Weekend Reads: What “Progressives” Promise vs What They Deliver

Weekend Reads: What “Progressives” Promise vs What They Deliver

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You can’t help but see it coming, and still, you cannot look away. You just can’t. You’ll even sit on your hands to keep from covering your eyes. The truth is hideous but you have to have all your suspicions and dreads confirmed … Yep, that turned out exactly the way you said it would.

“The National Weather Service better issue a flood warning, the liberal tears are flowing again:”

DM: EXCLUSIVE: Not in my back yard! Furious residents of smart Bronx neighborhood slam Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to house 1,000 illegal immigrants in TENTS close to idyllic beach and upmarket country club

  • Eric Adams revealed plans to open two refugee-style camps for the thousands of incoming migrants 
  • One of the sites will be in Orchard Beach, in The Bronx, but the location of the second hasn’t been confirmed
  • Residents of the area around Orchard Beach told DailyMail.com they are outraged by the plans
  • Many accused Adams of being a hypocrite for not housing the migrants in his own neighborhood
  • A local pastor said: ‘The Bronx has very little space. We have Van Cortland Park but there is no place like Orchard Beach… This is unfair to the people that utilize the beach’
  • Adams has claimed the plan is a moral triumph over Texas and Florida, which he claims turned their backs on the issue
  • The vast majority of the migrants say they want to come to New York, a sanctuary city where their chances of being turned in to ICE are slimmer 
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott sent them duly north – to the outrage of Adams and others 
  • Republicans say it calls the bluff of the rich liberal elite who claim to be pro-immigration without living through the true scale of the crisis 

Matt Keener: Meme Them, Mock Them: A leftist ideology may rule classrooms, campuses, cable news, and social media censorship. But, as we’ve seen with the migrant “crisis” in Martha’s Vineyard, the Left hasno monopoly on humor.

Yet, another enabling “sanctuary city” in a “sanctuary state”:

Twitchy: WHAT HAPPENED? Gavin Newsom had a 10-year plan to end homelessness in San Francisco … back in 2008

Politics in this Country have Gone from Glitches to Reboot to Crash:

Newt Gingrich: A Contract to Defeat Big Government Socialism: It is policy — not personality — that is crippling America.

Jim Hanson: A NatCon-ConInc. Mashup? Though plenty of animosity and mistrust remains on both sides, we have not faced a more existential internal threat since the Civil War.

NY’s Hag-AG and Her Political Hack-Attack:

Jack Hellner: Letitia James parades her economic and entrepreneurial illiteracy

Jeffrey Lord: New York Attorney General Letitia James Must Resign — and Be Prosecuted for Abuse of Power: Her anti-Trump lawsuit is a staggering criminalization of politics.

Unequal Justice Under the Law:

Miranda Devine: FBI hero paying the price for exposing unjust ‘persecution’ of conservative Americans

Julie Kelly: Democrats Continue to Lie About Police Deaths on January 6: Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and congressional Democrats fuel a false narrative intended to stoke outrage in an already deeply divided country.

Vince Coyner: The Current Crime Wave Is Unlike Any Ever Experienced In America: We’ve always had crime in America—such is the price of freedom—but what we are experiencing today is something altogether different…

Politically guilty…

Alan Dershowitz: Why I Joined Mike Lindell’s Legal Team: Respect for civil liberties and the Constitution is more important than partisan differences.

TTAG Contributor: New York Crime Victims Denied Carry Permits Should Demand Apologies, Reparations

#WOKE-ing Nightmares:

Silvio Canto, Jr.: Every Democrat should get the ‘Mom and Dad’ question: At the US Air Force Academy, the “wokes” want our future officers to focus on words rather than military strategy.

