Using Paramilitary & ISIS Tactics, ANTIFA Takes Over

Using Paramilitary & ISIS Tactics, ANTIFA Takes Over “Abandoned” Seattle East Precinct, Creates Lawless “Autonomous Zone”

June 10, 2020 – “Welcome to Free Capitol Hill” a makeshift sign reads. It has become clear that these “riots” were not “spontaneous.” In fact, ANTIFA and other ideologically similar extremist groups have been planning and preparing these riots for years. The tactics employed are reminiscent of those used by the terror group ISIS as they claimed territory for their “caliphate” to be ruled under Sharia law.

Territory ISIS wanted to claim for the Caliphate

As you can see, ISIS wanted to create its very own state. They used propaganda that outlined the goals for their organization. As they grew they became more violent. ANTIFA appears to have the funding and organizational structure to be able to mobilize large numbers of people. They are able to act in lockstep around the country.

ANTIFA “Autonomous Zone” in Seattle

As you can see from this screen shot, this is something that clearly was well thought out. They are setting up bases of operation. At the same time, across the country in Minneapolis they have taken over a Sheraton Hotel and raised over $138,000 on GoFundMe to turn it into a base of operations.

This shows coordination and planning. Within a few days, they have already taken over areas and set up make shift operations bases. Next will be taking over essential businesses.

All the while, the corporate media pretends these groups don’t exist. Like they did with the SpyGate or RussiaGate hoaxes, they only report information that makes the Left look better. This is also what the FBI did, for example, in the Carter Page case. They changed an email, quite literally tampering with evidence. They hid exculpatory Brady material in the Flynn case, while flooding the American people with a pre-determined narrative. We can see how the media only targets one side, while covering up and hiding the crimes of the other side. It is becoming really frightening and it is something we need to be concerned about.

The potential for this to escalate quickly and really get out of hand is exacerbated when you consider how the media assists these radicals.

A page appeared with the title “Free Capitol Hill” that outlines a list of “demands.”

Calicem on Twitter has been tracking this and sourcing live feeds from the areas to show the activity from different angles.

Calling for armed volunteers to act as a makeshift “security” force is not a good idea, especially if these are amateurs with barely any weapons training.

Ironically this social justice civil society group video about ISIS shows remarkable similarities to ANTIFA and other radical leftist movements.

This is really important to document because the situation on the ground can change so quickly. Anyone who remembers the Occupy and the Arab spring movements or Kiev’s Maidan Revolution can foresee bad outcomes, especially when the people are armed.

This is the same councilwoman who suggested looting and violence were perfectly fine.

They may be trying to Balkanize and fracture the United States of America.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch has correctly identified this an an insurrection.

There may be an ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood connection; think about Minnesota’s  Attorney General Keith Ellison, and his support for both those terrorist organizations.

TruNews has been reporting on this as well. They had predicted there would be chaos and upheaval going into the 2020 elections.

ANTIFA do not just seek to keep the “ground the claimed;” they are seeking to expand that territory, as did ISIS.

Also like ISIS, this is not just a terror organization, but a cult.

RantsOutloud makes the point that ANTIFA is an international organization with roots going back as far as 1930s Germany. We must not underestimate them.

An expert on Jihad is characterizing this as a war zone.

The difficulties with documenting what is happening within the “autonomous zone” is that they have barred media from going in, and everyone entering has to be “vetted” to make sure they share ANTIFA’s ideology.

They are starting to act as if they are their own separate country, in a further sign of escalation.

They have begun to extort and threaten locals into compliance.

ISIS used very similar tactics, as they took territory for the Caliphate.

The goal is to intimidate anyone who speaks out. The Islamic State was very good at this, as well as taking hostages and using people as slaves. This is not just a bunch of college kids, or skinny soy boys. There is a hidden hand that operates behind these seemingly separate groups. The goal is the division of Americans and potentially the beginning of a second civil war. We must not let that happen. American citizens, all of us, must be brave enough to confront the mob and restore law and order.

This story is still developing, we will update it as we learn more. 

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