Will Andrew McCabe Be Indicted?

Will Andrew McCabe Be Indicted?

The New York Times has confirmed that a Federal Grand Jury is seated in DC and now reviewing evidence against CNN contributor and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for his role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the surveillance and investigation of the Trump Campaign:

According to a report from Saraacarter.com:

New York Times reported this morning that federal prosecutors appear to be close to a decision on whether to charge former FBI official Andrew McCabe over actions during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, as well as his role in the surveillance warrants against Trump campaign associates during the Russia investigation.

McCabe’s lawyers recently met with DOJ attorneys who would handle a prosecution – an indication of a possible indictment, reported NY Times.

The McCabe developments come just days after CNN announced it has hired the former FBI official as a paid commentator – a move that has drawn criticism. President Trump tweeted last week that the hiring of McCabe was “disgraceful.”

Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe in March 2018 after the Justice Department inspector general report found he had repeatedly misstated his involvement in a leak to The Wall Street Journal regarding an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

A source close to the process confirmed to Fox News that the inspector general files on McCabe went to U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is probing the origins of the Russia case, to investigate his actions.” – SaraACarter.com

The Office of the Inspector General Report on the Midyear Investigation had disclosed some deeply troubling information about Andrew McCabe, as well as others:

It appears the FBI and the Justice Department have been stonewalling and slow-walking the process of accountability and transparency:

According to Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, Andrew McCabe isn’t the only corrupt public official who should be worried:

According to a recent expose by John Solomon of the Hill:

“A staff memo updating the two senators’ long-running probe discloses that the FBI — the version run in 2016 by the now-disgraced and fired James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok — failed to pursue access to “highly classified” evidence that could have resolved important questions.

The failure to look at the evidence back in 2016 occurred even though the agents believed access to the sensitive evidence was “necessary” to complete the investigation into Clinton’s improper transmission of classified emails — some top-secret — on her unsecure private email server, the memos show.

To make matters worse, the Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) has known about that decision since at least 2018, thanks to the work of the DOJ’s internal watchdog, Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz, who provided DOJ leaders and Congress with a classified appendix explaining what happened.

But Johnson and Grassley have been unable to get answers for a year, even from Attorney General William Barr, about whether the FBI intends to look at the critical evidence it skipped back in 2016.” – John Solomon, The Hill

This story is still developing…

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