God, Forgive Us … But Punish the Hell Out of Them

God, Forgive Us … But Punish the Hell Out of Them

Our friend Maggie on The Universal Spectator has aggregated articles, memes, tweets and a soundly righteous tone about the defacing of the George Washington statue by thugs in Portland, Oregon. We share her sentiments precisely. ~~Ed.

NYP: George Washington statue in Portland toppled, set on fire

Nicholas Ballasy: ‘We will lose the story of the United States’ by not honoring George Washington, Mount Vernon warns: Mount Vernon CEO provides an exclusive statement to Just the News after protestors tore down and vandalized a George Washington statue in Portland.

TO: Protesters pull down Thomas Jefferson statue in front of Portland high school


Sister Toldjah: The CHAZ/CHOP ‘Tourism Videos’ Have Arrived and They Are Something Else

Ace: Update on the Oakland “Noose” Apocalypse

Tyler O’Neil: Black Man Puts Up Exercise Ropes in Oakland. Mayor Condemns ‘Nooses’ as ‘Hate Crimes’

Twitchy: Did somebody forget to tell CNN’s Atlanta HQ that we’re supposed to build ‘bridges not walls’ and that protests have been ‘mostly peaceful’

WFB: What Happens When the Cops Have Had Enough? What would you do if a split-second judgment at your job left you facing the death penalty?

Matt Walsh: It Is Time To Face The Facts. We Cannot Be United.


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