Hump Day Reads: Having Conversations

Hump Day Reads: Having Conversations

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If ever there was a time where this nation and society needed a whole Hell of a lot of “sunlight” exposure, it’s right now…

Margot Cleveland: Spygate Conspirators Start Selling Their Hoax To A Washington DC Jury, But The Facts Don’t Fit: On Tuesday, trial in United States v. Sussmann began. Michael Sussmann’s theory of defense has major factual holes.

Ilya Shapiro: The Supreme Court leaker must pay: The leaker has to face real consequences

John Daniel Davidson: If Anyone Believes In ‘Replacement Theory,’ It’s Democrats Who Think Voters Are Stupid: Democrats have been bragging that ‘demographics is destiny’ for years. But a more diverse electorate isn’t voting the way they’d hoped.

Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party has decided they will change the electorate: Tucker reveals the great replacement theory is coming from the Democrats

Rick Moran: ‘Replacement Theory’ Isn’t Entirely a Loony Conspiracy Theory. It’s Public Policy

Emma Colton: Gov. Hochul orders New York State Police to create new unit to fight hate speech online: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said the Buffalo grocery store shooting ‘is white supremacy in this nation at its worst’ … Pretty sure she’ll find herself in court on atleast two items on her laundry list. Fact is, the crazy bastard already broke the existing gun laws on the NY books. The ball was dropped more than once on this guy when warning signs were either shrugged-off or given below minimal attention.

Bruce Bawer: How Dare He Pick on Communism? Once again, Florida’s Ron DeSantis proves he has all the right enemies.

Kevin Downey, Jr: White Privilege? Young Black Man Who Brutally Assaulted Elderly Vet in Nursing Home Won’t Have to Stand Trial

Phil LeBeau @ CNBC: EV battery costs could spike 22% by 2026 as raw material shortages drag on

Twitchy: WH press secretary’s response to question about stock market plunge explains a LOT (Trump called it)

FBN: Dow sheds 1,164 points in worst day since 2020: Target says inflation will hurt profitability for the rest of the year

Joy Pullmann: If Biden Were Trying To Destroy America On Purpose, He’d Do Nothing Differently: Every piece of evidence indicates that every choice Biden’s team makes will not unravel global calamities but instead increase them. And Republican leadership appears to be fine with this.

Hanna Panreck: Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Gas prices aren’t bad because of anything Biden did,’ baby formula shortage ‘not on him’: The national gas price average hit $4.567 per gallon on Wednesday … Dementia or willfully lying?

Ed Morrissey: Welcome back Carter: Yellen acknowledges “stagflationary effects” from energy, food price spirals

Time to reign in Ukraine’s blank check:

Kristina Wong @ Breitbart: Congress Poised to Pass $40 Billion in Taxpayer Funds for Ukraine Aid: Congress is poised this week to approve $40 billion in American taxpayer funds for the Ukraine war, with little debate and no clear end to the conflict.

Twitchy: ‘Holy cash cow!’ Here’s a breakdown of the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine

Pro-abortion is getting so sciency:

Twitchy: ‘Run on this’: Physician for Reproductive Health sheds more light on pro-abort mindset with answer on ‘what makes a human being’

Then Rep. Mike Johnson questioned this brilliant pro-abort mind…

Twitchy: ‘Trust the experts™’: Pro-abortion witness tells Rep. Dan Bishop that yes, men can get pregnant and have abortions

Twitchy: ‘Left him stuttering’: Americans United for Life CEO gives Rep. Jamie Raskin just enough rope to hang himself (and other pro-abort Dems)

Here’s a 20 week-old baby in the womb…

Clearly arms, legs, head (with a brain), and torso (with a beating heart) … not tree branches and a tree trunk.

Guy Benson: Liberal Yale Professor: Roe Was Bad Law and the Alito Draft Is Constitutionally Sound

This is what setting up the fake premise and false narrative for the MSM looks like. In a sane administration and society this would be called highly irresponsible, to say the least…

Eric Lendrum: DHS: Violent Domestic Extremists Have Infiltrated Abortion Debate

Robert Spencer: DHS: ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’ Are ‘Infiltrating’ the Abortion Debate

Twitchy: Karine Jean-Pierre says it seems ‘very one-sided’ who is calling for violence against the Supreme Court

More ‘sciency’ stuff from Dr. “THE SCIENCE”:

“My point is, if we’ve reached a point in COVID where we no longer need Title 42 as a COVID restriction for illegal entry, why do we still need travel restrictions for American citizens for legal entry into their own country?”

Sen. Rubio: Transcript: Rubio Stumps Fauci On COVID Testing Travel Requirements, Illegal Immigration

Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

WALGREENS WAS TRYING TO PUSH THEM ON ME THE OTHER DAY, BUT I ALREADY HAVE LIKE 6: White House makes more home COVID-19 test kits available at no cost. “The government pays for them!” they told me, though I think actually the government makes insurance pay for them, which is not the same at all.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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