The Democrats’ MLK Day Demagoguery

The Democrats’ MLK Day Demagoguery

By DOUGLAS ANDREWS January 18, 2022 in Elections

Rather than honoring the fallen civil rights leader, the desperate Democrats desecrated Dr. King’s memory with their “voting rights” lie.

Yesterday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, hundreds of ill-informed people marched across the Frederick Douglass Bridge in Washington, DC, to call on Congress to pass “voting rights” legislation. Compared to the masses of humanity that Dr. King himself used to attract to our nation’s capital for truly monumental causes, it was a sad showing, bordering on pathetic. And it was utterly befitting this sad, pathetic cause.

To be clear, the Democrats aren’t fighting for the right to vote. Every U.S. citizen has the right to vote. No, what the Democrats are fighting for is the right to cheat. They’re fighting to federalize our nation’s voting laws and thereby codify the kind of deeply flawed election we saw in 2020, wherein Basement Joe Biden lost 18 of 19 bellwether counties to Donald Trump and yet still managed to inspire 81 million people to the polls on his behalf.

Yeah, right. The truth is, the Democrats are fighting for the ability to do across the United States what they did in Georgia in 2020.

They want to rig our electoral system under the phony guise of “voting rights.” We can’t let them get away with it.

The Democrats are desperate, and understandably so. Their policies and their president are deeply unpopular, and the thing they crave most of all — power — is on life support. They see the 2022 midterms looming, and they see a historic shellacking on the horizon.

“Nothing less is at stake than our democracy [sic],” sputtered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday during yesterday’s demagogic MLK Day “Deliver for Voting Rights” press conference. “This is about suppressing the vote [sic]. It’s about nullifying the elections [sic]. … If you really, truly want to honor Dr. King, don’t dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy [sic]. … He has a monument on the Mall along with Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, all of them with tears in their eyes for the departure from our democracy that is happening right now unless the truth is acknowledged and this legislation is passed.”

Trust us, Madame Speaker: If the monuments to those men are indeed crying, it isn’t because a single American citizen is being denied the right to vote. It’s because those men no longer recognize their country.

Not to be out-demagogued, Joe Biden also weighed in with a pre-recorded video — pre-recorded to ensure that he doesn’t do something akin to what he did in June 2020, when he subordinated the death of Dr. King to the death of career criminal George Floyd. “But even Dr. King’s death did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” he said during a roundtable discussion.

Instead, Biden observed MLK Day from the comfort of his home in Delaware while his video dishonestly pushed the same “voting rights” lie that Pelosi was pushing. “The attack on our democracy is real,” he said, “from the January 6th insurrection to the onslaught of Republicans’ anti-voting laws in a number of states. It’s no longer about who doesn’t get to vote. It’s about whether your vote counts at all. It’s about two insidious things, voter suppression and election subversion.”

Biden, Pelosi, and their Democrat colleagues are thus pressing Congress to pass two major pieces of legislation: the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. As usual, they’ve given sweet- and virtuous-sounding names to the bills, but that’s simply lipstick on a pair of pigs. Only an ill-informed, bridge-marching Democrat would believe that we’re not free to vote in this country, and that voting rights are under threat.

Republicans have, all along, wanted only one thing: honest elections, with votes cast only by those who are eligible to vote.

Both Biden and Pelosi know that their bills aren’t going anywhere — not with the Senate’s all-important filibuster in place, and not with all 50 Republicans and at least two Democrats, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, opposed to nuking this safeguard of minority rights, this bulwark against mob rule.

That reality didn’t stop one of their fellow Democrats, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, from smearing her colleagues: “We have two Democrats, Manchin and Sinema, and they are holding up the Democratic agenda. They have decided that they are going to stick with support of the filibuster, and they don’t care whether or not they undermine the rights of minorities and blacks in this country.”

Lies, lies, and more lies. But that’s all the Democrats have these days.


~~Reprinted with permission. See the original article here and leave some comments! 

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