Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Day Four

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Day Four

December 2, 2021 — We are continuing our daily coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. To get caught up on the trial to date, see our articles summarizing the first two days and the third day of the trial. Please read those reports for background information regarding the case and the charges Maxwell is facing.

Today’s Trial Coverage

Inner City Press reports on the morning’s events, beginning with the first witness called to testify, Paul Kane of the NYC Professional Children’s School:

I encourage everyone to support and follow Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press, who is providing excellent coverage of the tri-state area cases.

AUSA: Look at Government Exhibit 721. Do you recognize it?
Kane: An enrollment application for a student.
AUSA: Don’t say the name. Is it an accurate copy?
Kane: Yes.
Maxwell’s lawyer: Objection – hearsay!
AUSA: It’s a business record.
Judge Nathan: Overruled.

Maxwell’s lawyer: Can I question the witness?
Judge Nathan: Go ahead.
Maxwell’s lawyer: The Professional Children’s School doesn’t verify the accuracy of the info on the form, does it?
Kane: I think they do.
Maxwell’s lawyer: All of it?
Kane: That, I don’t know.

Maxwell’s lawyer: So the info–
AUSA: Your Honor, may I?
Judge Nathan: You may.
AUSA: What happens to info coming in?
Kane: Contact the family by phone, then invite them to tour the school and have a conversation.
AUSA: Does the School rely on the form?
Kane: Yes.

[After sidebar, document is in]
AUSA: What grade was the person applying for?
Kane: 12th. Due to “move to New York.”
AUSA: Who’s listed as person of financial responsibility?
Kane: Mister Jeffrey Epstein.
AUSA: Thanks. No further questions.

Maxwell’s lawyer: You have no idea if Mr. Epstein actually paid.
Kane: I do not.
Maxwell’s lawyer: And for the mother, does it say unemployed?
Kane: It says self-employed. As an interior decorator.

Maxwell’s lawyer: And who is the listed agent?
AUSA: Objection!
Judge Nathan: Just make the jurors look at it.
Maxwell’s lawyer: Look the name in the corner. And the name of the prior principal. You don’t have to say them for the record. No further questions.

Judge Nathan: Thank you Mr Kane. Next US witness. It’s Doctor Lisa Rocchio. “I have a Masters and PhD from U of Rhode Island.”

OK after long presentation of credentials, Rocchio is in as an expert.
AUSA: Did you interview anyone in this case?
Rocchio: No.
AUSA: Does your pay depend on outcome of the trial?
Rocchio: No.
AUSA: What is grooming?
Rocchio: Strategies to get children into sex

Rocchio: I’ve seen grooming in the Boy Scouts through a special camping trip. Or jewelry, anything to make the children feel they are appreciated.
[During the Daubert hearing, before trial, Maxwell’s lawyer asked, does this mean that grandparents are grooming?]

AUSA: How common is it for a child to be repeatedly abused by the same perp? Rocchio: Very common. It’s by people close to the child.
AUSA: What is a grooming environment?
Rocchio: The perp develops trust with people around the child, for example with the parents

There is also the Boystown, aka Franklin Coverup scandal, which is very similar to the Epstein network. If you are unaware of this, please look up the documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” or the book by John DeCamp entitled “The Franklin Coverup.”

The defense attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell are very aggressive.

Good to see an expert on grooming taking the stand today.

Maxwell’s lawyer: Doctor Rocchio, you have a $45,000 contract for this, correct? Rocchio: Yes.
Maxwell’s lawyer: If one had a brain injury, it might be hard to remember, right? AUSA: Objection.
Judge Nathan: Sustained.

Maxwell’s lawyer: Alcohol would harm recall too, yes?
AUSA: Objection.
Judge Nathan: Sustained.
Maxwell’s lawyer: Are you familiar with confabulation?
AUSA: Objection!
Judge: Overruled.
Maxwell’s lawyer: It’s filling in the gaps.
AUSA: Objection.
Judge: Sustained.

Maxwell’s lawyer: My grandfather liked to take me to the Bronx Zoo. Was that grooming?
[Yes, he went there.]

That concludes the coverage of the testimony of Dr. Rocchio the expert witness on child grooming, now moving onto Juan Alessi.

Next US witness is Juan Patricio Alessi.
AUSA: Where do you come from?
Alessi: Quito, Ecuador.
AUSA: When did you move to Florida?
Alessi: Early 1984. I worked for a wealthy family in Palm Beach, I was a maintenance guy. Then I worked for Mister Jeffrey Epstein

AUSA: How did you meet Epstein?
Alessi: I was working on Mister Wexner’s mother’s house. [!]
AUSA: Who is in this photo?
Alessi: Mr. Jeffrey Epstein.

AUSA: When Mr. Epstein was in Palm Beach, where did you sleep?
Alessi: I had a room there.
AUSA: Who else worked there?
Alessi: I brought my wife to help me. And other girls.

AUSA: How did things changed after Ms. Maxwell got involved?
Alessi: Things were less cordial. Less conversation. I was not allowed to see Mr. Epstein anymore, unless he asked me question. Ms. Maxwell said, Don’t look at his eyes, “look at another part of him.”

And with that, and a blue print of the house on the screens, Judge Nathan says: The jurors’ lunch has arrived. Let’s break.
[Programming note: thinking break was at 1, will be on Las Vegas radio at 1:10. But will find a way to resume thread when Alessi continues]

Alessi is describing Epstein’s Palm Beach home in great detail. Presumably it will become relevant in the testimony of Survivor/Witnesses 2, 3 and 4.
AUSA: Pull up Gov Exhibit 297. Mr. Alessi what is this?

