Wednesday “Hump Day” Newsfeed: You Will Own Nothing and Be “Happy” Idiots

Wednesday “Hump Day” Newsfeed: You Will Own Nothing and Be “Happy” Idiots

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… You’ll be Grateful Being Hopelessly Poor, Hungry, Cold, and Your Children Sexually Confused, Exploited, and Illiterate

A publication with the name “Fortune” has the unmitigated audacity to scold and instruct the rest of struggling Americans to not only ‘suck-it-up’ but be grateful for our pain and suffering of Bidenflation … Americans who have watched their 401-Ks and retirements/savings melt away, and credit card balances grow and max-out to make ends meet for themselves and their families are being told to submit to this economic hellscape being intentionally foisted upon us and just STFU about it…

Tristan Bove @ Fortune Magazine: Why you should be happy about inflation and worried about something else, top economist Brad DeLong says … There are no “silver linings” here, you elitist asshole. GFY.

VIDEO: Larry Kudlow: The Fed will be tough’ with response to inflation

VIDEO:Mom impacted by 40 year high inflation: How are people supposed to afford groceries?

VIDEO: How does America’s economy under Biden compare to how it looked under Trump?

This is the deliberate economic destruction of capitalism, economic independence and the complete lowering of the American lifestyle that literally MILLIONS of the trafficked illegal aliens are currently crossing our busted border to get in here to allegedly be a part of! “Economic refugees”, as you all would have us believe, and a status that is NOT in the actual “refugee” list of qualifications!

Edward Ring: The Forgotten Man – Why the Middle Class Is Being Destroyed: The emergence of a cognitive elite, and, for the first time in history, the almost total convergence of intellectuals with the financial elite explains the coming extinction of the middle class.

And speaking of those illegal aliens, there are terrorists in the mix…

The leftist politicians and their MSM are trying to pass this off as “See! The border is secure because we’re catching these terrorists and collecting all that Fentanyl there!” That obfuscation of the fact that since Biden took office the constant and growing traffic of humans, drugs, and terrorists has drastically increased because Biden has fully opened the border to any and all…

VIDEO: Former director of New York ICE removals Tom Feeley: Border officials arrest 12 suspected terrorists in August but the border crisis as the migrant surge rages on.

Nah, these terrorists and those drugs are just the percentage that is being detected, and not the numbers of ‘got-aways’ of terrorists (amid that same factor of illegals of all stripes) and the ‘got-throughs’ of deadly Fentanyl and Fentanyl-laced drugs successfully detected and confiscated. Oh, and the other day White House Press Sec KJP made the claim that these are people escaping “communist” countries, thus, worthy “refugees”. Well, KJP, only 1/3 of those coming across our border are from such communist countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

Monica Showalter: White House becomes ‘irritated’ with Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin

“THE SCIENCE!”, you plebs:

Rich Cromwell: Biden Says We Can Do What We’ve Been Doing: Ignore The Science: It’s almost as if the ‘new normal’ we were threatened with for so long isn’t going to happen after all.

After old Brandon’s “60 Minutes” gaffe declaring “the pandemic is over” and his White House mouthpiece and the almighty-gawd Dr. “THE SCIENCE” Fauci puppet-masters hurrying to ‘clean-up on aisle 46’ again, I was wondering if y`all have heard about this new neo-fascist tactical chapter in the China bio-weapon plague? “Long COVID”??

TIME: Long COVID Experts and Advocates Say the Government Is Ignoring ‘the Greatest Mass-Disabling Event in Human History’

I don’t know about the rest of you but when I hear Zeke Old People Should Just Die Emanuel promoting anything I take a big healthy dose of skepticism followed by a tall chaser of ice-cold suspicion. Well…

Kevin Gordon: Huge Study on Long Covid Finds It’s an Anxiety Disorder…

To be fair, my sister-in-law contracted COVID in April 2020. Prior to COVID she had underlying chronic health issues the many doctors have been unable to pinpoint and identify. After her two month acute COVID sickness she was left with lung issues and headaches. So, yes, there are people who had been more than ‘mildly’ sick that are now left with the “scars”, if you will, of the pandemic.

However, with this “Long COVID” some are speculating this is a means to open some measure of “disability” payment(s) to those that make claims.

This really does give me more indication that this indeed was a bioweapon. Whether or not it was a timely intentionally released plague upon the world, or a dumb-fuck lab accidental release, is yet to be even investigated, including precisely who and what were directly involved in the GoF workings of it. And so, the latest Newspeak is “Long COVID” in order to keep the ‘total control’ defon button at-hand for, you know, whenever they decide it’s time to hit it and mandate all those great things that had no real effect on it the first time around … just an effect on the 2020 election, and on the economy they soooo want to crash and burn. Yes, there are those who had COVID and have lingering ailments from it. Most are people with the co-morbidities the COVID “SCIENCE” overlords refused to formally recognize in their zeal to treat and dismiss the human population as a massive monolith and not individuals. Oh, and then there are those who have become sick, injured, dead from the experimental vaccine(s) that go un-respected in all this “long COVID” data and consideration.

Lloyd Billingsley: Labs, Lies, and COVID-19: Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield explains it all for you.

VIDEO: Clay Travis: The COVID vaccines did not work as advertised … And how many lost their job(s) and businesses because of the vaccine mandates and people rightly refusing them.

Oh, and since the vaccine/booster jabs are at such a decrease that big pharma companies are destroying millions of doses of those very expensive and tax dollar-funded supplies, with some 15M doses having been destroyed a year ago?

Madeleine Hubbard: New York City drops COVID vaccine mandate for private sector, but not for public workers: The city will immediately stop enforcing its COVID vaccine mandates for student athletes.

VIDEO: NYC residents fired due to COVID vaccine mandates ramp up fight to get their jobs back: Griff Jenkins reports on unvaccinated Americans fighting to get their jobs back after being fired due to COVID vaccine mandates.

Eric Lendrum: Supreme Court to Take Up Case Involving New York City’s Vaccine Mandate

The Bullshit Ukraine-Russia War:

Victor I. Nava: Putin announces partial mobilization of conscripts, threatens using nuclear weapons

Rick Moran: Putin’s Mobilization Is a Sign That His Nuclear Threats Are Real

Hicham Tohme: Could a Defeat in Ukraine Spell the End of Putin’s Russia? Vladimir Putin prides himself on his understanding of history and probably sees himself as backed into a corner, likely to repeat it.

Hump Day Reads:

Debra Heine: Joe Biden Was Deeply Involved With Selling U.S. Natural Gas to the ChiComs, New Docs and Whistleblowers Reveal

Ryan Ledendecker: Melania Trump Vindicated: Ex-First Lady Destroys Former Aide, Media Over Christmas Smear

Olivia Murray: Poster children for the Greenie movement try to air up tires with propane

Not The Bee: Watch this couple try to put propane in their Tesla’s tires

David McFadden, University of Ottawa: New research provides theory on why women stopped menstruating upon arrival at Nazi death camps … I figured it was malnutrition and stress trauma, but apparently there was something even more sinister.


VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: Only a society that hates children would allow this

Daniel Payne: The country’s largest teachers’ union is supplying its members with a how-to guide for something so gross we can’t even put it in the headline

Twitchy: PayPal, Venmo, and Google punish Gays Against Groomers for … what, exactly? Defending children from predators?

Twitchy: Woke leftists accuse Matt Walsh of trying to ‘get people hurt or killed’ for exposing what goes on at Vanderbilt trans clinic

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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