Intimidating “Election Deniers” is the Left's Campaign Strategy

Intimidating “Election Deniers” is the Left’s Campaign Strategy

November 7, 2022

For the second time in two years, conservatives stand accused of questioning an election that hasn’t happened yet. Now the accusation comes from the “resident” himself, not a candidate who dropped out of the race, and we are charged with a pre-crime.

Who knows if the law we’ve broken is on the books yet, but we’re to believe it will be. When Election Day ends, we’re told we must wait patiently for the results, for however many days they need to get it right, and we are to accept the results before we see the process, or we’ll be punished later for the common good. In the same voice that scolds us, the election is described as if it’s been decided already.

This was a bizarre speech, even for Biden, to give less than a week before Election Day. Instead of persuading his supporters that things are going well and they should vote on the 8th, he’s threatening to jail his opposition if we don’t shut up. That’s what happens to criminals. You’re not a criminal, are you?

Well these are not sincere allegations, they’re the Left’s campaign strategy: to rig the vote and keep a lid on it with censorship and intimidation. The Democrat Machine has been growing the voter rolls with fake names and duplicates for 25 years (go to the 1 hour mark), gradually priming the system for the tremendous levels of fraud that can be pulled off when you have both electronic tabulation and mass mail-in voting – as long as no one checks the books.

I believe that’s why reports were leaked of “Election Deniers” being put on terror watch lists and the IRS hiring more armed special agents than the FBI and ATF put together, twice. None of that stuff had to leak and it didn’t, until we entered the (midterm) election year. This is a crucial midterm. The Administrative State is racing the clock to take back control before the public finds out how bad it is, and perhaps before the Hunter Biden and John Durham investigations turn into a RICO case. The last thing they want going mainstream right now is the knowledge our elections are a show. Darren Beattie agrees it’s an even higher priority than the covid vaccines or January 6 (31:20).

So the agencies threaten us and Biden says we’re criminals, and their goal is that we should be afraid and keep to ourselves, so the conversation doesn’t get too loud. That way no one will check the books. And if no one’s checking the books, it won’t matter that no one on the left is voting.

The right’s strategy, by contrast, is vote, vote, vote. There’s a contingent that will turn out on Election Day and no one’s changing their mind. They’re adamant that all Republicans vote on Election Day.

Gregg Phillips disagrees with that last part, and there’s a wider strategy he’s hinted at. Overwhelming on Election Day is not enough, we have to beat the Early Vote, too. This will force more mistakes. Kari Lake won the Arizona primary by beating the Early vote projections by 80%, Phillips Truthed. And if you look at the last general election in Maricopa County, only 8% of the ballots were Election Day ballots (165k), and every single ballot that was counted came in two dumps after the polls closed.

The strategy to beating projections early AND on the 8th seems to be having different influencers make conflicting suggestions. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer tells his guys to vote on Election Day while John Fredericks says vote early, and they fight over it, but the end result is one camp votes early and the other votes on time, and no one mails it. The Fredericks/RAV crowd is larger and more casual about politics, and they work. Telling them to vote early leads to higher turnout.

Election Day is tomorrow and President Trump says that’s when we vote. If a ballot shortage has been arranged, then so be it. The National Guard has activated cybersecurity teams in 14 states, including both (AZ and PA) that ran out of ballots in Republican districts in the primaries. I suspect they’ll “run out” of ballots again if they can’t keep up with the Republican turnout, and if the security ops are effective, there’s no way they will keep up. This could be designed to force the “ballot shortage” cheat. And then what? is anybody’s guess. There’s a lot of uncertainty about what will happen tomorrow, and how the Dems will try to cheat.

These recommendations are circulating: bring your own blue pen, so the machine can’t forge your votes, and don’t let them force you to use theirs. That’s illegal, according to Pulitzer. If you received mail-in ballots, bring them to the polls unopened in case they tell you you already voted: then, call your sheriff to report identity theft.

Vote like your country depends on it, because this time it might.


Photo: screenshot by author.

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