“Maskerpiece Theater”: “Eternal COVID Hypocrisy Mind of the ‘Sophisticated’ Vaxxed Class”

“Maskerpiece Theater”: “Eternal COVID Hypocrisy Mind of the ‘Sophisticated’ Vaxxed Class”

By Maggie of The Universal Spectator September 14, 2021

How’s that saying go … ‘A picture is worth a 1000 words’?

But never forget, they are the “sophisticated vaxxed”.

Vaxxed or unvaxxed, “We THE People” are now and always will be the “unwashed rabble” to them.

NYPost Ed. Board: Dems’ shameless, pointless Ground Zero act: What pure, infuriating, blatant hypocrisy

At the 20th-anniversary memorial for 9/11, top Democratic politicians all wore masks for a photo op. Then, as soon as the television cameras were off, the masks came off. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Gov. Hochul are masked one minute, unmasked and talking the next. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hers off.

President Biden even pulls his mask down to yell at someone. The idiocy.

Every one of these people is vaccinated. They don’t need to wear masks — that’s the point of vaccines. They know this is stupid. But they insist on doing this performative COVID-19 dance so that they can keep mask mandates nationwide in our stores, our theaters, our schools.

Liberal commentators and politicians don’t understand why so many distrust them…

How many times have you, masked and maybe even fully-vaxxed, had to answer that COVID era question, “Have you traveled outside the state?”, when now going through the whole ‘you may be an extinction event to humanity’ screenings? And we are badgered about the importance of wearing the almighty mask … and especially by this empty gumball-headed bloke visiting

1. NYC (9-11-21)

2. and then out to California to campaign for Newsom in the recall election (9-13-21)

3. not to mention his consistent shortened DC work weeks to head back to Delaware (9-6-21) for long weekends.

(HT: My Facebook friend and artist Bosch Fawstin)

Emma Colton: BIG GOVERNMENT BACKLASH: Protests against mandatory vaccinations erupt in New York City, with some chanting against Biden – New York teachers protest vaccine mandates, march across Brooklyn Bridge. Retired and current teachers were also seen protesting vaccine mandates in Foley Square.

The fact that these are teachers, doubtless part of a teachers union that is pushing for mask and vax mandates for the children they allegedly teach, is a bit priceless. Why? Well, this report came out just this past July…

Jim Geraghty @ NRO: After Seven Months, 40 Percent of New York City Educators Aren’t Vaccinated

And so, what are we to take from this current protest against old Joe Biden’s vax mandate of a vast swath of Americans … or else? For starters, the teachers and their unions probably believe in having a choice and now are outraged that is being taken away from them … “My body my choice”, you know?

I saw Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, a virologist … a SCIENTIST … who admits to having voted for Biden, but now fully regrets that vote, especially after Biden’s dictatorial address to the American people laying out his tyrannical mandates on the lot of us. These are two key points Dr. Hooman made…

Yes, Biden’s rhetoric is intentionally meant to pit vaxxed Americans against unvaxxed Americans. Tucker Carlson even pointed this out a few days ago. This is definitely being done to pit one group against another group, in fact have that vaxxed group view the unvaxxed group as a deadly danger to everyone. To make the unvaxxed into ‘the enemy within’ … with an agenda of perhaps publicly ‘quarantining’ the unvaxxed by refusing service/employment/travel/etc. Don’t think it can happen? Have you seen the news coming out of Australia these last couple of months?

This scientific fact is the primary one of a handful of very important facts not being addressed at all by Biden and all the other Branch COVIDIANS. Who ever heard of vaccinating somebody who had an illness and already is carrying more and mo`better antibodies naturally against said virus? And that whole new “boosters” threat is not endorsed by our own FDA or the WHO. It is a totally political overreach attempt by this administration.

VIDEO: Immunologist regrets voting for Biden after president’s ‘draconian’ vaccine mandate: Dr. Hooman Noorchashm argues Americans who have already had COVID and are naturally immune should not be forced to be vaccinated.

Jessica Chasmar: Congress exempt from Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate: Vaccine mandate for federal workers applies only to executive branch of government

President Biden’s executive order mandating COVID-19 vaccines among all federal workers does not apply to members of Congress, the federal court system or their staffers.

