Thursday Newsfeed: The Biden FUBAR, “Expodentially” Speaking…

Thursday Newsfeed: The Biden FUBAR, “Expodentially” Speaking…

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This is not a real word. And if one of the Biden writers and coaches is using this word and passing it onto old Joe they need to be fired.

However, Websters Dictionary will be adding it as a ‘real word’ in 5-4-3-2-1… It’s, like, a compound word … exponential + dementia = “Expodentially” … when Jos uses it, doncha know…

Oily Joe expodentially sets-up higher gas and energy prices for Americans:

We woke to this this morning to yet another record high price/gal for gas at the pump. Don’t get too excited, it’ll get expodentially worse…

Tyler O’Neil: Biden admin cancels massive oil and gas lease sale amid record-high gas prices: Interior Department canceled a 1-million-plus acre oil lease in Alaska as Americans face painfully high prices at the pump

Larry Kudlow: Biden admin’s new NEPA permitting rules will basically stop new oil and gas production: Kudlow calls out Biden’s energy decisions

Cameron Arcand: Biden Administration Cancels More Oil and Gas Lease Sales

Daniella Genovese: US gas prices could surge to $4.50 a gallon, expert says: Some areas of the country are already getting hit with prices nearing $6 per gallon

No worries, Nan always has the perfect answers. Pelosi says ‘bring on the depression’ …

Twitchy: Nancy Pelosi says Dems will introduce a bill that would allow Biden to stop rising gas prices (Hint: ‘This is insane’) … JFC! Vote the dems out of the majority for f**k sake, and this witch out of the Speakership once and for all.

They seriously think they’re going to be considered the “energy administration” but they’re anything but when they refuse to understand the unsustainability of stressing local power plants doing this AND the increased electric bills of the school system…

Jessica Chasmar: EPA spent $7M in American Rescue Plan funds to replace diesel school buses with electric buses: EPA also used $5.25 million allocated from ARP last year for ‘environmental justice program’

Kristen Altus: Electric grid operators warn of potential summer blackouts: Coal plant closures must ‘completely’ stop as nationwide summer blackouts loom, energy advocate says

VIDEO: States closing ‘too many’ coal, nuclear plants amid summer electricity blackouts: FOX Business’ Jeff Flock speaks to Power the Future executive director Daniel Turner on the energy sector’s concern that not enough new generation plants are being built to replace old ones. … Used to be a time when the left claimed nuclear energy was cleaner and even safer than coal-fired plants. Why are they closing down the nuclear-fired power plants??? Where do they think the actual energy to ‘fuel’ electric vehicles is supposed to come from?? Wind turbines? Nope. Solar panels? Nope.

Megan Henney: Wholesale inflation climbs 11% in April, remaining near 40-year high: Economists expected the producer price index to show prices climbed by 10.7% in April

Hanna Panreck: Buttigieg won’t say if American Rescue Plan contributed to inflation: Economists will be ‘debating’ for years: Many economists have said for months that Biden’s American Rescue Plan contributed to inflation

And do not listen to anyone that scoffs that the president doesn’t control the markets. That is a Hell of a running lie. Every single thing he does or does not do in his policies indeed does expodentially cause and effect the markets, hence, controlling prices and supply-side for consumers.

Rick Moran: Democrats Still Not Connecting to Voters on the Economy. It Will Cost Them in November

Rick Moran: Food Shortages in America? Biden Blames a War America Isn’t Fighting

Rick Moran: Biden Economics Advisor Thinks Causing Inflation Is ‘An Effective Strategy Against the Pandemic’

Twitchy: DEVASTATING: Thread showing actual timeline of skyrocketing inflation and the MULTIPLE lies Biden admin told to cover their a*s a MUST-read

Expodentially fire-up the Fed’s printers for the Biden money pit:

Yesterday afternoon the House expodentially passed yet another $40 billion gift to Ukraine, with the help of republicans. This is not our war, and yet, we are funding the absolute Hell out of it. As of today we will have expodentially sent over $58 billion into this war…

Zoë Richards: U.S. House passes $40 billion Ukraine package to provide military, humanitarian aid

Lawrence Richard: House passes $40 billion Ukrainian aid package: The bill now heads to the Senate where it has bipartisan support

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton: Here’s a list of Republicans who voted for and against $40B aid to Ukraine, aka ‘America Last’ spending bill

Meanwhile, those in the Biden administration responsible for our own border security amid this montrous flooding of illegal aliens across that border claim we just do not have the money to do what sanely should be done … Bet the Fed can print up billions of dollars for Ukraine and everything else being dumped into the Bidon $TRILLION of debt??

