Space Food for Thought … Want Some Tang With That?

Space Food for Thought … Want Some Tang With That?

By Maggie on 

Some folks on social media are, well, let’s just say they’re starting to try to ‘connect-the-dots’ on this as a possible conspiracy. I’ll just leave these right here…

Wired (8/26/21): A Bad Solar Storm Could Cause an ‘Internet Apocalypse’: The undersea cables that connect much of the world would be hit especially hard by a coronal mass ejection.

SCIENTISTS HAVE KNOWN for decades that an extreme solar storm, or coronal mass ejection, could damage electrical grids and potentially cause prolonged blackouts. The repercussions would be felt everywhere from global supply chains and transportation to internet and GPS access. Less examined until now, though, is the impact such a solar emission could have on internet infrastructure specifically. New research shows that the failures could be catastrophic, particularly for the undersea cables that underpin the global internet.

At the SIGCOMM 2021 data communication conference on Thursday, Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi of the University of California, Irvine presented “Solar Superstorms: Planning for an Internet Apocalypse,” an examination of the damage a fast-moving cloud of magnetized solar particles could cause the global internet. Abdu Jyothi’s research points out an additional nuance to a blackout-causing solar storm: the scenario where even if power returns in hours or days, mass internet outages persist…

And then these…

Weatherboy: Solar Flare Erupts from Sun; Triggers Solar Tsunami; Blast Heading to Earth

According to the National Weather Service’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a C3 flare erupted from sunspot region 2859 on the Sun on August 26 and appears to have sent a solar blast towards the Earth. The SPWC, through analysis of available imagery from the SOHO/LASCO instrument, confirmed a partial halo CME took place. In a statement released by the SWPC, analysis and modeling are now underway to determine if there may be any possible geoeffective component to this CME.

It appears this solar explosion set-off a “solar tsunami”. A solar tsunami, also known as a Moreton Wave or a Moreton-Ramsey Wave, is the signature of a large-scale solar corona shock wave generated by solar flares. Initially spotted in the late 1950’s, technology deployed by NASA in 2009 confirmed the presence and the mechanics of such a tsunami.

Unlike a wave of water in the sense of a traditional tsunami, a solar tsunami is a wave of hot plasma and magnetism roughly 62,000 miles tall which races through the solar system at speeds of around 560,000 mph…

Jay R. Jordan (8/24/21): Watch: Solar flare eruption on the sun could be headed for Earth

A sun spot, officially called AR2859, erupted in a magnificent blast Tuesday. The solar activity is part of a days-long event that could bring what’s called “coronal mass ejection” hurling towards the planet…

Astronomers around the globe took notice, as they do with any kind of activity on the surface of the sun. Scientists in the United Kingdom reported that it’s still too early to tell if Tuesday’s flare-up will reach Earth…

There is no mention of this very recent solar flare eruption in the above Wired article. Could be just a coincidence, the Wired article already scheduled to publish when it did, and then the flare happened…? The curious social media posters are questioning ‘the timing’. *shrug*

Anyhow, in other corners of space…

Amanda Kooser: Chinese Mars rover snaps sweeping sands in red planet panorama … On a side thought: Why is it nobody ever questions if China’s is a “fake” Mars probe mission like our Moon landings were? I mean, look at the Martian surface. A little raking and grooming and some camera filtering for color and CGI tweaking the Gobi Desert can look like the surface of Mars … right?

Robert Zimmerman: A Martian sunset in Jezero Crater

The photo … was taken by the left navigation camera on the Mars rover Perseverance. Looking west to the rim of Jezero Crater, it catches the Sun as it sets behind that rim.

The image was taken on July 20, 2021, the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. Seems somehow fitting to catch a sunset on Mars on this date, to illustrate how far we have come in that half century…

Michelle Starr: Enigmatic Object Called ‘The Accident’ Hints of an Entire Population of Unknown Stars

Amanda Kooser: NASA’s Hubble Telescope spots rare object that looks like a space lightsaber

Elizabeth Howell: How fast is Earth moving?

Donavyn Coffey: How cold is space, and how hot is the sun?

Nadia Drake: Planet 9 may be closer and easier to find than thought—if it exists

Earthy stuff:

I&I Ed. Board: Global Warming Narrative Takes Another Hit

Jay Cannon, USA TODAY: Almanac says we’re in for one of the coldest winters in ‘years.’ Should you trust it?

The newest edition of the 230-year-old series projects the 2021-22 winter as a particularly cold one, dubbing it the “season of shivers.” The almanac’s editor, Janice Stillman, says it could even be “one of the longest and coldest that we’ve seen in years.”

The almanac, which has often stirred up debate about its accuracy, suggests this winter will deal an icy combo of above-average snowfall and below-average temperatures in the New England area, as well as parts of the Appalachian region, the Ohio Valley and the northern part of the Deep South. Interestingly enough, it predicts a colder and snowier-than-usual winter for southern New Mexico, as well…

I live in NE Ohio. We have the frigid clippers that come down from Canada across the moisture-ridden Great Lakes to fuel it from the north and the Gulf of Mexico systems that will crawl up to moisture-fuel us from the south. Add the westerly flow pushing everything tighter together, and the occasional insane easterly flow intrusion, and “the perfect storm” is always a possibility for us here. That said, I’ll still hate it. I’m getting too old for this shit.

Scott Stump: Researchers reveal key discovery in Bermuda Triangle: Wreckage ‘has a story to tell’

Herb Scribner: Scientists find 6 mysterious structures hidden beneath a Greenland ice sheet … You mean the much vaunted ice sheet wasn’t always there?

Greta Bjornson: Dolphins Alert Rescue Crew to Lost Swimmer Who Had Been Stranded for 12 Hours

Mike Wall: The US Space Force’s secretive X-37B space plane: 10 surprising facts

Nicoletta Lanese: New cracks found on International Space Station

BBC News: Space station facing irreparable failures – Russia

VIDEO: Why SpaceX and Amazon plan to drastically increase the number of satellites orbiting Earth

Yes, but don’t let’s say where the pandemic was “caused” from…

Stephen Clark: Pandemic-caused liquid oxygen shortage impacts launch schedules

Mark Vaughn: Here’s How Virgin’s Hyperloop Works—and When It Will Become a Reality: The project is apace, but it won’t be in service for almost a decade—and likely will be developed in other parts of the world before it goes live in the States…


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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