is listed as the CEO of a company called Exeintel. It’s unclear whether the FBI special agent was behind the prophetic tweets. 

In a new pleading filed on Friday night, lawyers for five men accused in the kidnapping conspiracy asked for more information about special agent Chambers and his communications with an undercover informant who allegedly played a key role in organizing the plot. 

‘Repeated tweets sought attention and tried to show that the CEO was a valuable source of information to (paying) third parties,’ the court filing claimed, referring to the social media activity linked to Chambers and his private intelligence firm. 

It’s possible that the FBI may have known about Chambers’ business activities. According to BuzzFeed, FBI agents who want to own private companies or have side gigs must receive explicit permission from the bureau. 

The peculiar twist comes less than a week after one of the men accused in the kidnapping plot, Ty Garbin, received a six-year sentence after pleading guilty. Garbin has agreed to act as a witness against his alleged co-conspirators. 

Conservative pundits have argued that the FBI’s sting operation, which was revealed ahead of the 2020 presidential election, was heavily politicized and served to intentionally discredit Donald Trump and his supporters. 

Defense counsels for the five defendants have stressed that the alleged plot would have never occurred without the FBI’s active involvement, accusing the government of essentially hatching a plot that it later foiled. 

Prosecutors, however, have insisted that the defendants were ‘predisposed to join the kidnapping’ and that their claims of entrapment were invalid. – RT

Each time it appears this case couldn’t get more insane, it does.

On the afternoon of Oct. 7, 2020, a Twitter account known for right-wing trolling issued an enigmatic warning: ‘Don’t worry Michigan I told ya A LOT more coming soon.’

The account, @ravagiing, provided no further details, but just hours later, the FBI executed coordinated raids throughout Michigan, arresting nearly a dozen people it said were involved in a plot to kidnap the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

The next day, after the alleged plot had made international headlines, the account tweeted again: ‘I told ya ahead of time, Michigan.’ And, indeed, @ravagiing — whose Twitter bio describes the individual or individuals as CEO of a cyber intelligence firm called Exeintel — had been dropping hints for months. ‘Soon….MICHIGAN Soon,’ the account tweeted on Sept. 24.

The tweets could be dismissed as little more than an odd coincidence. But government records show that Exeintel is owned by Jayson Chambers — one of the lead FBI agents on the Michigan case.

The trademark for Exeintel, meanwhile, is held by a man named Jaime Chanaga, a cybersecurity expert who also volunteers for Infragard, a government-funded nonprofit that collaborates directly with the FBI on ‘counterterrorism, counter intelligence, cybercrime, and other matters relevant to informed reporting of potential crimes and attacks on the nation,’ according to its tax filings.

Chambers declined to comment on the matter. A spokesperson for the FBI also declined to comment. The identity of the individual or individuals behind the @ravagiing account could not be ascertained, and multiple attempts to contact them, as well as Exeintel, were also unsuccessful. The Exeintel website went offline soon after BuzzFeed News sent in queries, and it is not cached online because it has been ‘excluded’ from the Internet Archive. The Twitter account for @exeintel, meanwhile, has been suspended.

Reached by phone, the cybersecurity expert, Chanaga, acknowledged having filed the paperwork for the Exeintel trademark but claimed it was for a venture that he didn’t end up launching. He denied knowing anyone associated with Exeintel, said he had ‘no affiliation’ with Chambers or the person or people behind @ravagiing, and claimed he has for several years been the victim of doxxing attempts to fraudulently link him to the company. Chanaga offered no explanation for why his own company, which owns the Exeintel trademark, is registered at the same rural New Mexico address as the Exeintel LLC registered to Chambers. Chanaga promised to send answers to additional questions in writing, but never did.

But the apparent connections between the Twitter account and the FBI case are another puzzling facet of what has become one of the most closely watched domestic terrorism investigations in a generation.

Last month, one of the other FBI agents working the case, Richard Trask, was charged with felony assault in state court for allegedly beating his wife. He has pleaded not guilty, according to his lawyer Sarissa Montague. One of the primary confidential informants in the case was indicted on a gun charge in March but has pleaded not guilty, claiming that the FBI gave him ‘authorization’ for his actions. Many of the defendants, meanwhile, are now arguing that they were entrapped by the FBI, and, in particular, by the informant handled by Chambers.

A review of activity from the @ravagiing account reveals a long history of boosting conspiracy theories including climate change denialism as well as attacks on Democratic politicians, so-called antifa, and Muslims. The account, which currently has more than 47,000 followers, claims to be based in the United Kingdom and the US. Among its followers is former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and its intel has been publicly cited by conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

The @ravagiing account has also posted screenshots of what it claims are encryptedmessages with federal agents working on an ISIS case that led to multiple arrests in Michigan in early 2019.