Alessi: The 2d floor. That is toward Mr. Epstein’s bedroom. There was a huge bathroom.
AUSA: And what’s that other bathroom?
Alessi: That’s Ms. Maxwell’s bathroom.
AUSA: But they both came off the master bedroom?
Alessi. Yes.

AUSA: Where did Ms. Maxwell sleep in the Palm Beach house?
Maxwell’s lawyer: Objection! But it’s allowed.
Alessi: She slept in Mr. Epstein’s bedroom.

AUSA: How many times did you see females by Mr. Epstein’s pool?
Alessi: 100s.
AUSA: How often were they topless?
Alessi: 75% of the time.

AUSA: How about Little St. James?
Alessi: I was on a cruise with my wife to St. Thomas. They picked us up & showed us Little St. James. It was huge.
AUSA: Did you visit any Ms. Maxwell property?
Alessi: Her townhome in London. She invited us. It had a red front door.

AUSA: What conversations did you have with Ms. Maxwell about this booklet? Alessi: I told her I could not do this checklist, with all my other work.
AUSA: Show them Gov Exhibit 606.

AUSA: How long is this book?
Alessi: 58 pages.
AUSA: What is it?
Alessi: List of what were supposed to do to maintain the house.

Now Maxwell’s lawyer will question Alessi about the book of instructions. Maxwell’s lawyer: When you left, you didn’t have this in your possession did you? Alessi: No I did not.
Maxwell’s lawyer: But this book was created after you left, at least by the date on it.

Maxwell’s lawyer: We object to 606.
AUSA: He identified pages.
Judge Nathan: I’m overruling the objection. 606 is admitted.
AUSA: We you recognize the address at the bottom?
Alessi: Mr. Epstein’s residence.

AUSA: What does this instruction saw?
Alessi: “Do not discuss your personal problems with guests.”
AUSA: And this one?
Alessi: “Respect their privacy.”

This is important testimony, because Maxwell’s lawyers are trying to make the claim that she was a “victim” herself of Mr. Epstein and was simply working for him. Alessi makes clear she was the “lady of the house” and the one in charge.

Alessi is a very old man, and he doesn’t have much to gain by not telling the truth.

Alessi makes it clear Maxwell was the one running the show.

It is a little strange that she would nod at him.

This again undercuts the claims of Maxwell and her lawyers that she herself was a “victim” of Mr. Epstein.

Will he discuss the underage girls? Is Mr. Alessi scared of telling the full truth?

That’s an absurd number of planes. What would one need so many, other than for moving large numbers of people?

Now the defense begins cross examination of Mr. Alessi.

This sounds like what the mafia demands of their soldiers.

This is simply disturbing.

This is so sad. I feel terrible for all the victims in this case.

This is important for the jury to see, especially after the defense tried to make “Jane” appear unreliable.

Alessi also confirms he saw Virginia Roberts as well as “Jane.”

Now the defense has their turn questioning Mr. Alessi.

It should be noted once again that this trial is extremely limited in its scope. Evidently there is an active cover-up of a global child sex trafficking ring being executed.

Before the trial, Maxwell’s legal team challenged the admission of government exhibit 52.

Maxwell’s lawyer: There are a number of pages without dates next to the names. Do you know that?
Alessi: I guess so.

Judge Nathan: Exhibits admitted.
AUSA: They are sealed – not to be put on screens, binders only. More questions:
AUSA: What supplies did you buy for the massages?
Alessi: No oils, I was –
Maxwell’s lawyer: Objection!

AUSA: Did Ms. Maxwell give you supplies?
Alessi: Exotic oils for other countries.
AUSA: Was Mr. Epstein’s door open during the massages?
Alessi: Never. Afterward I went in with gloves.
AUSA: Why?
Alessi: To clean up.

AUSA: What did you see after the massages? Towels?
Alessi: Yes. But not all of the massages.
AUSA: Do any incidents stand out in your mind?
Alessi: I found a large dildo.
AUSA Comey: What did you do with it?
Alessi: Wash it up.

AUSA: Where did you put the dildo?
Alessi: In Ms. Maxwell’s bathroom. In a basket.
AUSA: How did you know where to put it?
Alessi: I knew everything going on in the house.
AUSA: What else was in the basket?
Alessi: I saw pornographic tapes.

AUSA: How often did you see the dildo?
Alessi: At least five times.
AUSA: And the other one, the massager, did the ball at the end vibrate?
Alessi: Yes. I would put it at the top of Mr. Epstein’s dresser.

AUSA Comey: What photos were in the house?
Alessi: Photos of Mr. Epstein and Ms. Maxwell with important people.
AUSA: Like who?
Alessi: Donald Trump. The Pope, I think, Fidel Castro.

AUSA: Were there photographs of naked women?
Alessi: Yes. But those were kept in Ms. Maxwell’s desk.
AUSA: Why did you leave Mr. Epstein’s employ?
Alessi: I was sick and tired.
AUSA: Did you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Alessi: Yes. About both of them.

This is very disturbing, why would he need to sign an NDA if they had nothing to hide?

This last bit might cast some doubt on Mr. Alessi, and I am sure he will be probed about it further tomorrow. That concludes the hearing for today. We will continue to cover the case and provide daily updates for everyone.

This should also terrify people.

The hypocrisy is shameful but not at all stunning.

I conclude with a reminder that this trial is not going to give us any real justice, nor will it provide the full truth. We are getting a very limited and controlled amount of information specifically designed to protect the wealthy and powerful.

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