Friday Newsfeed: Enemies Foreign and Domestic … Right Now Mostly Domestic

Friday Newsfeed: Enemies Foreign and Domestic … Right Now Mostly Domestic

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How the hell did America get to be so fucking stupid?? — The Nasty Italian🍷🇺🇸 🇮🇹 (@sayitnspinit) May 19, 2022

My Twitter pal above at this post’s header is bluntly asking the right question that we all should be demanding answers to … and not just of those running the country but of ourselves for allowing it all to happen and continue. With the midterm elections just less than six months away strapped and exhausted Americans had better pay attention to this nation’s state of affairs at every level and wisely choose the correct answer(s) on their multiple-choice ballots to stop the insanity.

VIDEO: Clay Travis: There are two parties, the insane party and the Republicans

Athena Thorne: Yet Another Omen of Impending Democrat Doom in the 2022 Midterms

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken

Well, H.L., America must seriously and immediately look in the mirror and ask itself, as Americans (now designated ‘domestic terrorists’ for even criticizing this Brandon and his administration) complain and bitch and moan about the destruction of our nation on every front, how long will simply electing this person and that person out and into seats of power stave off our total annihilation? If we do not take control and right this sinking titanic very soon it will require major surgery to eradicate this Marxist cancer. We have tolerated them and their bullshit for the better part of a century in this nation/society … “free speech” and all. They have absolutely no intentions or plans for tolerating us or our “free speech”, Bill of Rights, and/or resistance to them and their master plan for us and these United States of America. I’m not actually promoting violence, but it is indeed what the prescient Founding Fathers feared for our future (quite wise to how “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”) as they wrote and added (THANK GOD!) that Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights in the US Constitution. The current state of federal government afaier has the majority of Americans recognizing and acknowledging this government is no longer governing with the consent of the governed.

From the TUS boss in our present text convo:

You know, you and I have fought the good fight for decades, even me making that one big mistake in ‘92. I can’t help to feel a little responsible for this mess, but I know it’s not us. It’s all the stupid people out there who fucked it all up for everybody else. Stupid mindless simpering assholes who have “led” us for the last 25 years into this morass.

And I will add our own collective fat and lazy and willfully ignorant disregard for our civic duty and demand for checks and balances of our government as “We THE People”.


Happy Friday, Fellow Spectators— Uh-ohhhhhh … Y’all went to sleep again and woke again in “pod people” country with gas rising yet again over night, didn’t ya? Yeah, by a penny. But think of it as another straw on the way to breaking the camel’s back … our national economy and our personal budgets … and a penny is far heavier than a strand of straw so it will be collapsing faster and harder.

Hannah Bleau: Americans have witnessed gas prices reaching all-time highs for ten consecutive days as President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress refuse to take action to reestablish American energy independence.

Nicole Silverio: ‘Utter Nonsense’: Sen. Hawley Grills Energy Secretary After Pinning Putin For Gas Prices

Jackson Richman: Secretary of Interior Refuses to Say Gas Prices Are ‘Too High’ When Pressed by Barrasso

John Rigolizzo: ‘My Frustration Is At An All-Time High’: Manchin Hammers Biden Admin For Not Doing Enough To Fix Energy Crisis

Chris Queen: Will the Supply Chain Return to Normal Anytime Soon?

Rick Moran: The Approaching Food Crisis Will Be a Catastrophe For Humanity

Meanwhile, the baby formula issue is nearing crisis level:

Twitchy: Dana Loesch & others put Rep. Eric Swalwell’s slam on ‘pro-life’ Republican votes on baby formula bill into proper perspective

Tyler O’Neil: Baby formula shortage bills pass House amid GOP claims Dems are ‘covering up’ the real problem: Republicans supported one baby formula shortage bill but opposed the other, saying it lacks a plan to fix the problem … It also gifts the bulk of the $28 million to the FDA…

The premise that the FDA needs more staff and more money for more hours worked is total bullshit. The GOP should call for hearings of the FDA and publicly audit that agency’s budget and its staff population numbers verses this alleged need to increase both in this problem they themself created. This is one very ‘dependable’ thing democrat administrations do, increase government at our added expense.

Twitchy: Business Insider names and shames the Republicans who voted to keep poor mothers from feeding their babies

Paul Best , Kelly Laco: House Republicans introducing Babies Need More Formula Now Act to address shortage: Rep. Elise Stefanik said the bill would lift restrictions on the importation of baby formula and reduce barriers to innovation

Bailee Hill: Baby formula shortage: Former FDA official rips Biden for ‘smoke and mirrors’ response: Peter Pitts warned there has ‘never been a shortage’ before.

Dov Fischer: Why the Baby Formula Shortage Is Biden’s New Afghanistan: The media cannot hide from mothers the empty shelves and disappeared supplies.

A.J. Rice: First World Countries Don’t Have Baby Formula Shortages

Es la economía, Pendejo Joe:

And the Hispanics in this country are not happy with this administration on any issue, even the open border issue. And now the administration is reaching out to Venezuela and Cuba that will piss them off even more.

VIDEO: The Libre Initiative president Daniel Garza: The Biden administration is ‘indifferent’ to Latino priorities: Daniel Garza discusses President Biden’s sinking poll numbers with Hispanic voters.

Abby Liebing @ WJ: Biden Reversing US Policy Toward Socialist Dictatorships, But Look What’s Happening in the Background

The Biden administration is easing up on socialist, oppressive countries despite the American tradition of cutting ties with such nations.

President Joe Biden has taken a step towards easing some energy sanctions against Venezuela, the New York Post reported.

This comes on the heels of the administration also taking measures to lift some financial, travel and migration rules for Cuba.

