SPACE: You Can’t Get There from Here

SPACE: You Can’t Get There from Here

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I love seeing things, like the above picture, that shows how imaginative people of the early last century envisioned the future with ‘space’ influences. Some people today thought we would have ‘flying cars’ by now in the 21st century. But we really don’t. I imagine some engineers are working on it. However, we actually have a major issue powering all those electric vehicles the climate cult insists we must trash our gas vehicles for. But anti-gravity vehicles are a totally different beast with more issues than just where to plug-in for a recharge.

Jason Torchinsky (8/20/21): There’s One Peculiar Detail About Anti-Gravity Vehicles That Sci-Fi Always Leaves Out: The way anti-gravity vehicles are shown in movies and other media leaves out a very messy and I think unavoidable detail

And speaking of anti-gravity and gravity…

Loukia Papadopoulos: The world’s first flying bike can stay in the air for 40 minutes: It can speed up to 100 kilometers per hour. … AND Japan’s hoverbike price tag is US$700,000 is basically a huge ‘fans’-driven drone with landing skids, a seat and steering for one rider.

Debra Werner: Vast Space to develop artificial-gravity space station

Staying on tech and energy, while American schools are pushing aside serious empirical academics in-favor of warped and flawed ideological #WOKE ‘social engineering’ bullshit, China is teaching their students the academics needed for them to advance intellectually and be able to do things like this…

Noor Al-Sibai: China Announces Plan for Hybrid Fission-Fusion Power Facility: China says that it will start generating fusion power using the world’s largest pulse-powered energy plant by 2028, thereby turning fusion energy into a reality — an eyebrow-raising claim, considering the decades of research and billions of dollars that have already been poured into doing just that. … Keep in-mind that recently California’s grinning governor (who wants to be POTUS) has mandated that his state will be internal combustion engine vehicle(s)-free and converted over to “zero-emission” EVs by 2035 … and this includes following with a complete conversion to electric power for homes and businesses/factories/etc. … with no sustainable state electric grid for its population dealing with deliberate ‘rolling-blackouts’ and electricity restrictions on Californians. All this as California refuses to create its own power plants and independent grid while currently buying a lot of their electrical power from multiple other states’ power plants generated with fossil fuels but are also in the process of doing their own cutbacks and conversions to non-fossil fuels. Wind and solar will not be the successful go-to energy in our country. They are no more sustainable than a candle in the middle of a pitch-black auditorium. And just a reminder that these same willfully ignorant people pushing zero-emissions energy and EVs refuse to recognize the vast usage of fossil fuels and carbon emissions in the mining and production of these much-lauded new vehicles that the vast majority of Americans can afford to buy and less can afford to maintain…

Jenny Goldsberry: WATCH: Tesla owner locked out of car after battery dies before 75,000th mile … Tesla owner Mario Zelaya cites that a new battery for the EV car is upwards of $26,000, roughly half the price of a new vehicle, saying he refuses to buy a new battery and cannot afford one.

It’s not wrong to question that the powers that be just want the masses back into cold and darkness while the elites that snarl at and control the rest of us with crippling regulations/restrictions and rolling blackouts.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not “pro” communist China. But they are one of our top foreign advisories and they see what is going on in our country bowing to the climate and eco alarmists, AND the Orwellian ‘social engineering’ of our culture and youth … and they recognize it as our major weakness to exploit for themselves in getting stronger and more powerful on the world stage. And we, under the current “anti” mentality, are allowing that to happen as education in our country is taking our newest generation back into the ignorant paganistic bowels of the dark ages in order to control ‘the masses’. Look, sorry to get somewhat political on my weekly space and tech post, but it is indeed a major issue that we are facing right now especially with the current government. This week the MSM was all aflutter over Joe Biden’s cancer “moon shot” announcement via the lab-created mRNA surge since the COVID vaccine development. Yeah, they’re saying it would be a vaccine. Seriously? They continue to disregard the ramifications of that biological ‘god-play’ in people who have had major side effects or even deaths from the mRNA COVID vax. But now, in an attempt to make Biden look like a savior of the people, he’s returning to curing cancer? And a cancer vaccine for who exactly? Everyone?? The fact remains the same big pharma companies he and others are deep in-bed with don’t want cancer cured.

Kurt Snibbe: A look at California’s lofty EV goals and how it could impact the electrical grid: Here’s how many acres of solar panels you would need for 2 million new EVs a year

Okay, I’m done pontificating over idealistic-driven politics vs. real-life advancing and sustainable energy and technology.
Anyhow, let’s light this week’s space candle…

Jyoti Mann: China plans three missions to the Moon after discovering a new lunar mineral that may be a future energy source

Arthur Herman: How to Beat China in the New Space Race: It’s about more than money. The U.S. needs a strategy to harness private innovation.

Clyde Hughes: Experts say ‘fireball’ streaking across sky in Scotland, Northern Ireland likely space junk

Eric Mack: NASA Eyes Target Date of Friday, Sept. 27 for Next Artemis I Rocket Launch, But Hurdles Remain

Unofficial Networks: Starlink Provides Service To Antarctic Research Station, Now Accessed On All 7 Continents

Elisha Sauers: Why NASA blew up a space habitat in Texas

Elisha Sauers: What we’ll see when NASA crashes into an asteroid on purpose

AFP: Webb telescope captures ‘breathtaking’ images of Orion Nebula

Evan Simko-Bednarski: Webb Telescope captures stunning images of rare star births

Douglas Helm: Organic Matter Found On Mars, Confirms Signs Of Life?


Diana Logan: An “Armada” Of UFOs Were Spotted In Colorado

Diana Logan: Video Claims to Show UFO Deploying Other Crafts In Real Time

~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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