Mid-Week “Absolute Magnitude” Fading

Mid-Week “Absolute Magnitude” Fading

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And so it begins to end. Told ya the Biden administration would whittle down the NASA Artemis Lunar Missions into oblivion…

Paul Brinkmann: NASA pushes back astronaut lunar landing goal to 2025

Morgan McFall-Johnsen: NASA is pushing its human moon landing back to 2025, and its top official worries China will beat the US there … Almost seems, I dunno, ‘planned’.

NASA: NASA Statement on Artemis Lunar Lander Court Decision

Ben Turner: Don’t miss the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century next week

VIDEO: Upcoming Partial Lunar Eclipse Visible Across Entire U.S., Weather Permitting

Ed Browne: Stunning Photos Show Venus and the Moon Meeting in the Night Sky

Doyle Rice: The Leonid meteor shower peaks soon: Here’s when and where you can see shooting stars: Be sure to keep an eye to the sky next week: The peak of the Leonid meteor shower will be visible across the night sky late Nov. 16 and especially early Nov. 17.

My new favorite weather guy not in my state,<a href=”http://&#8221; rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> Matt Devitt @ WINK Weather on Facebook:

LOOK UP TONIGHT! Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon and Venus will all align in the southwestern sky 30 – 60 minutes after sunset. Passing clouds, but try to grab a picture & enjoy!

This was Devitt’s FB post from last night, but these celestial events last for a few days, planets/moon positions in the sky obviously changing slightly night to night.

Earth Sky: Moon, Saturn, Jupiter November 9, 10 and 11


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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