President Trump Fires John Bolton as National Security Advisor

President Trump Fires John Bolton as National Security Advisor

WASHINGTON, D.C. Sept 10, 2017 — President Trump today announced that he has requested the resignation of John Bolton as National Security Advisor.

John Bolton offered his own response via Twitter:

Bolton was highly unpopular among many Trump supporters for what they saw as a neo-conservative war hawkish attitude reminiscent of the Bush era.

An article by Micah Zenko for Foreign Policy (with which I hardly, if ever agree), entitled ‘John Bolton Can’t Be Contained,’ details some of the past track record that has earned Bolton his current reputation:

“John Bolton, who starts Monday as U.S. President Donald Trump’s third national security advisor, has a long and uniformly belligerent track record in government. He has supported every recent war the United States has fought — proclaiming in May 2015, “I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam [Hussein] was correct” — and strongly endorsed initiating regime change wars against Iran and nuclear-armed North Korea. He believes in the transformative impact of military force — including unilateral — with no recognition of the risks, costs, downsides, and second- and third-order effects.

National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger would routinely call military commanders to directly relay President Richard Nixon’s alleged orders to forever increase the tonnage and pace of airstrikes in Cambodia. (“Bombing holes in the jungle,” as it was correctly derided by Defense Department analysts.) When bombing was delayed due to weather, Kissinger would chide Adm. Thomas Moorer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that “next time we would give them an operation in the desert on stationary targets in July” and ask for personal updates nearly each day. None of these conversations were vetted or made with the approval or awareness of Defense Secretary Melvin Laird.” – Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy

According to Newbud’s Kurt Nimmo:

“John Bolton is near the top of the neocon totem. He is a senior fellow at American Enterprise Institute (AEI). It is explicitly pro-Israel and played a leading role in the invasion of Iraq. A core group of neocons—Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Frederick Kagan and his wife Kimberly—are either members or were during the Bush years.

AEI was closely associated with the now-defunct Project for the New American Century, founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, who wrote the “appropriate goal of American foreign policy… is to preserve [American] hegemony as far into the future as possible. To achieve this goal, the United States needs a neo-Reaganite foreign policy of military supremacy and moral confidence.” John Bolton was a board member of Project for the New American Century.” – Kurt Nimmo, Newsbud

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