Tuesday Newsfeed: King of Pain-In-The-Ass

Tuesday Newsfeed: King of Pain-In-The-Ass

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Seven. Days.

Byron York: The party is about to be over for Biden and his Democrats: Midterms, Biden’s agenda, and the filibuster

Chris Queen: Is This the REAL Reason Dems in Georgia Are Tanking?

Kevin Downey, Jr: The Morning After Election Day, Who or What Will Democrats Blame for the Shellacking?

Daniel Greenfield: The Midterm Election Rigging is Underway: “This delay does not mean anything nefarious is happening.”

Biden’s War of GND Convenience …

Twitchy: No big deal, just US troops on the ground (sorta like boots on the ground?) in Ukraine

Could be why old Joe keeps using the inane phrase “In a time of war…” ahead of most anything he says to justify his bullshit policies and blame others that are struggling. Like oil companies…

Steven Nelson: Biden accuses oil companies of ‘war profiteering,’ threatens windfall tax ahead of midterms … Again *sigh*, corporations do NOT pay the taxes democrats inflict on them. They pass the taxes costs onto the consumer in the form of higher prices.

He blames Putin and the war in Ukraine, but this actually is traced back to directly fall in his lap…

The oily slick demo-commies…

Flashback to May 2008. Maxine says the quiet part out-loud and then struggles to spin it back, but it’s too late…

Michael Shellenberger: Top Dems Urge Biden To Nationalize Oil & Gas Industry: Calls for Biden to socialize industry have moved quickly from fringe to mainstream … It really is their “Hugo Chávez” wet dream goal.

And Yesterday old farty sparky Brandon again showed his willful ignorance…

Aislinn Murphy: Biden slams oil company profits, threatens windfall taxes as penalty: The president called recent oil company profits ‘outrageous’

Greg Wehner: US diesel supplier warns businesses to prepare for shortages, higher prices for consumers: Company suggests being aware of tank levels and not ‘panic buying’ fuel.

Jon Michael Raasch: Diesel disaster: Truckers ‘working for peanuts’ amid surging fuel prices: One driver says truckers are ‘barely getting by’ as diesel shortage worsens

Ryan Ledendecker: Biden’s Diesel Fuel Crisis Worsens: Major Fuel Company Issues New Warning

We are in the biggest information age in human history. Yet, it is rife with nefarious people who claim their information is sacrosanct and demand you don’t question or counter their information, even if their information is completely wrong. And should you do so you’re dangerous and spreading dangerous “misinformation/disinformation” and must be silenced, or worse.

And here are some of these information fascists at work…

Technically Speaking

“Fascism should rightly be called corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” — Benito Mussolini

Ace: The Intercept: Government — the FBI, In Particular — Is Pressuring Social Media Platforms to Push Official US Propaganda on Origins of Covid and Even the Afghanistan Withdrawal, and Censor Anything that Contradicts It

Aaron Kheriaty: Our Digital Panopticon: How digital surveillance is gaining power for the biomedical security state.

Libby Emmons: DHS LEAKS: Starting in 2020, DHS began meeting with Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and more monthly to coordinate ‘content moderation’ efforts: Prior to 2020, it was reported that DHS met with Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other platforms in order to coordinate “content moderation” operations.

Victor Davis Hanson: Permissible and Impermissible Incendiary Speech? For many on the Left, what most see as incendiary and violent rhetoric is simply contextualized as the necessary talk of social justice.

Meanwhile, the left’s latest “Public Enemy #1”…

Ariel Zilber: Elon Musk fired top execs ‘for cause’ to avoid paying $122M golden parachutes … Man buys company. Man fires top execs of his company. Man can do whatever the Hell he wants with his company.

Alexander Hall: ‘STUPID AND INCOMPETENT’ – Frequent MSNBC guest ripped for plotting to strip Elon Musk of US citizenship

Twitchy: Dean Obeidallah puts on his lawyer hat and vows to try to strip fascist Elon Musk of US citizenship

Twitchy: Prof says Apple has the power to crush Elon Musk and his ‘reckless changes’ to Twitter

Leftist MSM Whiplash and Malpractice:

Awwww! “Forgive and forget”, or something…

Emily Oster Then:

Emily Oster Now:

So, now they’re pivoting from ’long COVID’ to ‘pandemic amnesty’?? GFYs…

Hannah Grossman: Randi Weingarten blasted for being worse than the ‘Grinch’ after endorsing ‘pandemic amnesty’: The AFT president said it was time to ‘forgive’ for what people did and said during the pandemic

David French Then:

David French Now:

Twitchy: Jesse Kelly’s thread of COVID hardships is why we’ll NEVER forget/forgive what they did to ‘protect us’

Politico Then:

Politico Now:

Meanwhile, do the dems and their propaganda MSM really want to continue twisting and spinning this Pelosi hammering story for the week ahead? Really…

Lindsay Kornick: Washington Post report blasted as ‘propaganda operation’ for tying Pelosi attack to ‘years of GOP demonizing’: The husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi was attacked in their San Francisco home on Friday

Always “new developments”…

Matt Vespa: Was the Pelosi Home Invader an Illegal Alien? … Just a reminder that San Francisco is a “sanctuary city” and Nancy Pelosi is proud of that.

Beege Welborn: On Pelosi: We’re not falling for the “Right Wing Terrorist in the Tailpipe” joke

Victoria Taft: Release Paul Pelosi’s 911 Call

Julie Kelly: Scandal-Ridden San Francisco FBI Field Office Involved in Pelosi Investigation: Given the highly partisan nature of the FBI, and the San Francisco field office in particular, there is no reason to believe FBI brass will do anything more than run cover for the Pelosis.

Stephen Green: Insanity Wrap: Hell No, Nancy and Paul Pelosi Don’t Deserve the Decency They Deny Us

The MSM malpractice always goes in one direction…

Brian Flood, David Rutz, Joseph A. Wulfsohn: From Hunter Biden to the Wuhan lab-leak theory, eight times the media admitted it got a major narrative wrong: Washington Post writer recently admitted he was afraid to criticize New York Times uproar over Tom Cotton op-ed at the time


NYPost: Gov. Hochul, you’re the real ‘data denier’ on surging crime

I got yer “data” right`er

Rafael A. Mangual: Dems’ shameless ploy to blame crime rise on ‘red states’

Tim Hains: NY Gov. Kathy Hochul: Republican “Data Deniers” Say They’re Tough On Crime, But Blue States Are The Safest Places

Kristine Parks: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul claims GOP crime ‘conspiracy’ manipulating voters to make them feel unsafe: Hochul tells MSNBC’s Al Sharpton that Republicans are ‘data deniers’ and ‘master manipulators’

Elle Purnell: The FACE Act Is Unconstitutional. It’s Past Time Congress Got Rid Of It: Both in its application and on its face, the FACE Act is an abuse of power by bureaucrats increasingly hostile to political dissidents.

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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