Monday Newsfeed: The 21st Century’s “New Math” Just Ain’t Adding Up

Monday Newsfeed: The 21st Century’s “New Math” Just Ain’t Adding Up

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When you hear the general media reporting of figures always ad atleast 40-50% higher to those numbers.
The open and broken border numbers are closer to 4-5 million (including got-aways) than the 2 million in 2022 the MSM is now citing when you count the first two years of Biden.
The price-at-the pump gas slightly lower prices are because the White House is indeed manipulating the markets (hence, gas prices are temporary) ahead of the November midterms by emptying our strategic reserves.
The inflation rate is much higher than the 8.3% (as I said, factor in 40-50% and it is 12-13% when energy/gas and food are added) and we are in a recession no matter what they say.

Buck Throckmorton @ AoSHQ: THE MORNING RANT: How Can Higher Interest Rates Tame Inflation If Congress Keeps Its Foot on the Deficit Spending Gas Pedal?

Arjun Singh: New Poll Delivers Some Alarming News For Democrats: Voters overwhelmingly trust Republicans to manage the economy, a new poll ahead of this year’s midterm elections…

I&I Ed Board: The Bidenomics Sham Is Collapsing: With red lights flashing nearly everywhere, the economy’s prospects look grim…

Joe Schoffstall , Houston Keene: Biden nears 100 executive orders estimated to cost taxpayers almost $1.5 trillion: Biden issued more executive orders during his first year in office than any president since Gerald Ford

But what do we expect from the oppressive #WOKE cult in this country? This #WOKE crap, especially with the universal language of math, always reminds me of this scene from “The Clan of The Cave Bear”

Ben Zeisloft @ Campus Reform: Math education prof: 2+2 = 4 ‘trope’ ‘reeks of white supremacy patriarchy’

They asserted that the statement “2 plus 2 equals 4” is rooted in Western definitions of mathematics.
Math professors and academics at top universities, including Harvard and the University of Illinois, discussed the “Eurocentric” roots of American mathematics on Twitter.

Prezzy Puddin’-Head Brandon’s CBS 60 Minutes T-ball game:

Sometimes the adult diaper just isn’t big enough…

Yes, these taped interviews are scripted (heavily scripted if it’s a dem) and staged … and this was the best CBS could put together and release? Makes you wonder what got left on the CBS News editing room floor…

Bonchie: Joe Biden Delivers a Mess of a 60 Minutes Interview, Leaves His Handlers Scrambling: Joe Biden appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, and it was an absolute disaster of an interview. As I type this, stories are already coming out about how he blindsided officials in his administration and how his handlers are scrambling to clean up the mess… Now you see why it was over 200 days.

Twitchy: WH clarifies that Biden’s statement on ’60 Minutes’ does NOT reflect the OFFICIAL position of the US gov’t (and SO much more)

Nick Adams: That Disastrous Biden Interview Got Even Worse – Despite WH Efforts to Clean It Up

Twitchy: Charles C.W. Cooke has Joe Biden dead to rights now that he’s ‘just admitted on TV he’s breaking the law’ … Impeachable.

The Enemies Within:

They sure are working their fascist collective Marxist asses-off to frame half the country as “bad”…

Twitchy: ‘Must frame it as an ATTACK on America’: TikTok’r claims Good Info Foundation offered $400 for scripted anti-Trump/J6 video and WOW (watch!) … A lot of people have been demanding ALL video(s) from January 6th be released, which the powers that be (most especially Nancy Pelosi) persistently refuse to do so. Now the propagandists are offering to pay people to deliberately whittle it down and frame it further out of full context into an even bigger big lie.

Christopher Roach: Trump and His Supporters Cannot Obtain Justice in D.C.: If Trump is prosecuted and hauled into D.C. to defend himself, a conviction is practically guaranteed.

Victor Davis Hanson: Equal Justice, They Said: We are now a revolutionary society in decline using the courts, prosecutors, the administrative state, and the law itself to punish enemies, help friends, and declare such asymmetry “social justice.”

Liberal writer and Hollywood film blogger Sasha Stone gets ‘Red-Pilled’ by Heer Biden’s `Blood Red Speech’

Sasha Stone: This is the moment I gave up on Joe Biden

Joe Biden emerged from his speech this month “on the continued battle for the soul of our nation” like a squalling infant birthed from the loins of blue-check Twitter, bathed in the blood-red light of militant fascism.

He was finally their guy. Gone was the empathy guy. Gone was the unity guy. Gone was the moderate guy. Be mean, Joe. Get them, Joe. Get tough, Joe. Tell them their participation in democracy is a threat to … democracy!

Yes, tell them, Joe. Tell the “MAGA Republicans” they’re not welcome in their own country. Tell them their participation is a threat to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Tell them that democracy means they have to sit down and shut up.

Tell the truck driver who travels coast to coast, working the graveyard shift, to bring freshly cut meat to supermarket shelves. Tell the police officer, the waitress, the bartender, the cable guy, the grocery store clerk, the grandmother, the garage mechanic, the veteran who served in Afghanistan who now has been kicked out of the military for not taking the vaccine, the mother of two who now must home-school her children that they are the violent extremists posing the biggest threat to the country they call home…

Tell them, Joe, that you’ve decided to throw them away like human garbage and that you’re hoping for another Jan. 6 so you can arrest anyone who ever voted for or supported Donald Trump. Tell them that you and you alone ARE America, and any threat to your power is a threat to the State because that’s not fascism at all.

Why did Joe Biden give that speech? Who thought that was a good idea?

