FISA Court: FBI Violated Privacy Rights of Americans

FISA Court: FBI Violated Privacy Rights of Americans

According to a recently unsealed court order, the FBI’s use of a foreign surveillance tool violated the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens. The Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court (FISC) ruled that the FBI had been improperly searching through a database of raw intelligence for information on American citizens.

The ruling was made secretly last year, and was only disclosed to the public on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. The FBI apparently had made ‘tens of thousands’ of search queries from 2017 to 2018 that were completely illegal and involved personal data, such as emails and telephone numbers.

The revelations come as the embattled FBI has been under increased scrutiny following many recent scandals:

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The intelligence community disclosed Tuesday that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court last year found that the FBI’s pursuit of data about Americans ensnared in a warrantless internet-surveillance program intended to target foreign suspects may have violated the law authorizing the program, as well as the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches.

The court concluded that the FBI had been improperly searching a database of raw intelligence for information on Americans—raising concerns about oversight of the program, which as a spy program operates in near total secrecy. –WSJ

The FBI has been accused of misconduct and entrapment as it relates to their activity in the operation Crossfire Hurricane and the improper targeting of Trump campaign officials. The FBI maintains that everything it did was proper, claiming it suspected Carter Page may have been working with Russian officials to interfere with the 2016 elections. President Trump has said that the FBI “illegally spied” on his campaign.

It was later revealed that Carter Page had long been an FBI/CIA asset himself. Therefore, the FBI’s claims regarding Page seem ludicrous as he has been providing them information and intelligence reports of his activity.

According to the Conservative Treehouse:

Carter Page states he was a long-standing source of information for the intelligence apparatus, specifically for the CIA for decades.  Secondly, the framework by Page as outlined, and the underlying motive of the FBI to use him as an unwitting target for the FISA application, is essentially confirmation of our prior reconciled point on why the FBI exploited him.

Carter Page was not accused of being an agent of a foreign government to get a FISA warrant; that was secondary. Carter Page was accused of being an agent of a foreign government to get the Steele Dossier into the investigation.

The Dossier was used to validate and justify, albeit fraudulently, pre-existing political surveillance (NSA Database) and later John Brennan’s spy operations.  The Dossier was cover for a political surveillance operation under the color of FBI legitimacy.

The NSA database was being exploited for political surveillance operations since around mid-2012. {Go Deep} Following a secret agreement between the FBI and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the Obama intelligence apparatus was using the NSA database to extract information and build files on political targets. {Go Deep}  They used the FISA-702(16)(17) search process and never informed the FISA court. Conservative Treehouse 

Carter Page appeared on the Fox News channel to discuss this issue himself:

“The court accordingly finds that the FBI’s querying procedures and minimization procedures are not consistent with the requirements of the Fourth Amendment,” concluded Federal Court Judge James E. Boasberg.

It also came out recently that:

CrowdStrike has “unlimited” access to the FBI’s data, files, and surveillance information, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Judge Rosemary Collyer, Presiding Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), ruled the FBI illegally outsourced an unlimited amount of top secret surveillance information to 70 private contractors.

Judge Collyer said the FBI’s “improper disclosure of raw intelligence about Americans to unauthorized individuals” was illegal. The FISA Chief Judge also said the FBI was told in previous court orders to stop outsourcing its intelligence services.

The Judge’s 99-page ruling dated April 26, 2017 is attached here.

This is just more information about already well-known FBI misconduct.

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