SPACE: The Long Look Up

SPACE: The Long Look Up

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One of the best laugh line ^^scenes^^ from a sci-fi flick.

I typically try to hold onto the weekly SPACE post for Sundays. However, the first story is time sensitive. That said, if I come across anything else interesting I’ll add it to this post…

Daniel Uria: ‘Cannibal’ solar burst headed for Earth could make northern lights visible in U.S. … These usually last for a couple of nights.

Richard Speed: Ryugu asteroid: It came from the outer solar system, say scientists

Aaron Reich: Asteroid 2.3 times the size of dinosaur heading for Earth – NASA

Mike Wall: Rogue rocket’s moon crash site spotted by NASA probe (photos): The March 4 impact created a weird double crater.

Joshua Hawkins: New Hubble photo of Orion Nebula is stunning and hypnotic

Chris Littlechild: The Distant Planet That’s Somehow Both Hot As Lava And As Cold As Ice … It’s called Crematoria in “The Chronicles of Riddick”.

“The Truth is Out There”:

Times Now Digital: World’s clearest UFO photo revealed after 30 years; it’s called ‘The Calvine Photo’

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.


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