Rumors of Julian Assange Being Pardoned by Trump Swirling Online

Rumors of Julian Assange Being Pardoned by Trump Swirling Online

December 14, 2020 – There are rumors flying around the internet and on Twitter today that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may receive a pardon from President Trump. We have been unable to confirm this rumor, but it appears to have originated with a tweet via Disclosure.TV and then was amplified by other accounts:

It is unclear where they obtained this information, and they have not yet revealed who the source of it was.

Pastor Mark Burns, a close friend to Ret. General Michael T. Flynn, then amplified the Disclosure.TV tweet, by repeating what they claimed. From there, many people started sharing the tweets and expressing their support for this, although it still remains unconfirmed at the time of this writing.

Journalist Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit, who is close to Assange and counts him as a personal friend, reached out to her sources at Wikileaks to see if they have heard anything on this front, and they stated they had not.

Popular conservative outlet, the Columbia Bugle chimed in that President Trump should announce this tonight during Biden’s scheduled speech.

Former NSA contracter and leaker or whistleblower, depending on your perspective, weighed in and expressed his support for a potential Trump pardon of Assange.

Washington Post Journalist claims that the originator of the claim has now retracted it, but the rumors are still going wild across the internet.

We still have not heard anything from official administration officials regarding this claim so it must continue to be treated as rumor and nothing more until we get confirmation one way or the other.

Not everyone has been supportive, with some left wing journalists, like Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel claiming that Assange was involved in some kind of Quid Pro Quo with the Trump campaign in 2016, based on the information she claims Randy Credico provided.

There are those who believe Julian Assange is a KGB asset and involved in hacking, espionage and trading secrets. There are those who believe he is a journalist, publisher of leaks that have brought us unparalleled information about government corruption and wrongdoing such as the 2010 Wikileaks piece “Collateral Murder” that showed U.S. Military taking out A.P. journalists like it was a video game. Others believe the truth is somewhere in the middle, and that perhaps he was facilitating getting out information that his financial backers wanted exposed. Some say he is a political prisoner, whose legal case will have serious and grave consequences for publishers and journalists in the years to come. Whether or not he is pardoned, has yet to be confirmed, but it is clear that if he is, some will celebrate and others will be enraged.

This story is still developing, we will update as more information comes out. 

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3 months ago

Julian Assange has a long history of hacking. President Trump will not pardon him.