Revolution In The Air, Vatican Doubling Down

Revolution In The Air, Vatican Doubling Down

Vatican Synod Part II

As the Amazon Synod was set to begin, Church Militant’s correspondent on the scene in Vatican City, Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D., reviews what the publication has deemed “doubling down” by clergy who served as spokesmen for the introductory news conference. Despite cries of “heresy!” from around the world, there are claims the Synod Agenda is a living document, not set in stone. There are still several reasons to believe the outcome will be ominously, revolutionary. on-scene full report

The following is a transcript of Ms. Niles’ report and includes opinion commentary of the writer only.

Bully ‘Pulpit’

Vatican City, October 3rd 2019 – “Ecology, indigenous spirituality, roles of women, environmentalism — all were brought up at today’s Holy See press conference on the eve of the Amazon Synod.”

Translation: Mother Earth, Humanism, Doctrinal upheaval, and climate change are on the Synod Agenda.

“Brazilian Cdl. Claudio Hummes, personally chosen by Pope Francis to lead the synod, summed up the controversial aspects, saying the Church ‘must listen to the cry of the earth and that of the poor.’ “

A clerical politician, handpicked by the Jesuit Argentine, states the obvious, with which no one can disagree.

“Among those voices, he says, are those of Amazonian women, leaders in their communities, who wish to have a more institutionalized role in the Church”… — Code  for women’s ordination, a doctrinal 180 degree turn.

“On clerical celibacy, General Secretary Cdl. Lorenzo Baldisseri said a serious look must be given to the possibility of allowing married men to minister as priests in remote regions of the Amazon.”

“Hummes circled back to interreligious dialogue, noting the diversity of religions in the Amazon and what he called the Church’s duty to listen and dialogue with native populations.”

Liberalization of constructs will bring more converts who hold worldviews antithetical to Christianity. More converts mean more revenue. Allowances for liberal theology dilute the tenets of the Christian faith. The changes in the works indicate a paradigm shift that places a new brand of Catholicism, a powerful one – closer to a One World Religion. One religion is for global consumption, and does not exclude pantheists, paganism or worship of a particular fallen angel in welcoming converts.

“When asked about the working document, that has been called “heresy” by German Cdl. Walter Brandmüller, Baldiserri deflected, noting the working document is not PONTIFICAL … and other cardinals are free to disagree.

Stacked Deck

Francis has packed the Holy See with like-minded clerics. He has been at the helm, planning this Synod, with its focus on South, Central and all of Latin America, hence “Amazon”, since the first weeks of his papacy. Any opposition is likely to be smothered by his loyal appointees. At best, opposition to all of these earth shattering changes within the Catholic Church under Francis’ watch will be given token lip service. The agenda is causing an uproar in the Catholic watchdog world, of which Church Militant, Vortex and Catholic World are a part. The information quoted herein is the opinion of the writer, or quoted directly from these watchdog organizations. The content will be given further examination over the course of the Synod, (October 6th-27th).

What is Feared

“In spite of severe criticisms from multiple bishops, today’s press conference at the Holy See shows synod organizers doubling down, and underscores critics’ fears that this synod is being used as an instrument to push revolution in the Church.”

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