Monday Newsfeed: This `n That

Monday Newsfeed: This `n That

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Allegedly double vaxxed, double boosted (atleast), wears a mask (when not eating pudding cups), and tested positive and then negative and then positive in less than two weeks.

Twitchy: ‘You’re not gonna get Covid if you have these vaccinations’ – Biden fails own fact check with back to back Covid infections

A new Zogby poll has found that 10% of Americans regret taking the vaccine. That translates to a possible 22 million in just America alone. Australia has its own data on this subject and it’s not any better…

Art Moore: Zogby: Many who got COVID shots diagnosed with brand-new condition – Blood clots, heart attack, liver damage, leg or lung clots, stroke

Steve Kirsch: New Zogby poll: 10% of Americans REGRET taking the vaccine: What do you do when you have 22M customers with buyer’s remorse? If you are US President Joe Biden, you mandate the vaccine so that they are FORCED to take it, of course!

We now have over FIVE polls, all done by different independent polling organizations including Zogby.

We have an nationally recognized expert in polling look at the data and he confirmed the vaccine is dangerous.

Attempts to brief Congresswoman Anna Eshoo were unsuccessful. I emailed her and three of her top staff people and they had no interest in talking to the expert who has seen all the data.

Basically, they will continue to look the other way and ignore everything that doesn’t align with the CDC narrative…

The CDC lied to us. They said that severe adverse events were rare.
More troubling of course is that we’ve clearly been lied to. We were told serious adverse events were “rare.”

10% buyer’s remorse isn’t rare at all.

Of the people vaccinated, 15% had problems. Of those 15% with problems:

21% blood clots

19% heart attack

18% liver damage

17% leg clots/lung clots

15% stroke

So .15*.21 = .031, which is 1 in 32 people who got the vaccine had blood clots

Strange that an alarming number of sports athletes are dropping with heart ailments. A greater number of people with their own individual stories of ailments, injuries, and adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines, especially citing the Pfizer vaccine. Never forget, the big pharm companies that issued these vaccines have been given a ‘get out of court free’ card to protect them from lawsuits.

1. the Pelosis, under the guise of husband Paul, just happened to make a ‘timely stock purchase’ in a CHIP company
2. the House then voted on a CHIPS Act bill
3. Pelosi called out on it
4. after the dust-up Paul sells shares off the original purchase ‘at a loss’
5. news then begins story that Nancy will be traveling to Taiwan (a CHIP producer) and the news pisses-off CCPChina (another CHIP producer) to the point of threats to shootdown her plane
6. Nancy began her ‘travels’ through Asia yesterday without Taiwan on her publicized itinerary

Kristina Wong: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — a long-time critic of the Chinese Communist Party — began her trip to Asia on Sunday but did not confirm if she would visit Taiwan and become the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit in 25 years.

Natilie Winters: REVEALED: Pelosi-Linked Lobbyists Are Pushing China’s Social Credit System For American Citizens. AS PELOSI STAYS MUM ON TAIWAN, HER NETWORK IS LOBBYING FOR CCP SOCIAL CREDIT COMPANIES. … These people make it absolutely impossible to accept the COVID pandemic was anything else except a “master plan” and these last 2+ years have just been the beginning.

Jessica Chasmar: HALL PASS – Crushing impact of COVID-19 school closures on students revealed as unions, Dems face little fallout: Dems, union leaders responsible for school lockdowns face few repercussions, despite evidence that kids harmed. Union-driven school closures had catastrophic effects on children, studies show.

Twitchy: All to ‘SAVE YOU’: Thomas Massie takes Biden admin APART point by infuriating point for what they did to Americans ‘in the name of a virus’

SPAM, tuna and sardines, small canned hams and other pocketable foods are being given the security boxed treatment. It’s not so much due to the higher cost value as much as how easy it is to steal them. I’d imagine the hungry homeless drug addicts are some of the more prevalent in that criminal habit. That said, the months of mob smash and grab thefts in high-end stores and unchecked shelf-clearing into trash bags at drug store chains will indeed move onto such flash mobbing at the grocery stores in the not to distant future as prices inflate and store shelf supplies lessen. Truth be told, I am amazed what little baby formula that’s being offered isn’t being kept behind the pharmacy counter or the store office…

