Friday Newsfeed: “Living in Interesting Times” Continues…

Friday Newsfeed: “Living in Interesting Times” Continues…

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The big invasion is on, as well as the big surrender at the U.S. border.

Brie Stimson , Bill Melugin: Hundreds of migrants seen wandering on side of road in Texas amid illegal immigration surge: The area in the Del Rio sector has seen record illegal crossings … (w/VIDEO)

Tyler Olson: At the southern border: Dozens of migrants detained as Border Patrol contends with the nightly influx: Border Patrol rounds up crossers as a drone likely belonging to a cartel keeps a careful watch

The coordinated war on the U.S.A. by China…

Tori Richards & Anna Giaritelli: Cartels boast on TikTok how they make millions smuggling migrants across border … Well, TikTok is a China CCP heavily monitored media and the fentanyl is coming from China, so, the cartels are letting the CCP know the shipments are successfully getting through.

Adam Shaw: FLOW OF FENTANYL: Republicans call for Biden to push Mexican president to combat fentanyl smuggling: Some proposals include adding cartels to the foreign terrorist organization list … They should already be on that list by now, for cripesake!

Adam Shaw: DEA warns of ‘nationwide spike’ in fentanyl-related mass-overdose deaths, as border crisis rages: DEA said fentanyl is killing Americans at an “unprecedented rate”

Byron York: Biden lets in 1 million illegal border crossers. Maybe 2 million

FNC: Rep. Mayra Flores says Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community to focus on White liberals: Newly-elected congresswoman Mayra Flores reflects on her stunning election victory and why Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party

FNC: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ – State AG, Gov. DeSantis target migrant flights, border smugglers: Governor DeSantis announced strike force last week to target immigration-related crime

The Fully Scripted and Choreographed (Soros) Puppet:

Biden continues to add to his real legacy … cheating…

Joseph A. Wulfsohn: BIDEN’s CHEAT SHEET – Biden holds notes that read ‘YOU enter the Roosevelt Room,’ ‘YOU take YOUR seat’A White House official tells Fox News such notes are a longstanding practice for politicians … Okay, but those other guys were able to … and allowed to … go off teleprompter and off-script and not reveal themselves as a muddled, wandering nursing home resident. Last month Elon Musk warned teleprompter-reliant Biden is risking a Ron Burgundy moment. Elon, he’s already had a few of them.

Meanwhile, those Biden fluffers in the MSM…

Nikolas Lanum: CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS journos hype Biden gas tax holiday, now claim president can affect prices: ‘No-brainer’: Democrats, including Barack Obama, have criticized the idea of a federal gas tax holiday

Megan Henney , Suzanne O’Halloran: Former Obama economist warns stagflation threat level is ‘highest in a long time’: Fed war on inflation could increase odds of stagflation scenario: Fmr. Obama economist

VIDEO: Can the Fed attain a soft landing as the central bank tries to curb red-hot inflation? Thomas Hoenig, the former Kansas City Federal Reserve president, weighs in, arguing that a ‘recession is a fair call.’

Philip Wegmann: Conservatives Already Preparing for Post-Biden Presidential Transition

The Loser J6 Committee Ain’t No Hit-Filled J5:


Twitchy: Alan Dershowitz asks why states can’t regulate guns but can ban abortions

Alex Nitzberg: ‘Supreme Court lawyer’ says it would be ‘weird’ for the high court to leave abortion up to states ‘after it just imposed a constitutional right to concealed carry of firearms’

Here ya go, folks. Want to know how those almighty “red flag laws” will be wrongly used and abused? Here’s one example of the descriminating politicized thought process will go…

Amy Swearer & Cooper Conway: Debunking the Myth of “Concealed-Carry Killers”

1 – The Violence Policy Center claim falls apart when even the slightest bit of scrutiny is applied to it.

2 – Americans defend themselves with their firearms between 500,000 and 3 million times every year.

3 – Concealed-carry permit holders have intervened to stop many scenarios that likely would have turned into mass killings but for their actions.

Statistically speaking, the other mass shootings that the left/MSM/Dems refuse to address are done, in places like Chicago, by criminals who have not purchased, are not background-checked or registered law-abiding gun owners or legally poses their guns.

Twitchy: Here are the 15 Senate Republicans who joined Dems in final passage of gun control bill … The RINO herd.

Hollywood’s never been over-populated with ‘the best and brightest’…

Tracy Wright: Ron Perlman slammed for deleted tweet saying Supreme Court gun decision ‘for whites only’: Twitter users were quick to point out that the Supreme Court’s ruling was led by Justice Clarence Thomas, who is Black

And as the left tries to convolute Second Amendment gun rights with ‘abortion rights’ because “my body my choice” … except when it involves vax injections…

Christopher O’Donnell & Ian Hodgson: Publix won’t give COVID vaccine to children under 5: The Lakeland grocery chain said it will not explain its decision “at this time.” … Let me guess, legal “liability” for adverse reactions and/or injuries/death of toddlers and babies because of the experimental vaccine?

ALL the data, what there is of it, on adverse reactions and/or injuries/death from the vaccines must be immediately released with the gusto that those two-year tally numbers of COVID cases and deaths have been.

The ‘fresh new Hell’ in the gender bending and twisting era seems to be firmly centered in anti-women terminology…

Twitchy: Fresh term for women thoroughly rejected by the ‘womb carriers’

Pelosi Privilege…

Nikolas Lanum: New York Times spotlights Pelosi’s lavish California living, husband’s troubled driving history

VIDEO: Jesse Watters: How Paul Pelosi was made to look like a victim: The ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host probes the timeline and circumstances of Paul Pelosi’s vehicle crash leading to his DUI charge

Allie Griffin: Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul charged with DUI causing injury, could face jail time … It’ll be alright. I’m sure Paulie will get “community service’ handing-out PBJ sammies and water bottles to migrants working in one of the Pelosi vineyards. And the Pelosi team of lawyers will pay ‘undisclosed’ damages out of court to the ‘other guy’ in the accident.

#WOKE is all fun and games until you lose an eye…

David Mastio: USA Today demoted me for a tweet — because its woke newsrooms are out of touch with readers

Tristan Justice (5/14/21): Insane USA Today Editor Says Republicans Who Ousted Cheney Are A Greater Threat Than 9/11 Hijackers: USA Today Editor David Mastio wrote an op-ed Thursday claiming Republicans who voted to remove Liz Cheney from leadership were greater threat than terrorists.

Twitchy: Blue-check journo exposes how USA TODAY and Gannett have been deliberately purging conservative voices in DAMNING receipt-filled thread … David Mastio’s full Twitter tweet thread within the link. I suppose we’re supposed to be *gasping* in shock. Well, we have been a longtime warning about that ‘crocodile’ eventually coming for those pushing others in the line of the chomping. But they called us ‘conspiracy theorists’. I wonder what else we’ll be proven prescient about.

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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