Obviously, Joe Biden and his administration know that the “MAGA Republicans” are not a dangerous threat to the country. Otherwise, the Democrats would not have meddled in primary elections, spending upwards of $46 million pushing those very same MAGA candidates towards a win, blocking the more moderate GOP picks.

Desperate & dishonest
Surely the Democrats know what they’re doing, right? I mean, they’re asking for America’s vote to stay in power. Joe Biden wouldn’t lie to the people about something as serious as a threat to the Republic, right?

Wrong. Joe Biden did lie. The speechwriter lied. They would do anything, say anything, and put any community or even the country at risk just to stay in power and hold onto the past, the America under Barack Obama from 2008 to 2016.

In 2020, we saw them sacrifice the truth as they micromanaged the media narrative to deliver the correct headlines when they gaslighted hundreds of millions of us to cover up the truth about just how violent the protests had been over the summer. They undermined then-President Donald Trump on everything from COVID to the economy. They did this with impunity. They did this to stay in power. That is the very definition of corruption at nearly every level of our administrative state…

Their feedback loop is all they know. They believe it’s the truth, rather than nonstop recycling of confirmation bias and agitprop flooding the zone.

I forced myself to disconnect from the media entirely to escape the bubble. I stopped reading my Twitter feed and started an alternative account that paid attention only to the right.

It took a conscious effort on my part to reprogram my brain to be able to see both sides clearly and fairly. Once I did that, I was horrified by what I saw on the left. The hypocrisy, the inhumanity. Worse than all, I could suddenly see what was true and what wasn’t true and how much the media and politicians lie daily. They tell themselves what they want to be true, not what is true.

At the same time, they were busy silencing dissent everywhere. If you challenge their narrative, you will be attacked on Twitter, fired from your job at any media outlet, or forced to apologize. You aren’t given any other option. They don’t want anyone to tell the truth ever. They want to shut it down.

How did we ever get here? And is there any way out?…

Read the whole thing. Sasha Stone was on The Glenn Beck radio show this morning. She talked about her journey over these last 5-6 years from being spoon-fed what the propaganda MSM was shoveling about the conservative right and most especially what the MSM has been churning out about Pres. Trump and Trump supporters/voters. She has directly monitored nearly all Trump rallies and has yet to find anything even remotely confirming the MSM’s, the left’s, and Biden’s claims of fascism and hate. As a matter of fact, she found not only the opposite but recognized it was basically the left/dems/MSM calling the kettle black. She told Beck that the (establishment) left is completely fascist and is indeed using fascistic tactics, from media, to social media, to Hollywood, and in the democrat party…

Sasha Stone @ Substack: The “Semi-Fascists” Are Coming from Inside the House: The side that purges dissent, demands ideological compliance, and dehumanizes the opposition isn’t the side that believes in Democracy

Audio of the Beck segment of his radio broadcast interview with Sasha Stone available here. She confirms everything we’ve been saying for years. She’s seeing it now and personally experiencing it. She also stated that her 2020 Biden vote was mostly fueled by her accepting the “uniter” sales pitch that she felt would return the country to the Obama era (which I think Beck should have pressed her on more because that was media-driven by their tactic of “racism” and “racist!” and “racist dog-whistles” to control anti-Obama dissent), and that she liked Biden because he reminded her of her father … who died a year ago while battling his own dementia, and she now sees a lot of the tell-tale signs in Joe Biden.


All with our tax dollars, y’all…

Luke Rosiak: Border Airports Among Fastest-Growing In U.S., Could Suggest Scale Of Migrant Flights In 2021: As coronavirus restrictions locked down much of the country in 2021, two groups filled the skies: illegal immigrants from border towns to the interior, and wealthy elites to vacation hideaways, data shows.

Luke Rosiak’s full Twitter thread roll with receipts is here.

(Photo HT: Instapundit)

Eric Lendrum: CBP: At Least 782 Migrants Have Died Crossing the Border in 2022 So Far

Twitchy: Mike Pompeo: ‘An open border is an attack on our sovereignty’

Roger Kimball: Wish You Weren’t Here: In a single stroke, Ron DeSantis tore the mask off hypocrisy of the smug faces of the liberal elites who love crowing about the virtues of “diversity” and the evils of “whiteness.”

In a single stroke, Ron DeSantis tore the mask of hypocrisy off the smug faces of the liberal elites who love crowing about the virtues of “diversity” and the evils of “whiteness” just so long as they don’t have to suffer any real-world consequences. “People who make and advocate certain policies,” Tucker Carlson said, “should at some point have to live with those policies.” That was the moral of Ron DeSantis’ bravura performance. God bless him for it…

Kevin Downey, Jr: Martha’s Vineyard Claims It Doesn’t Have Room for Immigrants, but Airbnb and Show Otherwise

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:

ANNALS OF LEFTIST AUTOPHAGY: “Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas on Sunday urged President Biden to step up enforcement of immigration laws as Republican governors this week ramped up their confrontation with the administration over its border strategy by transporting migrants released from federal custody to Democratic-run cities.”

Kevin Downey, Jr: Confirmed: Venezuela Sending Violent Prisoners Across Our Southern Border … They’re not the only country doing it. The bulk of the human tsunami coming across our border are, as I’ve said, young fit military age men in a group or on their own. No woman/wife/sister or children by their side. Just stag.

Look at this picture from PJM’s Ryan Ledendecker’s post last week: Vámonos! Martha’s Vineyard Begins Deportation of Group of 50 Illegal Aliens

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Martha’s Vineyard, Illegal Immigrants, and Liberal Hypocrisy

It’s a “cooked book”…

Allysia Finley @ WSJ: When Electric Vehicles Sound Too Good to Be True: The Trevor Milton trial offers a lesson about getting into vehicles with socially responsible investors.

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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