Friday Newsfeed: In A Festive Mood During The Biden Era

Friday Newsfeed: In A Festive Mood During The Biden Era

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Christmas 2021 will go down as the official “Little Christmas”

For we need a little music.
Need a little laughter.
Need a little singing, ringing through the rafter…
And we need a little snappy, “Happy ever after”…
Need a little Christmas now

Rick Moran: Nearly Half of U.S. Households Say Inflation Is Causing Them Hardship

Kevin Downey, Jr: Sorry, Commies, You Can’t Ruin Christmas

Why Greg Gutfeld is handily beating the competition in late night TV

Twitchy: ROFL! LL Cool J introduces Biden at National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and OMG you have to watch what happens next (video)

DWN: Democrats Blasted For Bragging Biden Made Gas 2 Cents Cheaper: ‘Worst Defense Of The Biden Admin Yet’

David Rutz: Jen Psaki confronted with poor jobs report live on MSNBC, says she can’t comment right away: Psaki says we’re seeing ‘good trends’ after the November jobs report fell short of expectations

Megan Henney: HUGE MISS: Biden reacts to dismal November jobs report that missed expectations – US hiring stumbles in November as economy adds just 210,000 new jobs: Economists expected payrolls to increase by 550,000 in November

VIDEO: Raising wages ‘still not enough’ to recruit workers amid labor shortage: Ski resort exec: Aspen Skiing Company vice president of communications Jeff Hanle explains how it’s a ‘bigger problem’ than ever to hire employees.

By the way…

Chris Queen: Biden Administration to Restart Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy … And when it is shown to be successful (again) at stopping the hemorrhaging on the border he will take full credit and his administration will insist it’s NOT the Trump policy. After all, it’s Biden’s ‘vaccine’ and there wasn’t any vaccines or vax distribution before old Joe came into office, or something.

California’s uninterrupted crime supply chain…

Dom Calicchio: California’s zero-bail policy sets free 14 smash-grab robbery suspects, LAPD chief says: Back in March, the California Supreme Court ruled that judges in the state must consider a suspect’s ability to pay when setting bail prices

DM: Psaki blames COVID for surge in smash-and-grab raids: Pandemic is ‘root cause of lawlessness’ and Biden’s plans will get more cops ‘on the beat’, she says … Peppermint Psaki is an unfunny joke.

Crying On-Cue: Other actors call bullshit on Alec Baldwin’s “his truth” of the movie set shooting…

Lee Brown: George Clooney calls Alec Baldwin’s deadly ‘Rust’ shooting ‘insane’

Nate Day: John Schneider rails against Alec Baldwin for claiming he ‘didn’t pull the trigger’: The ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ alum also slammed journalist George Stephanopoulos

(Adam Baldwin is NOT related to Alec Baldwin)

Maureen Callahan: Alec Baldwin blames the victim in sickening interview

Twitchy: ‘Narcissistic sociopath’: Alec Baldwin says he feels no guilt over the death of Halyna Hutchins … This, from the same leftist ilk that insists pro 2A and legal gun owners are responsible for everyone else’s gun crimes.

Concentration Camp COVID…

CBS News: Germany announces major restrictions on the unvaccinated as COVID cases surge

Mary Chastain: COVID Madness: Germany Isolates Unvaccinated, Australia Arrests Escapees From Quarantine Compound: Insanity. Once you give these people the power they will not let it go. The craziness in Australia continues but Germany is going over the edge… … Good God, you insane Huns and Ozzies!

Kevin Downey, Jr: Three Teens Who Escaped From Aussie COVID Camp All Have One Thing in Common, and It’s Not the Virus: Australian COVID camps are open for business, and business had been good. Until the escapes began…

J.J.Sefton @ AoSHQ: “Paul Hogan’s Heroes Or, Shrimp On The Klaus Barbie”

Kyle Rittenhouse is one thing, and it’s a big one. But if you really want to know why we have a Second Amendment, look no further than the absolute abomination that is happening in Australia. G-d help this illegitimate junta and any of its enforcers if they try this shit here. And G-d help us…

Oh, cool your jets, J.J. *tsk-tsk* … Come on now, that won’t happen here … Right?

Ryan King: CNBC’s Jim Cramer pushes Biden to implement national vaccine mandate

A.J. Kaufman: Biden Tightens Travel Rules and Pushes Boosters in Winter Speech: Reacting just after the speech, however, Dr. Marty Makary was puzzled over how Biden “created artificial construct that we have insufficiently boosted population.”…

Stephen Kruiser: The Kruiser Kabana Episode 162: COVID Nazis Can’t Ruin My Plans Anymore

Matt Margolis: Psaki Blames Americans for Biden’s Broken Promise to ‘Shut Down the Virus’

A.J. Kaufman: Vermont: Highest Vaccination Rate, Record-Breaking COVID Numbers


Reuters (9/21): India govt won’t buy Pfizer, Moderna vaccines amid local output -sources

If you’re a “The Walking Dead” fan and also a fan of its prequel (that now has caught up to TWD‘s timeline) “Fear The Walking Dead” you will recall in FTWD‘s earliest episodes radios and TVs in the background of scenes are rattling on about “the flu” epidemic and “hurry and get your ‘flu shot’”. In those episodes I found myself cementing not only the basic idea that the sickness and the after-death ‘zombie’ conversion was brought on by a virus … and that it was manmade. And the push for the vaccine was either part of the population ‘culling’ experiment, or an attempt to curtail the explosion of infection that inevitably lead to the zombie apocalypse. No mention(s) of the “flu” aspect or the “flu shots” was ever mentioned again in FTWD or TWD. As everyday passes with this two years ‘pandemic’, I find the sci-fi apocalyptic story to have been pretty prescient on the bio-weapon aspect, and possibly on the vaccine being part of it, especially when we see how the powers that be cut-down anything that might be used to actually treat those people who get infected/sick from the virus. And yes, they indeed demand the masses now become fear-induced obedient zombies to dictatorial governing.

Jeffrey Epstein STILL Didn’t Kill Himself:

DM: EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein’s access to the Clinton White House laid bare: Visitor logs reveal pedophile visited the former president at least 17 TIMES – including a dozen in 1994 and twice in one day on three separate occasions


Ladies and Gents, the “Speaker” of The House…

Twitchy: ‘Glitch or drunk? YOU decide.’ You can see the MOMENT Nancy Pelosi‘s brain just STOPS in real-time during press conference (watch) … Nancy’s 3 Martini meal 3 times a day, with two 3 Martini snacks. Hey, it’s 5:00 somewhere, ya know.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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