SPACE: From Up and Out There to Down Here, We’re All Spectators

SPACE: From Up and Out There to Down Here, We’re All Spectators

The fourth and final “Super Moon” of 2022, the Super Sturgeon Moon, in the lower southeastern corner of the early night sky from my post on planet Ohio.

From TUS Boss’s triple-secret colony location in the jungle on planet Florida.

Meanwhile: People who use better cameras than their cell phones…

^^My favorite^^ and more here.

Julia Musto: Stunning images capture sturgeon supermoon: The supermoon impacted the Perseid meteor shower

As awesome as the last few nights have been under Luna’s showing-off the Super Moon is impeding the viewing of another great night sky show…

Samantha Mathewson: Perseid meteor shower peaking now, but bright moon will get in the way: The full moon’s reflected light will drown out a lot of Perseids.

Other Space Junk:

Mariam Mishriki: A Solar Flare Could be Headed Straight To Earth, Here’s How Much Danger Humanity Is In

Maggie Harrison: Hey Kids, Wanna See a Giant Comet Smash Into the Sun? … Better there than here!

Diana Logan: Multiple UFOs Captured on Drone Footage in Connecticut

Tim Newcomb: Supergiant Star Betelgeuse Blew Its Top in a Violent Explosion, Baffling Scientists

Elisha Sauers: Astronomers watch Betelgeuse recover after colossal blast

Rachel Rochester: New Planet Is Challenging How We Believe Worlds Are Formed

Fiona Jackson: Earth’s continents formed by giant METEORITE impacts 3.5bn years ago

VIDEO: Engineers Build Levitation Machine in World First

Beacuse not near enough government intrusion in today’s highly successful capitalist big innovation commercial space industry…

Jeff Foust: Kamala Harris says U.S. to update commercial space regulations

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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