An “All Hallows’ Eve” Night Sky Space Post

An “All Hallows’ Eve” Night Sky Space Post

By Maggie at The Universal Spectator October 31, 2021

I’ve never really been fond of Halloween, even as a kid. I have an aversion to costumes and people who love wearing them … especially clowns. I *shaking head* hate clowns. Yep, hate `em.

Typically on Halloween night we watch the 1953 movie version of H. G. Wells’ “The War of The Worlds”. One year we listened to the “fake news” pioneer Orson Welles’ live radio ‘play’ on 1938 Halloween night Mercury Theatre radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” that scared the crap out of people. They were aware of Europe’s internal strife between nations and the growing Nazi influence of authoritarian power while positioning for war as Hitler planned Germany’s world domination. So, the idea Earth was actually being attacked by merciless bloodthirsty alien invaders struck several terror cords with Americans. A year later Europe and Great Britain were indeed at war with Nazi Germany, on several fronts, and Americans would soon join them there.

Anyhow, we still put on the 1953 movie, and I usually follow it with Steven Spielberg’s 2005 movie version.

D. Hunter Schwarz: The head of NASA thinks we’re not alone in the universe: NASA administrator Bill Nelson says it’s likely we’re not alone in the universe…

Robert Lea: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Explained as NASA Gains New Insight Into Storm’s True Depth

Marina Koren: NASA’s Mission to Jupiter Has Nothing to Do With Jupiter

Phil Hall: Astronomers Detect First Possible Planet Outside Of Our Galaxy

Eric Mack: Mysterious signal from nearest exoplanet has been deciphered by alien hunters

Harry Baker: Weird stellar remnant may be from one of the first stars in the universe

Brandon Specktor: Ultrahot, ultrafast explosion called ‘the Camel’ has astronomers puzzled

Man Made Space Matter:

Ed Browne: Concerns for ISS As $150 Billion Space Lab Creaks With Age in 2021

Sam Tonkin: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter completes its 14th flight on Mars

Danielle Wallace: China satellite launch sparks fears over potential space weapons: Shijian-21 has a ‘robotic arm’ experts say and grab and crush other orbiting satellites

Chris Ciaccia: Hubble telescope has stopped working for the second time this year

John Loeffler: In major reversal, Russia says cosmonauts cleared for SpaceX Crew Dragon flights

Clyde Hughes: Blue Origin, partners announce plans for private space station

Fire and Ice:

VIDEO: NASA Records Eerie Solar Activity Ahead Of Halloween Sun-storm Warning

Amanda Kooser: Watch the sun spit out a whopper X1 solar flare

Eric Mack: Fridge-size asteroid snuck up on Earth by hiding behind the sun: A sneaky space rock sped by Antarctica on Sunday without any advance warning and narrowly avoided being fully incinerated by Earth’s atmosphere…

Mike McRae: Physicists Finally Made The Weird ‘Superionic Ice’ That Could Exist on Alien Worlds

Alexandra Larkin: New phase of water, known as “superionic ice,” discovered inside planets

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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