The Spaces Between and Around Us, Hither and Yon

The Spaces Between and Around Us, Hither and Yon

And for all you space cadets …

By Maggie on 

You know, we chuckle at the science fiction come to life with the whole elemental U.S. Space Force, but I have private thoughts on the whole creation of this branch of our military. Mmm-hmm…

Eric Diaz: New Space Force Uniforms Mimic STAR TREK and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

Jack Beyrer: Dems Plan To Scuttle Space Force: Jared Huffman, Rashida Tlaib aim to ‘abolish’ military branch

Robert Lea: Astronomers Discover Mysterious 500-Light-Year-Wide Void in Space: ‘Absolutely Shocking’

TMZ: WILLIAM SHATNER: Beam Me Up, Jeffy … GOING INTO SPACE WITH BLUE ORIGIN!!! … “Denny Crane … Gonna launch in the pecker ship … Denny Crane.”

Seriously, I hope Shatner gets the ride. Captain James T. Kirk has earned it.

John Loeffler: Hidden galaxies, a doomed Mars, and plenty of supernovae drive the week in science

Robert Lea: Scientists Solve Centuries-Long Mystery of Weird Light That Puzzled Astronomers

Michelle Starr: Mysterious, Never-Before-Seen Signals Picked Up By New Gravitational Wave Detector

Eric Mack: Monster comet falling toward the sun is bigger than a Martian moon

Alexandra Larkin: Hubble discovers 6 massive, dead galaxies from early universe

Here At Home:

BI: Newly discovered fossil footprints show humans were in North America thousands of years earlier than we thought

The Scotsman: La Palma volcano: Map shows where Canary Islands volcano eruption took place – and will it cause a tsunami? The eruption of a volcano in the Canary Islands has so far led to the destruction of homes and evacuations on the small Spanish island of La Palma, with fears that the eruption could trigger a tsunami on U.S. East Coast

Li Cohen: La Palma airport forced to close as volcano continues to erupt on island

VIDEO: Mount Etna Erupts Volcanic Ash

VIDEO: Deep-dive into the underworld: Omani cavers descend into Yemen’s notorious ‘Well of Hell’

WE: Taliban announce hunt for ancient treasure: The Taliban are searching for a 2,000-year-old treasure called Bactrian gold.

Scott Gleeson: ‘Unprecedented’ dinosaur fossil with ‘totally weird’ spikes found in Africa

David Strege: Hunter finds lost GoPro camera with footage taken by bear (w/FULL VIDEO)

Yahoo News: Powerful Sam stays the course as Category 4 hurricane amid track shift


My Mother gave me a rose bush about five years ago. I never thought it would survive in our crappy landscaping soil or our deep freeze winters, but it has. I get about a half a dozen, or fewer, roses each season on the skinny little bush that could. Yesterday morning, after getting my Lizzie Rose on her adult academy van that picks her up for school, I was coming up the driveway and something caught my eye between the other landscaping bushes as the glow of the morning sunrise reached up over the back of the house and began spilling into the front yard. This yellow rose bud was peeping out at me. I am still debating cutting it and bringing it inside, as our night temps are dropping, but I think roses like the mild cold. So I took an iPhone snap instead…


~~Many thanks to Maggie and The Universal Spectator for reprint permission.

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