Matthew Sedacca: SPAM goes on lockdown due to inflation in NYC

Jessica Chasmar: Manchin-Schumer spending bill estimated to hurt coal workers the most: Manchin ‘betraying’ West Virginians with tax hike on coal industry, Republican says

Buck Throckmorton @ AoSHQ: West Virginia vs Mega Banks’ Anti-Energy Policies: US Bancorp Backs Down; Others Are Spinning and Acting Scared

VIDEO: Steve Hilton: The rate at which Biden has driven the US economy into the ground is ‘genuinely astounding’

Taylor Penley: Economist slams Facebook for ‘absolutely Orwellian’ fact-check upholding Biden’s recession denial: Facebook and Politifact upheld President Biden’s recession claims

Chris Cuomo’s back at the TV desk, but not at CNN. He now has a podcast, and he sounds a bit different these days than he did at the CNN hive. Were he still at CNN he would be heavily and rabidly pushing the big J6 lie. But here, not-so-much…

Katherine Fung: Chris Cuomo Questions Jan. 6 Committee, Doesn’t See Case for ‘Criminality’

“Politicians making politics into a policing action with criminal consequences? No thanks,” he said. He added that he doesn’t believe lawmakers should be allowed to make a criminal case against anyone, regardless of their political affiliation.

“If there are crimes, especially on the elector front, let the Department of Justice figure it out. Let the local prosecutors figure it out,” he said. “We don’t need politicians to tell our prosecutors what to do.”…

“‘Criminal consequences,’ that’s provocative. [The media is] reflecting what the Democrats and others are saying, but they should be pushing back as well,” Cuomo said. “Not all flames need to be fed, some need to be smothered.”

Instead, Cuomo urged politicians to focus more on what everyday Americans are concerned about, such as inflation and gas prices.

“Who cares who is worse? The question is, What will you do to make anything better? Who will fix gas prices? Who will even be straight with us about why they’re high?” he asked.

Cuomo seems to be pissing-off the left now…

Madeleine Hubbard: Jan. 6 rioters driven by loyalty to Trump, not insurrection: Harvard Study – Most people were motivated by loyalty to Trump or the idea that the election was stolen from him

VIDEO: Mark Levin: These are the words the Jan 6 Committee is trying to put into Trump’s mouth

Meanwhile, it’s undeniable now that our society is about to collapse into anarchy…

Michael Walsh: ‘By Any Means Necessary’

Michael Walsh: America’s ‘Transitioning’—but to What?

In case you haven’t heard, the United States is currently in the process of “transitioning.” For reasons of decorum, and to not upset the rubes, from what to what is never quite spelled out, but those of us who have been following the “progressive” Left for the past six decades or so have a pretty clear idea of what they mean. It was first brazenly articulated by candidate Barack Obama in a campaign appearance just before the 2008 presidential election when he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”…

Victor Davis Hanson: Are the New Progressive Rules Reciprocal? Are today’s norms tomorrow’s norms?

In the era of peak woke we are supposed to accept any radical departure from long-held custom and tradition as the new normal.

Perhaps. But if so, is the improved new code of behavior at least reciprocal? Will the radical Left really wish to live by its own novel normality when it loses power?

Have leftists ever read Thucydides on the stasis at Corcyra and his warning that zealots who destroy laws, customs, and traditions for short-term gain, soon rue the day they began making such changes when, in vain, they seek refuge in the very sanctuaries of behavior that they have destroyed?

Or will they just plead that their own rules do not apply to themselves given their innate moral superiority? Will they employ the John Kerry defense that one must bomb the upper atmosphere with private-jet carbon emissions in order to do the important work of flying around the globe to stop carbon emissions? …

VIDEO: FBN’s Charles Payne slams crime crisis as video shows man lurking outside his home: ‘This is the ultimate violation’

Doing only the most important only work only the most only self-important only MSM can only do…

Twitchy: Reuters’ ace team of fact-checkers tackles doctored video of Joe Biden being lured away by the siren song of an ice cream truck



“You have the conn, Lt. Uhura.”

Tracy Wright: ‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols dead at 89: Nichols portrayed Lieutenant Nyota Uhura on ‘Star Trek’ for decades

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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