These actions towards Cuba are an attempt to fulfill some of Biden’s campaign promises to the Cuban-American community…

Biden’s motive for easing sanctions on Venezuela is clearly a move to try to save his own skin in the midst of the American fuel crisis…

Regarding Venezuela’s oil, my oil-business friend told me years ago their oil is not the quality of oil we would want or need imported.

Alberto de la Cruz: Democrats and media in Florida left reeling after Biden’s concessions to Cuba and Venezuela

And legal Hispanics who immigrated to the US, and their following generations who appreciate their parents’/grandparents’ struggles for US citizenship, are not “OK” with this administration’s open border policy for illegal aliens and the tax-paid coddling and appeasing of them once they’re here. My dream continues that these millions of illegal aliens from around the world that dems are so damn confident will vote for them actually bigly swings the election votes for years to come in the opposite direction. It would serve them right, the damn demo-commies.

VIDEO: Will Cain: El Paso prepares to declare state of emergency as end of Title 42 nears. Biden’s ‘wild’ approval with Hispanic voters is ‘Lower than any other group’


VIDEO: Mark Levin: Biden has brought in an American recession

VIDEO: Maria Bartiromo: ‘We may very well be in a recession right now’

VIDEO: Larry Kudlow warns of stagflation: Not sure this is going to end happily

Joshua Q. Nelson: WAKE-UP CALL – Republican House leader says phone logs show it’s Biden, not GOP, who is refusing to come to the table. McCarthy claims Biden’s never taken his calls: I called the White House switchboard to talk to him. House Republican leader pushes back on report Biden is ‘finally’ going to stop ‘trying to work with GOP’

Plagues vs. Open Border:

Let me get this straight; The US government is beginning the ‘fear push’ over Monkeypox coming into the country and spreading but is quite probably going to do away with Title 42 to let in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from all over the globe and bringing in not only more COVID but possibly Monkeypox…

Adam Shaw: McCarthy says Biden admin ‘scrambling’ on Title 42 after it asks judge to rule on lawsuit within days: There were more than 234,000 migrant encounters in April

And then there is the Fentanyl epidemic…

VIDEO: Tom Homan: DHS braces for migrant surge after Title 42 is lifted: “95% of Fentanyl is coming across the border and 50-70% of Border Patrol is no longer on the line… too busy to discover the drug trafficking tunnels because they’re too busy dealing with the humanitarian crisis”

Lately, You Need Pictures to Get Through The Book of Life in the 21st Century:

So, from MAGA to Ultra MAGA now to Dark Maga…

Twitchy: NBC News scold doesn’t want the media to ‘sanitize’ fascism by calling it ‘Dark MAGA’ (Ultra MAGA is cool, though)

Real Pussies (noun) – Men who can’t win in men’s sports pretending to be women to dominate in women’s sports…

Plant-based dietary realities…

DM: The Impossible Burger may soon hit UK shelves: ‘BLEEDING’ meat-free patties made with genetically engineered yeast could be approved within a year … And just like that GMO is now a good thing, or something.

Speaking of burgers…

Samantha Ibrahim: 2-year-old orders 31 cheeseburgers on DoorDash after taking mom’s phone … I fear for my daughter and son-in-law, as their 2.6 year old has become quite savy with their cell phones, and they order their takeout foods online. But their one advantage is they do not use DoorDash or any other delivery service.

VIDEO: McDonald’s and Wendy’s face lawsuit over burger size … Yep, shrinkflation. I have noticed the burger size shrinking for atleast a year. Depending what burger you order, the bun now swallows the burger and it is very misrepresented in the TV ads. Five Guys is still pretty decent, and in the last year we have decided to spend our money there for burgers and fries.

What happens if you contract COVID and Monkeypox at the same time? Well, since COVID is a bat virus…

Louis Casiano: New York City investigating possible monkeypox case: New York City health officials said they are investigating a possible case of monkeypox one day after Massachusetts officials confirmed the first U.S. case this year

Julia Musto: Monkeypox virus: What to know – Monkeypox virus infection symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes

Twitchy: NYT issues ‘one hell of a correction’ to earlier story about COVID deaths in children and hopes no one will notice

Monica Showalter: Monkeypox: That unasked question

On a serious note:

And then there’s crime statistics graphs nobody wants to talk about, or you to know…

VIDEO: Police chiefs sounding the alarm on staffing shortages amid crime surge: ‘Disheartening’

Yes, these charts are a couple of years old. However, given the drastic jump in the crime/murder rates in those last couple of years we can only conclude these numbers have risen.

Christos A. Makridis, Robert VerBruggen @ Manhattan Institiute: Breaking Down the 2020 Homicide Spike 2019 Crime in the United States: Homicides

CBS News: 2 killed, 8 wounded in mass shooting outside a downtown Chicago McDonald’s


He’s over the target and taking flack … A day after Elon Musk declares he’s done with the dems and will, for the first time, be voting republican, this allegation just happens to be fired-off…

Tyler O’Neil: ELON-GATE – Musk responds to flight attendant’s sexual assault claim going public while he’s trying to buy Twitter. Elon Musk faces sexual assault claim from SpaceX flight attendant; says he exposed himself during massage. SpaceX CEO denied the sexual assault claim and called the story a ‘politically motivated hit piece’

Twitchy: Elon Musk sees no coincidence in timing of ‘standard (despicable) playbook’ being used against him

And of course, since Musk, and Bezos (BTW), are anti-union the left designates him/them…

Ronn Blitzer, Edward Lawrence: White House tags Elon Musk as ‘anti-labor billionaire’ in response to criticism: The statement follows a podcast interview where Musk slammed the president and the administration as a whole

Luc Olinga: What’s causing inflation? Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have an answer


The judge and the jury in the Sussman trial are Clinton-tainted in several ways…

J.J. Sefton: MIDTERMS 2022: Pox Americana

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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