Tuesday Newsfeed: It’s Almost as if We Can Watch as These Narratives are Being Crafted in Real time

Tuesday Newsfeed: It’s Almost as if We Can Watch as These Narratives are Being Crafted in Real time

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Just a side-observation to this photo-op for the MSM to feed the masses: Oddly, the guy who’s tested positive twice in less than two weeks with COVID and has been/is symptomatic both times is the only one in the photo not wearing a damn mask.

Greg Norman: White House releases image of Biden huddling with advisers ahead of al-Zawahri strike … I can comfortably wager Brandon had very little, if anything, to do with this alleged strike than scribbling his signature on the authorization document(s) … and possibly/probably had to be convinced to sign.

Large-scale skepticism is required now, and is unavoidable at this point.

It doesn’t escape some of us that this happened to happen a year after the Biden FUBAR of bugging out of A-stan and handing it over to the Taliban…

Just when Joe’s sludge-buried poll numbers needed it, huh, the ‘austere religious scholar’ Ayman al Zawahri, Osama Bin Laden’s “righthand man”, on vacation in Biden’s abandoned Taliban-infested Afghanistan is allegedly killed on the balcony of a house by a drone.

Haris Alic: Zawahri’s Kabul death raises questions about al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan after US left it to the Taliban: Some had predicted after America’s hasty withdrawal last year that al Qaeda would return to the country … Hold the phone…

Chris Enloe: Terrorism experts uncover glaring problem with successful strike against Ayman al-Zawahiri: ‘Masks the undeniable truth’

Bill Roggio @ Long War Journal: U.S. kills Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri in drone strike

VIDEO: Marine veteran on al-Zawahri’s death: Al Qaeda feels safe in Afghanistan again

Matt Margolis: Tucker Carlson Blasts Biden for Bragging About al-Qaeda Leader’s Death: Here’s Why

Meanwhile, The Wicked Witch of the West’s broom lands in Taiwan…

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi: THE SPEAKER HAS LANDED – Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan amid Chinese threats, military activity: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan since 1997 … I’m sorry but this trip is not anywhere near as “heroic” as the MSM is trying to sell it to be.

Steven Crowder: How Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could cause WWIII

MSM Priorities: The ice cream man is coming! The ice cream man is coming!!!

David Rutz: Reuters mocked for fact-checking spoof video of Biden being distracted by ice-cream truck music: Reuters ‘actually fact-checked this. Holy cow,’ one user reacted … The ‘shopped’ video actually lent itself perfectly to the gag. Jill Biden is clumsily delivering her speech and seems distracted as old Joe wanders off behind her and across the stage for no apparent reason. The person standing to Jill’s left even seems a little confused for that moment. The original parody just had the ice cream truck’s jingle coming closer as if driving, unseen, on the nearby road but the above video is the best version where somebody shopped in an ice cream truck that Joe follows across the back of the stage. But the real “fact-check” remains: The MSM (in this case Reuters) feels the need to ‘fact-check’ parodies, jokes, and even memes now. Recall five years ago the media not only reacted stupidly to a doctored WWE meme gif of Pres. Trump knocking out a wrestler with the CNN logo as a head, but CNN literally doxxed the guy who created the parody gif clip and he received death threats, CNN extorting an ‘apology’ from the guy.


This is why Greg Gutfeld’s late-night gig on FNC out-rates all the other late-night shows— combined…

“What does it say about a democrat-run city that our SPAM is locked-up but our criminals aren’t. Like, HELLO!”

“The Five” rates the highest too…

Hank Berrien: ‘You Make Me Sick’: Gutfeld Rips Students Who Want Loan Cancellation

More ‘MORE’…

Bailee Hill: Joe Manchin pressed by Harris Faulkner on Inflation Reduction Act: I won’t ‘roll over’ to far left: Manchin insisted he has ‘pushed back on everything’ amid negotiations on the scaled-back Build Back Better … VIDEO … Joe pissing-dicked-out, as we feared he would.

Tyler Olson: Schumer-Manchin social spending and tax bill faces major hurdles as Dems seek quick passage: Sinema support, members’ health key for Democrats seeking to quickly pass massive social spending bill

Jessica Chasmar, Thomas Catenacci: REALITY CHECK – Here’s what the Manchin-Schumer bill really does, despite Democrat claims: Democrats rely on misleading messaging to sell Manchin-Schumer bill. Manchin-Schumer bill will bring tax hikes to most Americans, study says, despite Biden’s past promises

FBN: Miranda Devine slams Democrats for ‘lying’ about recession, ‘trying to fool’ the American people on inflation

And so, it begins…

Sarah Polus: Newsom declares California state of emergency over monkeypox outbreak … Most worth mentioning that the CDC and other political entities, especially in places like California and New York, are still refusing to address the gay community’s ‘habits’ that are fueling the spread of this latest contagious disease because that would be stigmatizing and hateful, or some-shit.

Coming to the USA soon:

DM-UK: Moment army veteran is arrested ‘for causing anxiety’ after retweeting meme of swastika made out of Pride flags as force is condemned by its own crime commissioner for the ‘proportionality and necessity’ of its response

  • Darren Brady, 51, slammed Hampshire Police for ‘impeding right to free speech’ 
  • Army veteran was arrested for posting meme online at his home in Aldershot 
  • Footage shows officer telling Mr Brady he was arrested for ‘causing anxiety’
  • Donna Jones, crime commissioner for Hampshire, criticised Mr Brady’s arrest 

Twitchy: WATCH: British police arrest man for the crime of ‘[causing] anxiety’ by posting LGBTQ+ flag meme on social media

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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