Citizen Journalist. Co-founder of Patriots Soapbox. Proud Mom and Christian. History has shown us that when there is a lack of information readily available to the average citizen (agenda free), when knowledge is horded by those who seek to use it for self-serving purposes- Senseless suffering, war and oppression soon follow. This is because the average citizen is unable to make informed decisions because large multi-national corporations have consolidated power over all news- just 6 mega corps control 90% of all media Americans see. Lobbyists and corporate special interests, PR social media guru's are all paid to manipulate the citizens and social engineer society in ways that are beneficial to the top 1% and maintaining the status quo. Thus there is a grave need for independent, agenda free media whose aim is to educate the next generation of responsible and moral leaders who are critical thinkers and have the tools they need to navigate through the noise to get to the issues that really matter. To be a voice for the voiceless and marginalized and to speak truth to power.