Thursday Newsfeed: They’re Treating You Like an Idiot…

Thursday Newsfeed: They’re Treating You Like an Idiot…

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Umm, are you also noticing the false narrative/fake premise gaslighting the leftist MSM and the pollsters are using? They’re listing ‘democracy’ in voters’ concerns on polls. And of course it ranks lower than ‘inflation’, ‘economy’, ‘schools’, ‘crime’, ‘border’, and even ‘abortion’ to those polled. Not because they are against ‘democracy’. It’s because they’re not falling for the left’s “If you vote for issues like inflation we’ll lose our democracy and become Nazis” bullshit. Unbelievable. And those that do have ‘democracy’ concerns are voting to save ours from those who are destroying it with their GND and #WOKE inflation, energy, economic, spending, school, and border policies.

In my decades of politics/voting, this is the most egregiously deceptive tactic I’ve seen…

Chris Queen: Another Democrat Talking Head Equates Voting for Economic Issues With the End of Democracy … Despicable. It’s also a deflection from the reality that the democrat party ain’t your WWII great grandpa’s democrat party. No, they’ve tossed off the “for the working man/woman” persona and replaced it with the equity collective. So, beware the neo-Bolsheviks calling hardworking and struggling middle-class Americans fascists and ‘Nazis’. It’s always toxic smoke and smudged-up mirrors with these thugs.

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Democrats’ Homestretch Flailing Is Both Pathetic and Hilarious

My husband’s Russian Grandfather that left Russia (alone) as a teen just as the revolution was taking aim told me “Russian loves his misery and the Soviet really love it now, by golly”, and I’m seeing and feeling that Americans are being conditioned to love their misery too. The left’s problem is getting a country that had its own revolution for freedom, liberty, and independence (and on a personal level as well) to believe the two centuries of that status was ill-gotten and racist and to accept a centralized government to rule over them in every inch of life/existence.

How bad could it get? Well, they’re already trying extremely hard to separate parents and parents’ rights from their children, from education choice to education substance to children’s privacy and their relationship with their parents, whether school subject matter to trans/gender chaos.

VIDEO: DOJ’s school board memo: Many questions unanswered 1 year later

Hannah Grossman: X-RATED READING LIST – Pentagon’s schools infested with shocking, graphic pornographic material for military kids: ‘Time to send a d*ck pic’. Many of the pornographic and radical gender ideology books at DoDEA school libraries were added within the last two years

Well, it looks like Twitter has a new Chief Twit

Stephen Green: It’s (Not) Official: Twitter Has a New ‘Chief Twit’

Brian Wang: Elon Musk Confirms Plan to Add Youtube Clone to Twitter

And of course stories like this are going to start…

Sundance: Report, Twitter Employees Draft Letter Demanding Assurances Against Discrimination for Their Political Beliefs … And yet, this is NOT a two-way street with these elitist little tech piglets.

Sheila Dang: Exclusive: Twitter is losing its most active users, internal documents show

Twitchy: #IWasGoingToQuitTwitterBut trends as Lefties pretend they’re doing us a FAVOR by staying and BAHAHA

What “Elvis” was to music, The Babylon Bee is to politics, news and current events…


Rick Moran: Russia Threatens to Target Starlink Satellite System in Bid to Cripple Ukraine Communications


William Shakespeare: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Jon Brown: Colleague of alleged killer neonatal nurse thought ‘not again’ when newborn girl collapsed day after twin: Lucy Letby allegedly attempted to kill a newborn girl after murdering her brother the night before. Lucy Letby, 32, is standing trial in the U.K. for allegedly murdering seven babies and attempting to murder 10 more at the Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit between 2015 and 2016.

Oh! Canada!!!…

Ashley Carnahan: WHOA, CANADA! ‘YOUTH’ANASIA – Trudeau may expand euthanasia to minors without parental consent: Canada expanding assisted suicide law to include the mentally ill, possibly enable ‘mature minors’.

VIDEO: Creighton School of Medicine professor Charles Camosy tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ we need to focus on health care that is ‘about caring, not killing’: Euthanasia program is what happens when autonomy goes nuts

Megan Fox: Oregon Woman Doxed and Threatened by Antifa for Exposing Child Drag Performer Working with Accused Child Pornographer

Jon Brown: GOD FORBID – Catholic leader Catholic League president Bill Donohue slams human rights court ruling and absolving feminist who ‘aborted’ Jesus on altar: ‘No legitimacy’ and said high court ruling exhibited ‘a hatred for our heritage’


Follow the money in the Ukraine war…

Woops! And you thought the GOP was stacked with cowards…

Caitlin McFall, Kelly Phares: Progressive Democrats withdraw Ukraine letter that caused uproar urging peace negotiations: Rep. Pramila Jayapal withdraws letter sent to Biden on Ukraine over concern it sided Democrats with Republicans

Aubrie Spady: ‘WAR-FIRST, AMERICA-LAST’ – GOP candidate says it’s ‘no surprise’ Liz Cheney endorsed his Dem opponent Thursday

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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