Pot-Luck Space Casserole: Enjoy the Weekend, It’s August ALREADY! Ugh!

Pot-Luck Space Casserole: Enjoy the Weekend, It’s August ALREADY! Ugh!

You know my friend Maggie loves to cruise the space world for information and entertainment! Happy Saturday!

By Maggie

I’ll add more interesting links to this post if/when I come across them while net-surfing this weekend…

Leonard David: Report Flags Space Rescue Concerns … Somebody better get on this. And I don’t mean the government. I mean those private space industry folks.

AFP: US watchdog upholds SpaceX’s Moon lander contract

Stacy Liberatore: Elon Musk shares image of fuel lines in SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster

Morgan McFall-Johnsen: Boeing is ready to try flying its spaceship to the space station for NASA once again, after failing its first attempt

VIDEO: August kicks off with Saturn shining bright

Hannah Seo: One of Einstein’s predictions on black holes has finally been confirmed

Stacy Liberatore: Video shows Earth’s four billion year evolution in just four minutes

Mariella Moon: Two red objects between Mars and Jupiter may explain how the solar system formed

Chris Morgan: The 25 best episodes of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’

Miriam Fauzia: Fact check: 62-mile-wide mega comet unlikely to hit Earth, will just pass by it in 2031


Check back over the weekend for any more tidbits Maggie finds to add.

~~And as always, many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permissions.

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