Former Acting AG Whitaker: Comey Report to 'Lay Bare a lot of the Rumors, Innuendo'

Former Acting AG Whitaker: Comey Report to ‘Lay Bare a lot of the Rumors, Innuendo’

Former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker appeared on Fox News to discuss the potential IG report on James Comey:

This is the same James Comey who along with his wife, donated a substantial amount of money to Democrats in 2019:

Speaking to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on The Story:

“Whitaker, who served in the interim between former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and current AG William Barr, claimed Wednesday on “The Story” that Comey and top brass operated as if they were “above the law.”

“I think it’s going to lay bare a lot of the rumors or innuendo we’ve heard,” he said of the potential release from the inspector general.

“It’s going to say specifically what Jim did leak and how he leaked it.”

“These folks were running their own plays,” he said. “They did not believe they were in the chain of command at the Department of Justice. Jim is really demonstrating why he was fired, quite frankly.”

“I think one of the things [the IG report] is also going to lay bare, once you hear the story of Comey and McCabe told together, is that there was a culture of leaking in the senior offices at the FBI that really was out of control.”

Whitaker, a former federal prosecutor in Iowa, added the culture he said Comey instilled was “dangerous.”

Regarding Andrew McCabe, who was Comey’s deputy director at the FBI, federal prosecutors appear to be close to a decision on whether to charge the newly minted CNN contributor.” – Fox News

It already came out two (2) days ago that Comey refused to hand over highly classified information in the Clinton Email probe:

According to Fox News Sean Hannity, the release of the Comey Report is imminent:

This story is still developing…

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