On his Facebook page, Chambers does not mention the FBI but instead describes himself as a ‘Sheepdog at Sheep Protection Services.’ His LinkedIn profile, meanwhile, says he has been a special agent since 2010 and lists considerable experience in counterterrorism while at the bureau. Court documents show that he is one of two agents who handled a confidential informant who infiltrated an armed extremist group called the Wolverine Watchmen that is at the center of the alleged kidnapping plot. On Wednesday, a defendant in the case, Ty Garbin, was sentenced to 75 months in prison after pleading guilty and agreeing to cooperate.

Until its website was taken down, Exeintel described itself as ‘a group of dedicated professionals working in the shadows of cyberspace to provide actionable counterterrorism intelligence to law enforcement worldwide’ and published research notes on groups including al-Qaeda.

Among the first public references to Exeintel was in connection to a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, in August 2017 that killed 14 people and injured more than 100 when a man drove a van down Las Ramblas, a popular pedestrian street. Soon thereafter, an online Spanish newspaper reported that Exeintel claimed to have been in direct contact with the terrorists behind the attack weeks beforehand and had warned authorities. A second article identified Chanaga, linking him to Exeintel as its presumptive owner.

Despite Chanaga’s denial of any connection between the trademark he owns and the entity by the same name, federal records show that at the time he applied for the trademark, he submitted a screenshot of the Exeintel website as evidence that it was already being used by him in commerce. The @ravagiing account links to the same site, as do other Twitter accounts identifying themselves as connected to Exeintel.

New Mexico Secretary of State records show that Exeintel LLC was registered in Chambers’ name in April 2019 at the same address as Chanaga’s companies and using the same third-party registered agent. Its purpose, records show, is to ‘operate as an Internet intelligence company.’ Chambers’ mailing address in the filing is a PO Box at a UPS Store in Clarkston, Michigan, not far from the FBI’s Detroit field office. A review of public records found no other companies in the US or the UK registered under the name Exeintel.

According to FBI policy, agents need formal permission to have any job outside the bureau or to own a business. The FBI did not comment as to whether Chambers had received such approval.

Emails and encrypted texts reviewed by BuzzFeed News show that Chambers, as far back as 2015, appeared to be in direct communication with individuals who described themselves as ISIS hunters, seeking information about the online activity of suspected terrorists. – Buzzfeed

RT and Buzzfeed failed to inquire whether the FBI is using private companies to bypass the Constitution, FOIA requests and public accountability, in order to do things they otherwise would have to obtain a warrant to do? Was the Twitter account being used as a honeypot? Why does the FBI appear to be operating like a rogue, political agency?

In this explosive Motion filed on behalf of defendants, we can see that the FBI appears to have directed their informants to craft the entire plot, draw specific people into it and coordinate and organize it.

The government was so inept in their setting up of the plot, that even undercover FBI agent Mark seemed to sense no one knew what they were doing on the “recon” trip. He asks the informant “Are these folks aware of where we are going?” indicating that he felt it was a real possibility that they did NOT. While the government, specifically the FBI claimed Adam Fox was the “leader” of the plot, it actually appears that Dan, aka CHS-2, was the real leader and organizer of the plot.

Now we see the Defense allege that the FBI created crimes as investigative practice and technique, which is the exact opposite of what they are supposed to be doing, which is “passively observing and monitoring” an ALREADY EXISTING plot. This shows the FBI agent Chambers, who we now know stood to benefit financially from the case, directing his informant Dan to have “Frank” engage in acts of “domestic terror.” Incredibly, FBI Agent Chambers then directs his informant Dan that “the mission is to kill the governor, specifically.”

FBI Agent Chambers, through his informant Dan (CHS-2) is directing the entire thing, from the informant giving a “bomb recipe” to an unwitting stooge “Frank” who confirms to informant Dan he will follow his directions. Luckily, he did not and never attempted to assemble or detonate the device.

This is absolutely stunning behavior on the part of emboldened FBI agents who felt they could get away with anything, including an attempt at insider trading or the creation of a “futures market” whereby they predict in advance the conclusion of their own cases via a privately owned “internet intelligence company.”

Here we see the text messages, where FBI Special Agent Chambers confirms to informant Dan that the “mission” is to “kill” the governor, clear evidence this was not Fox planning things, but the FBI themselves.

This case is still ongoing, and if the Defense gets their Motion to Compel granted, it will be really interesting to see what else the FBI was doing. The Defense appears to have a strong entrapment case, despite the fact that most entrapment defenses fail.

This comes on the heels of my article just last week, showing the FBI had informants within Atomwaffen and O9A.

The FBI was bankrolling a satanic, pro-pedophilia neo-Nazi death cult that inspired ritual murders around the world, and subsidized Martinet Press, the publishing house run by FBI informant Joshua Sutter. The FBI is deeply embedded in every single right wing militia group and “white supremacist” organization and they appear to actually be running them.

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