Hannah Grossman: ‘WOKE’-UP CALL – Pentagon grilled on probe into Biden admin official’s anti-White posts

Ryan McMaken: A Fat, Comfortable Military Is a “Woke” Military

Iraqveteran8888: Why nobody wants to join the military: Grab a coffee…

Meanwhile, this nation’s #WOKE public schools and uber-activist teachers are self-imploding…

Good gawd, they don’t need a neo-Hitler, they’re “badging” themselves…

Joshua Q. Nelson: Parent panel sounds the alarm on teacher badges linking to sexually explicit content: Hilliard Schools superintendent said the badges provide a ‘message of safety and inclusion for all students’ … VIDEO here

Kelsey Koberg: New Jersey schools must teach middle schoolers about anal sex, pregnancy options or risk ‘disciplinary action’: One school superintendent warned schools could lose federal funding if they fail to implement new sex ed standards

VIDEO: School board races a key focus ahead of midterms: The role education will play in the midterms both in congressional and local school board elections.

Because social re-engneering activist teachers and their bullshit “gender/trans” claptrap grooming curriculum ain’t enough to distract kids from real learning…

Dana Kennedy: New York State Teacher of the Year is too ‘woke’ for our kids: parents

Green, who teaches chemistry and sometimes math at A. Philip Randolph Campus High School and also specializes in helping LGBTQ youth, too often prioritizes “wokeness” over coursework, members of parent advocacy group Undercover Mother told The Post.

On Jan. 6, 2021, just after the Capitol riot, for example, Green tweeted a list of discussion points for his algebra class. “I will use the vocabulary of inequalities to empower my identities in America,” it read. “Students will develop a deeper understanding of how the vocabulary of inequality impacts their lives and the communities they ascribe to.”

“If you want to know why public schools are underperforming it’s because we have allowed education officials to focus and revere activist teachers like Billy Green and Gholdy Muhammad who prioritize social justice over serious classroom subject matter,” said one of the leading members of Undercover Mother, a loose national network of anonymous moms who formed in NYC in 2021 and have since expanded nationally.

Green has a slightly checkered work history as a New York City public school teacher, including being fired at least once for his activism, he told The Post. One of the last schools where he taught chemistry, Frederick Douglass Academy, falls far below the state average in test scores. Chemistry, which is Green’s main subject, had the lowest test scores at Douglass, with only 9% of students getting a passing grade.

There seriously needs to be a serious rebellion by parents. STOP voting for new and renewal school levies, folks. Even if you live in the city but don’t have kids in the local school(s) show up at school board meetings. Your tax dollars are funding the system and the teachers’ salaries. YOU TOO have a voice in demanding to know what is being taught and what is going on in those schools you are paying for.

Eric Lendrum: New Jersey to Become First State to Introduce Global Warming in Public Schools

Bruce Deitrick Price: K–12: The Science of Illiteracy: We see this reckless swagger now in the way the Democrats try to control government the same way they control education. Americans can learn so much about weaknesses in our democracy by studying K–12. Our ideals break down quickly when ruthless people break all the rules…

Brian Bumbalo: Unpacking the deadly discipline problem in public schools?: Unchecked discipline, combined with all the other issues, is a cancer within the educational system. Will there be a cure for our American public schools?

VIDEO: Oregon students falling behind in schools, GOP gubernatorial candidate wants change

How much more dumbed-down can our kids get by the teachers’ unions? I repeat, while our children are taught junk science “climate change” and are being taught transgender tips and how to sexually pleasure themselves/others China is teaching their children how to read, write, figure not just primary but advanced math, and real science … and how to kick our ass.

Meanwhile, Biden made a political midterms campaign speech in front of a teachers union and didn’t bring anything about the poor state of public schools in this country. But he did offer some of his trademark ‘cringe’…

Steven Nelson: ‘She was 12, I was 30’: Biden leaves viewers stunned in teachers speech: The audience of teachers and union members laughed and cheered at the bawdy remark… … Probably because it fits right into the current groomer teachers’ curriculum, I guess.



King of Comedy…

Christian Toto: Why ‘Gutfeld!’ Matters Even More Than Conservatives Think: Fox News’ late-night dominance opens promotional doors previously slammed shut

Joe Kennedy: I won my religious freedom suit, now I want to get back to coaching and winning on the field: Supreme Court ruled high school football coach had a right to pray, but the battle isn’t over

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissionl

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