Tuesday Newsfeed: “If Tuesday were a movie, it would be called Monday Part:2.”

Tuesday Newsfeed: “If Tuesday were a movie, it would be called Monday Part:2.”

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Yeah! Me too!


All the World are in an Economic Apocalypse:

The GND Takes the World Back to the “Game of Thrones” Dark Ages…

VIDEO: Stuart Varney: The economy ‘is going to get worse’. Biden tone-deaf about the economic issues the average American is facing

Ben Zeisloft: Biden Economic Czar Claims White House Is Reducing The Budget Deficit

Terence P. Jeffrey: Median U.S. Household Income Dropped 2.8% From 2019 to 2021

Megan Henney: Inflation could soon push you into a higher tax bracket: What to know: IRS to release adjustments for federal income tax brackets later this year

VIDEO: Global recession prediction seems ‘very valid’: Market expert: TJM Institutional Services managing director James Iuorio says the real ‘damage’ won’t show up in CPI data for another six months.

Europe this winter. US next winter? BTW, Germany and Europe, Pres. Trump was right … Who’s laughing now?

Brian Evans: ‘Firewood is the new gold’ – prices and theft jump in Europe as Russia’s gas cutoff boosts wood demand ahead of winter

Jack McEvoy: Biden Admin To Continue Draining Oil From Strategic Reserves Through Election Day

Rick Scott, Evan Hafer: Woke Wall Street is in for a reckoning: Wall Street’s ESG is the slippery slope to a Chinese-style social credit system

Gone in 60 Minutes Brandon:

“Look man, I’ve got the mental acuity of a seven-year-old and the physical fitness I’ve had since I first went into the Senate 150 years ago.”

Gabriel Hays: White House ridiculed after walking back Biden’s statement that pandemic is over: ‘He is not in charge’: Ted Cruz mocks Biden: ‘Like clockwork. Biden’s handlers are out in force’

Taylor Penley: Wall Street Journal editorial board calls out Biden for COVID comments: He wants it ‘both ways’: Biden claimed the COVID-19 pandemic is ‘over’ during an interview on CBS’ ’60 Minutes’

Business Booming on Biden’s Broken Border:

Well, that’s what happens when most of those folks that are coming are, like, already here … and when you add countries around the globe now in the numbers, Joe.

VIDEO: Former Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli on the Biden border policy being based off political pressure, not deterring migrants. CBP reports over 200,000 migrant encounters in August

Nicholas Ballasy: Border patrol seizes drugs, nabs gang members, sex offenders as immigration arrests top 2M for year: In one single week, U.S. Border Patrol agents “arrested 14 gang members, two sex offenders, and a migrant previously convicted of possession, theft, and driving while intoxicated.”

Ryan Saavedra: DeSantis’ Office Issues Blistering Response To Democrat Sheriff Who Launched Probe Into Flights

Ace: Air DeathSantis Has a Flight Today, Direct From Miami to Joe Biden’s Beach House in Delaware

Melanie Arter: Law Professor Jonathan Turley: If Transporting Migrants Is Illegal, ‘Biden Would Be the Biggest Coyote Ever’

Hank Berrien: Calling Biden: Number Of Arrests Of Illegal Immigrants Reaches Record One-Year-High

The Corruption of the Corrupted:

John Solomon: FBI whistleblower alleges Jan. 6 cases manipulated to create illusion of national crisis: Lawmaker says FBI shift in focus is coming at the expense of other crimes, including child sex exploitation.

Twitchy: Well, well WELL: New FBI whistleblower seems to VINDICATE those crazy, conservative, conspiracy theorists out there (screenshots)

From Social to Anti-Social to Sociopath Media:

Beege Welborn: Facebook reportedly sharing private IM conversations with FBI as “leads”

VIDEO: Turley: ‘Enormously important case’ over social media censorship

Aislinn Murphy: Twitter, Musk legal teams reportedly deposing Jack Dorsey: Musk first sought to end his bid to buy Twitter in July

At 1:00 this afternoon Twitter “locked” my Twitter account for 11+ hours for me tweeting a reply under a tweet with this Canadian male shop teacher…

My reply tweet: “I hope his back and shoulders are k*lling him.”

Any woman with larger than a 34C knows exactly what I was referring to.


Brandon during QEII’s funeral yesterday…

Guardian UK: Joe Biden forced to wait for seat after apparent late arrival at Queen’s funeral: US president and first lady had to wait as procession of George and Victoria Cross-holders went ahead of them

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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