Friday Newsfeed: “I believe it’s due more to intent than ineptitude but at some point that question ceases to matter.”

Friday Newsfeed: “I believe it’s due more to intent than ineptitude but at some point that question ceases to matter.”

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My Fellow Americans, if you have not fully recognized what is going on in our nation please wake up and open your eyes.
This is not accidental or even incompitence.
It is DELIBERATE and they keep telling you so.

BBB: Biden Bodycount at the Border:

The 53 that died in the back of a truck earlier this week have not yet been added to that above number, so, the current number dead are 571. Just imagine if this was going on under Pres. Trump.

Cameron Arcand: EXCLUSIVE: New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell Says Scrapping Remain in Mexico ‘Will Worsen the Continuing Disaster’

Ace: Kavanaugh Joins Roberts and the Liberals to Uphold Biden’s Right to Cancel Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy, Throwing Open the Border Wide to All Illegal Comers

Kyle Morris , Andrew Murray: STANDING ALONE – Pro-life Democrat sounds off on AOC’s abortion comments, Biden’s border security failures: Cuellar sounds off on AOC remarks, Biden admin’s disregard for border security ahead of midterms. Cuellar suggested Democrats should ditch certain ideas that could be viewed as extreme ahead of the midterm elections … Cuellar is one of those fed-up and frustrated democrats in a border area that went from leaning blue to leaning red. If he wins re-election he should consider flipping to the GOP. Especially after the crap AOC and the dem party has slung at him. What arrogant ignorant AOC said…

Cortney O’Brien: AOC wonders if pro-life Democrats should continue to serve: ‘We really need to reassess’: AOC instructed Instagram followers to vote out pro-life Democrats at municipal, state and federal levels … Fantastic party platform to stand tall on, “pro-death”. So great how the establishment democrats have allowed this low-IQ barmaid to hijack their party and reveal it to be a stepping stone to communism. This shithead claims the conservative Justices went against the Constitution when they ruled on Dobbs/Roe v Wade when in cold hard fact after 50 years they finally corrected the unconditional ruling of the SCOTUS ruling in the 1970s. She and others continue to feed this lie to the American public and to the world in general and the MSM continues to embolden them to persist.


Tyler Olson: JUSTICE PREVAILS – The left’s attempts to ‘destroy’ Clarence Thomas have backfired, allies say: Justice Thomas’ influence over Supreme Court at a ‘zenith,’ allies say, despite attacks from the left. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote court’s opinion in a major gun rights case, was the senior justice in Dobbs majority

Meanwhile, the MSM has become far, far too stupid to report on anything…

Twitchy: Good Morning America: Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first black Supreme Court justice in history

Me too.

Matt Margolis: Good Morning America: Thurgood Marshall & Clarence Thomas ‘Ain’t Black’

Twitchy: BUSTED! GMA deleting tweet that called Ketanji Brown Jackson the ‘first Black SCOTUS justice’ in U.S. history goes so so so WRONG … I’ll just bet both these ‘black’ Justices could define what a woman is, even without being biologists.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: Rex Chapman suggests Clarence Thomas is a ‘Black White Supremacist’: Liberals have berated Justice Clarence Thomas following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Matt Margolis: White CNN Host: ‘Why Have You Never Seen Clarence Thomas at an NBA Game?’

Twitchy: Axios: Justice Clarence Thomas ‘suggests’ COVID vaccines are made with aborted children; NBC News too; Politico also

These MSM and #WOKE-twisted dolts are actually worse than Biden’s ignorant “Stand up, Chuck” shoutout to a crippled man. Glenn Greenwald’s double-barreled shot across the sinking MSM’s bow…


Steve Nelson: White House press corps demands end to Biden event restrictions

The Biden Regime Bulldozer Will Have Us All Be Buried Deeper Than ‘Dirt Poor’ by 2024:

Anders Hagstrom: Biden repeats false claim that US has lower inflation than rest of world: Inflation in the U.S. is higher when compared to many countries in the world

Thomas Catenacci: ‘AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE’ – Biden admin misses major oil lease deadline: GOP Sen. John Barrasso said the administration’s attacks on fossil fuel production were “an absolute disgrace”.

Jeffrey Carter: Stocks Worst 6 Months in 50 Years: I called it

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

THE SUPREME COURT AND BIDEN’S EPA POWER GRAB: A pen and phone are no substitute for a statute duly passed by Congress.

The EPA’s attempt to impose such a scheme on states was particularly bold because Congress had just declined to enact a similar scheme. After the 2008 election, Democrats introduced the Waxman-Markey bill, a sweeping cap-and-trade scheme to reduce carbon emissions dramatically. Even with Democratic supermajorities in both houses, Congress failed to pass the bill.

After his party lost the House in 2010 President Obama turned to the EPA, which in 2015 promulgated the Clean Power Plan. The basic idea of the CPP was to pressure states into shutting down coal and (eventually) natural-gas plants and switch to renewable electricity sources. The agency resorted to an obscure provision of the original Clean Air Act that lay largely dormant for decades. It empowers the EPA to designate a “best system of emissions reduction,” or BSER, for existing facilities. The provision had been used only a handful of times, mostly for solid-waste incinerators, to reduce emissions “inside the fence line” of the facility itself. . . .

One issue the court unfortunately didn’t focus on was the federal coercion of state governments. The EPA normally has the power to do itself whatever it’s asking states to do. But in the CPP, even the EPA admitted that it has no statutory authority to impose directly the measures it was asking states to take. It got around that by using its power to shut down coal plants as leverage to seize control of state policy in areas far beyond its jurisdiction.

Regulators tend to use their power that way if allowed.


Zoe Strozewski: Video of Biden Adviser Defending ‘Liberal World Order’ Viewed Over 1M Times

FNC: McEnany slams Biden official’s remark on ‘liberal world order’: ‘They’re admitting it’s intentional’

Tristan Justice: Biden Regime Admits On Camera: Ushering In ‘Liberal World Order’ Is More Important Than Affordable Gas

Sure are a heck of a lot of rotten fish tentacles attached to this “globalist” movement, eh…

Rick Moran: At NATO Summit, Biden Trashes SCOTUS, Says Dobbs Is ‘Destabilizing’ the World

Matthew Sedacca: Making the cut: Younger men seek vasectomies in the wake of Roe v. Wade ruling … Charles Darwin seen nodding from the grave.

Twitchy: The Gormogons share PERFECT thread explaining how Progressives ‘think things are supposed to work’ and BOOM goes the dynamite

Twitchy: Byron York thread spotlights Liz Cheney theatrics to show what a joke the 1/6 hearings have become

Mollie Hemingway: The J6 Show Trial Is Lying About Election ‘Fraud’: The January 6 show trial is partly about persecuting political opponents. But it’s also about covering up the truth of the 2020 election.

Timothy Nerozzi: Elon Musk Twitter silence reaches 9 days: Elon Musk has made his Twitter account a large part of his public and media relations strategy

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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