SPACE: “Oh Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.”

SPACE: “Oh Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.”

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This week marked the anniversary of the first Moon landing by the United State of America. To this day, it remains the most important and spectacular human achievement and accomplishment in the history of mankind, “For All Mankind”

Kerry J. Byrne: First men on the moon, a unique American achievement, still amazes us today: A feat of human exploration from this day in history, July 20, 1969, still wows us — here are 8 amazing facts

Rick Tumlinson: Apollo 11 vs. space tourism in 2022 (op-ed): We honor the heroes of Apollo 11, yet deride the children who stand on their shoulders in the U.S. private space industry. Why?

Julia Musto: Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 jacket could fetch $2M at auction: Aldrin said the collection is a ‘summation of his career’ as an astronaut. Sotheby’s will present “Buzz Aldrin: American Icon,” a highlight of Sotheby’s Geek Week, on July 26.

MESON STARS: What would happen to Earth if Andromeda collided with our galaxy right now?

Robert Zimmerman: SpaceX successfully launches another 46 Starlink satellites

The leaders in the 2022 launch race:

32 SpaceX
23 China
9 Russia
5 Rocket Lab

American private enterprise now leads China 45 to 23 in the national rankings, and the entire globe combined 45 to 39.

Rod Dreher: Anti-Gay Telescope Tyranny! As we know, the sum total of human scientific endeavor must be judged by the question: Is it good for the gays?

The Verge: Most Americans think NASA’s $10 billion space telescope is a good investment, poll finds: And the people want more space pictures

William Kennedy: What We Know About The Skyscraper-Sized Asteroid 2022 KY4

Victor Tangermann: Noodle-Like Object on Mars Has Disappeared, According to NASA Photos

NASA: Mars Perseverance Sol 503: Left Mastcam-Z Camera

Robert Zimmerman: Collapsed dunes in Jezero Crater

Metro: Massive black hole nine times bigger than the sun found just outside our Milky Way

Pedro Oliveira Jr: James Webb telescope appears to picture wormhole in ‘Phantom Galaxy’

Becky Ferreira: James Webb Spots the Farthest Galaxy Humans Have Ever Seen, Near the Dawn of Time: The object was spotted some 300 million years after the Big Bang, making it potentially the oldest known galaxy.

“It is potentially the most distant galaxy ever, but we can’t tell if it is the oldest,” Naidu said in an email. “Specifically, we might be observing it as it was ~300 [million years] after the Big Bang. It could have just formed recently, or could have formed even farther back—we can’t quite tell yet.”

“We would like to confirm it as the *most distant* known galaxy via spectroscopy,” referring to the chemical lines in the galaxy’s light that contain clues about its distance from Earth, Naidu added.

JWST glimpsed GLASS-z11 and GLASS-z13 at such an early stage in their formation that they only measure about 2,000 light years across, which is minuscule compared to the 100,000-light-year diameter of our own mature galaxy, the Milky Way. Likewise, these galactic elders are about one billion times as massive as the Sun, whereas the Milky Way has accumulated a mass of about 1.5 trillion Suns over more than 13 billion years.

Jeffrey Kluger: The James Webb Telescope Has Already Made Its First Scientific Discovery

Robert Zimmerman: NASA delays launch of its VIPER lunar rover to over concerns about commercial lander

Robert Zimmerman: Long March 5B rolls to launchpad, carrying China’s next large space station module: China’s big Long March 5B rocket was successfully rolled to its launch site yesterday in preparation for a July 24, 2022 launch that will put China’s next large space station module, Wentian, into orbit…

I think I’ll make it a sci-fi movie-binge this weekend, very old and new…

Joshua Kristian McCoy: Exploring Tropes of Faster-Than-Light Travel In Science Fiction … I think the sci-fi series “The Expanse” has dealt with this the most scientifically.

The UFO File is finally “Out There”…

William Gittins: Why is NASA conducting a new study on UFOs?

Brett Tingley: Pentagon establishes office to track UFOs in space: The office will also attempt to study objects that appear to travel between air, space and water.

In Space No One Can Hear You LOL!!…

NYPost: Astronauts should not masturbate in zero gravity, NASA scientist says … Well, there is that whole ‘jet propulsion’ issue. Go with throttle up.

BONUS: One of the best last lines in a movie ever…

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