WE: Don’t believe Mayorkas — the data show the southern border is open

Democrats Head into 2022 Midterms Running on ‘Kill and Starve All the Babies’:

Meanwhile, the US Senate expodentially held a vote on a move that would not have ‘codified’ Roe v Wade, but expodentially have massively expanded it, wiping out 50+ established individual states’ laws already on the books regarding abortion:

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Democrats’ Baby-Killing Bill Gets Aborted

VIDEO: Senate fails to advance abortion rights bill

Kevin Downey, Jr: Dems Vote to Codify Roe v. Wade Into Law, Get Clown-Slapped Instead

Brandon Gillespie: Elizabeth Warren blasted for claiming ‘minority’ blocked abortion bill despite it being opposed by majority: Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., joined all Republicans in voting down the bill with a 51-49 majority.

VIDEO: Joe Concha: The left fuming over GOP, Manchin blocking abortion bill: ‘This issue is a wash at best’

Ed Kilgore (yesterday): What Does Chuck Schumer Think He’s Doing?

In gesture that has become almost ritualistic in this Congress, today Senate Democrats responded to a major challenge — in this case, the Supreme Court’s apparent intention to strike down Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to an abortion — by taking a doomed vote. And their leader, Chuck Schumer, publicly raised the stakes of his party’s certain loss.

The Wednesday afternoon vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act failed by a vote of 49 to 51, with Democrat Joe Manchin voting with Senate Republicans to keep it from advancing. In its demise the WHPA joins two voting-rights measures, a minimum-wage bill, and the giant Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill (which is not subject to a filibuster, but lacks necessary support from Manchin and Krysten Sinema). All of these relatively popular measures were touted as potentially history-making necessities by Democratic lawmakers, then left for dead after totally predictable failed Senate votes…

In other words, Senate Democrats’ apparent weakness over the past two years reflects actual weakness, not just stupidity or some avoidable errors. And the majority leader deserves some respect for keeping his troops mostly in line. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “getting close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

So the question remains: Why does Schumer make such a big production out of doing things he knows are very likely to fail, like Wednesday’s big vote on reproductive rights? Here are some possible explanations…

This is the less-than-zero collective IQ level of these street theater rage freaks…

Jon Brown , Andrew Mark Miller: Handmaid protester says Justice Barrett, mom of 5 biological kids, doesn’t know about full-term pregnancy: Barrett is the mother of seven children, two of whom were adopted … VIDEO

LOUDER WITH CROWDER @ The Blaze: Fact-deprived Americans hear TRUTH about Roe v. Wade, and something beautiful happens: “Talking With People’

America (American babies) expodentially last…

J.J. Sefton @ AoSHQ: “I Did That”

Thursday and while, as usual, we have the veritable linkapalooza on issues that each in their own right are at or near flaming-skull level, I’m going to focus in on one story that on any other day in this ongoing nightmare would get lost in the sauce but for me is setting off a fire alarm

Step back and pause for a moment and put everything aside — all the depredations, abuses and outrages visited upon us for the past several years and ramped up by orders of magnitude in just the past 16 months — and let this sink in. The United States of America. Historically the most prosperous, abundant, wealthiest and freest society that ever was or ever will be. The nation, and especially its people, who have helped feed the starving and cure the sick out of its own pocket and generosity of its own heart, that gave (and continues to give) its blood and treasure to liberate the world from tyranny twice in a generation as well as a Cold War.

That same United States of America today finds itself on the brink of running out of baby formula.