Biden’s order Thursday mandating COVID-19 vaccinations among federal workers and contractors drops the option of regular testing and allows only some religious and disability exemptions. The order applies only to employees of the executive branch and does not apply to the legislative or judicial branches of government, the White House confirmed to Fox News…

On Aug. 3, a group of House Democrats sent a letter to the Attending Physician of Congress, Dr. Brian Monahan, asking him to mandate vaccines for members of Congress and their staff or to require twice-weekly COVID-19 testing. It is not clear how many members of the House and Senate remain unvaccinated, but the number is estimated to be very low…

We are told the POTUS cannot ‘mandate’ anything, especially like this, on Congress … Constitutionally. But neither can he do it to Americans … Constitutionally.

VIDEO: Tucker blasts Biden’s ‘irrational demands’ on vaccine mandates

Tim Hains: Tucker Carlson: If The State Can Mandate Vaccines, Why Can’t They Sterilize Or Lobotomize You? … This is not ridiculous rhetoric. This is exactly what is happening right now with the COVID vaccine. But think back to what our government has done to Americans of one group or another over the last nearly two centuries. Oh, sure, that was then and this is now. Except that I see pro-mandate zealots insisting they can now do what they are doing because there is historic precedence for it. And watch the sci-fi dystopian movie “THX 1138”.

And don’t forget, Joe Biden who several years back praised China’s mandated ‘one-child’ law, is also one of the all-in Green New Deal supporters … and the true believers of GND also seek to reduce the surplus population in order to reduce emissions. Not the elitist levels of humanity. No, the unwashed.

Tyler Stone: Tucker Carlson: Leaders Need To Explain Their COVID Mandates, Not Just Tell Us To Shut Up And Obey

Richard Fernandez: Joe’s Mandates vs. Xi’s Mandate of Heaven

Above screen-grab HT: Instapundit as well as an excerpt from Glenn Reynold’s post below:

Here’s a non-paywalled report on the study:

A recent nationwide study may lead health ofificials to rethink how to analyze COVID-19 hospitalizations as a pandemic metric, The Atlantic reports.

After examining the electronic records for nearly 50,000 patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 at 100 Veterans Affairs hospitals across the United States between March 2020 and June 2021, researchers found that a significant number of the patients actually had mild or asymptomatic infections. Patients who required supplemental oxygen or registered a blood oxygen level below 94 were considered moderate to severe.

Until mid-January 2021, when the vaccine drive really gained steam and the Delta variant had yet to take hold, 36 percent of patients were considered mild or asymptomatic. But in the next six months, that figure jumped to 48 percent, while an ever greater proportion — 57 percent — of vaccinated patients, who make up a much smaller share of admissions to begin with, had less severe cases.

There are probably a few explanations behind the data, per The Atlantic. Many of the patients may have been admitted to the hospital for an unrelated illness and tested positive upon entrance. Others may have been treated as a preventative measure because of comorbities, and some may simply may have just needed quick, relatively easy treatments before leaving.

Actual study is here. None of this is to say the vaccine is useless, of course, but it’s definitely being oversold in this story…

Matt Margolis: Study Suggests COVID Hospitalization Numbers Could Be Grossly Misleading

Twitchy: ‘We need to be MORE scary to the public’: Senior doctors and marketing dir. at NC hospital BUSTED discussing inflating COVID numbers (watch)

Twitchy: NPR: Man dies after being turned away from 43 ICUs at capacity due to COVID, according to his family

In a previous post I pointed out the shortened staffs that hospitals are facing, for various reasons including this vaccine controversy, and the fact that these MSM types do not give context to how many actual COVID patients are in these ICUs and how many are ‘other’ patients. And so this x100…

Stephen Kruiser: COVID Panic Merchants Might Want to Try Not Lying … As we are told, omission is a form of lying.

Stephen Green @ Instapundit:

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Matt Margolis: Biden Isn’t Even Pretending His Vaccine Mandate Is About COVID. “The White House doesn’t care about protecting immigrants in this country from COVID. Heck, they don’t even care about Americans getting COVID from immigrants. We’ve known for months now that COVID-positive immigrants have been coming in through the border and then brought into the interior of the country by the Biden administration.”

Stacey Lennox: This Finding About COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects in Teens Are Troubling. “Any society willing to place burdens on children to make adults feel better has lost its collective mind.”

Yours Truly: Here’s the Real Reason Ben Stein Was Suspended From YouTube. “Stein and his panelists may publically exude their bellyfeel for COVID vaccines or vaccine mandates, but to debate those issues could encourage dangerous wrongthink among the proles or Outer Party members.”

PS, The Met Gala in NYC last night was jam-packed with maskless “vaxxed sophisticateds”. Just an example of such on the left side of that NYPost cover above. I’ll hit that later. Off to cardiac-rehab right now.


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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