Senator Sinema Censured by her own party?

Senator Sinema Censured by her own party?

The Progressive Caucus of the Arizona Democratic Party announced a resolution to censure Senator Kyrsten Sinema for failing to uphold the tenets of the Democratic Party Platform.

Senator Sinema was the only Democrat not to co-sponsor the Save the Internet Act which is against the effort by the Republicans to roll back the net neutrality rules.

Sinema also voted to confirm David Bernhardt as the Secretary of the Interior which is against the stated party platform on page 15.

Senator Sinema voted to confirm William Barr to the Attorney General of the United States as well. This goes against the party platform since “Mr. Barr clearly signaled his support for President Trump’s position against the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and has continued to undermine the Mueller Report.”

Even though FiveThirtyEight’s Trump Tracker notes that Sinema opposed Trump 81% of the time, she has not been left leaning enough. The vote on the Censure, according to Dan O’Neal, state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, is to let her know “We want Democrats to vote like Democrats and not Republicans.”

This resolution was approved on April 13, 2019. A vote will be held Saturday at the quarterly meeting.

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Jenine Milum
2 years ago

What does being censored do to her? Is she banned from committees or kept from participating in hearings?