Ho. Lee. Fook.

The $30.5 trillion dollar question is, how in God’s name did we let this happen? That, of course, is a rhetorical question, but perhaps the answer lies in the response by what can only be described as a glittering jewel of pig-ignorance and cold-blooded reptilian hatred that craves only one thing: power. In other words, a typical leftist

Read. The. Whole. Thing.

DM: Abbott warns it will take TEN WEEKS to get baby formula products on shelves when FDA finally allows its biggest factory to reopen as crisis for parents across US trying to feed their kids deepens

Michael Lee: GOP rep says illegal migrants sent ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula: Cammack’s claim comes as American parents worry about a shortage of baby formula

John Nolte: GOP Rep Says Illegal Immigrants Receiving ‘Pallets of Baby Formula’: Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) says that while Americans face a worsening baby formula shortage, “They are sending pallets–pallets! of baby formula to the border.”

Victoria Taft: Tim Scott Stops Clueless Janet Yellen in Her Tracks After Her Monstrous Abortion Comments

Matt Margolis: Democrats Have Jumped Back on the ‘Men Can Get Pregnant’ Fantasy Train

Meanwhile the expodentially outraged Hollywood crowd has an opinion…

Chris Donaldson: Rosanna Arquette claims conservative SC justices are a ‘satanic force’ enabling ‘organ trafficking’ market

The expodentially pissed USAG Merrick Garland:

It’s time somebody expodentially said it: AG Merrick Garland’s insistence of expodentially deeming the American people/parents as “domestic terrorists” and goes after them, expodentially holding American citizens for well-over a year without bail/hearings/trials for the January 6, 2021 protests in DC, but expodentially refuses to go after the leftist pro-abort groups expodentially breaking the law in their intimidating and threatening protests outside the private homes of six SCOTUS Justices, and various other failures of his designated job … Well, I will say it … Merrick Garland is getting back at not being put to a Senate vote for the SCOTUS.

John Nolte: AG Merrick Garland Refuses to Enforce Laws Protecting SCOTUS: The pro-baby-slaughtering protests, chanting, and screaming outside the homes of six Supreme Court justices violate federal law, and Joe Biden’s attorney general refuses to enforce that law.

Susan Ferrechio: Whistleblowers: FBI probed parents under counterterrorism ‘threat tag’ for protesting school boards

VIDEO: DOJ whistleblower reveals parents were targeted by FBI

Ronn Blitzer , Jake Gibson: DOJ Inspector General’s office says employee leaked draft report to media, then resigned during probe: DOJ IG’s office said employee resigned in the middle of the investigation

Expodentially MORE:

Victor Davis Hanson: Imagine the Unimaginable: When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we’ll see over the next few months.

Athena Thorne: Riots Are Now an Establishment Industry and Will Happen Every Summer

Expodentially Building the Bozo Administration…

Jessica Chasmar , Ben Evansky: Family of former US hostage slams Biden pick for counterterrorism job: ‘We are shocked’: ‘Our father would still be here today’ if Elizabeth Richard had ‘prioritized’ his release, Fakhoury’s family says

Matt Margolis: The Associated Press Doesn’t Understand Free Speech, And That’s Scary

Seth Borenstein: Study finds cleaner air leads to more Atlantic hurricanes … DOH! Expodentially!!!

Twitchy: It sure seems like Glenn Kessler’s just going to pretend he didn’t slime the Free Beacon’s accurate reporting on Biden crack pipes

BTW, Did you expodentially know this…

Kevin Downey, Jr: ‘Woke’ Target Peddling ‘Trans’ Clothing to Teens

Life Site (2/12/21): Planned Parenthood giving kids ‘transgender’ hormone drugs with your tax money: Planned Parenthood is not only the largest killer of unborn babies in America; it’s also the second largest provider of ‘gender affirming hormone care.’

Hannah Grossman: Legal group releases guide on how parents can fight back against ‘illegal woke education’: The general counsel of the foundation said, ‘We hope that our guidebook shows parents that the law is their most powerful weapon’


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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