Transparency Watch: Six PSB FOIA Requests to Keep an Eye On

Transparency Watch: Six PSB FOIA Requests to Keep an Eye On

March 15, 2021 – The Patriots’ Soapbox editorial team has moved forward with filing several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests regarding information that is overwhelmingly in the public interest. For too long, our government has used excessive labels of “national security” to hide information from the public, and to cover up their own corruption and incompetence. In the darkness, this wickedness and corruption grows to metastasize like a cancer on the legal body of a Free Nation. The best cure is robust sunlight, and we at PSB work to bring truth and transparency forward for our readers and viewers alike.

PSB now has six recently filed open FOIA requests. Three of these requests pertain to the use of federal informants, undercover agents and/or private intelligence third party contractors on January 6, 2021 at Capitol Hill.

As you can see, these requests were filed with three separate federal agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

The FOIA requests seek information regarding the insertion of these informants, agents and/or private contractors into groups such as the Oathkeepers, Proud Boys or Stop the Steal. We already know that Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, was a “prolific federal informant” according to Reuters.

That information is really important. We believe that in advance there were multiple social media posts made as well, and that the FBI and/or DHS would have been monitoring and possibly flagging them. Well before January 6th, there were posts made on Facebook and Parler that clearly discussed storming the capital. We need to know if these agencies flagged posts in advance, and what kind of action was taken, if any. Did they follow up regarding these posts?

PSB also has three open and active FOIA requests filed regarding the death of Capital Police office Brian Sicknick.

These were filed with the FBI, the U.S. Capitol Police and the DC Metropolitan Police, where homicide division is handling the investigation.

The information regarding Officer Sicknick’s death is extremely important. Initial media reports claimed he was “beaten to death” by a fire extinguisher. The media then used that claim to hype the notion that the events on the 6th were some kind of “violent uprising” when in fact that does not appear to be accurate. Officer Sicknick’s own family disputed the media claims, which were quietly retracted. During a recent Senate hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray declined to comment on Sicknick’s cause of death.

In a criminal complaint regarding a related case, information has recently surfaced claiming that there was an altercation involving “bear spray.”

Criminal Complaint

The criminal complaint can be found and analyzed here.

We have filed these FOIA requests to make sure that the public has access to the entire truth, and that these federal agencies cannot hide the facts of the case.

We would like everyone to remember Officer Sicknick, and to pray for his family who have had to deal with the death of a loved one, as well as the sensationalist media using his death for political reasons, and lying about how he died. How utterly disgusting. We also seek to hold the media themselves accountable by filing these FOIA requests.

Imagine if something like this were to happen in your family; you certainly would want the truth to be known.

We seek to hold agencies like the FBI to account, particularly given their abysmal track record. To date, the information made public regarding the politically motivated conduct of the FBI in the 2016 election has caused tremendous mistrust of the government. Rightfully so. The FBI lied to a FISA court multiple times to continue illegal political spying on behalf of Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC. We must make sure that they didn’t have a hand in the events on January 6 at Capitol Hill. If they used informants and private contractors to entrap people, Americans have a right and a need to know. It is our DUTY to never take our eyes off these massive and powerful agencies. No one else is willing to speak truth to power.

We will keep everyone updated regarding the status of these requests, as they make their way through the FOIA process.

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