We’re No More Than an Atom in The Great Expanse

We’re No More Than an Atom in The Great Expanse

Our friend Maggie from the Universal Spectator blog is a space cadet. Far from poking fun at her, I admire her routine following of our earthbound observations and the explorations into space. Her weekly feature of Weekend Reads yesterday is devoted to the subject. Hope you all enjoy it and share her enthusiasm.

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Funny. There is no breathable air in outer space. Yet, I seek it in order to take a much needed breather from the churning scum down here on what quite possibly is the most unique gem within the universe.

Glenn Reynolds: “CHANGE: National Space Council Releases Report on Deep Space Exploration and Development.”

James Rogers: Space Force unveils delta logo and ‘semper supra’ motto – The motto, ‘semper supra,’ is Latin for ‘always above’

Why the president just might be prescient by half for going ahead with Space Force …

Sophie Mann: U.S. and U.K. accuse Russia of launching new weapon into space: Earlier this month, Russia tested an object with the capabilities of targeting satellites in space

Chelsea Gohd: Russia has tested an anti-satellite weapon in space, US Space Command says: The Space Force described the activity as “hypocritical and concerning.”

Mike Wall: China launches ambitious Tianwen-1 Mars rover mission: Tianwen-1 is China’s first fully homegrown Mars mission.

Brooks Hays: Earth, moon were bombarded by asteroid shower 800 million years ago



Space: Comet NEOWISE is making its closest approach to Earth. Here’s how to see it live online … I’ve yet to take a ride to a darker location and look for it. This weekend!!!!

Space: Going nuclear: NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover gets its power source for July 30 launch

FNC: The Tesla Cybertruck will be built in Texas and is getting an interplanetary update: The automaker will make USA’s biggest pickup market home

FNC: NASA is going to send a ‘balloon the size of a football stadium’ to study the stars

FNC: Secret Pentagon UFO team to make some findings public, report says

Video: Report: Pentagon’s UFO unit to release some findings … Come on. Come on. Out with it already!! I’ve got ‘aliens’ on my 2020 game card. I want to shout BINGO!

~~Reprinted by permission. Thanks, Maggie!
~~Headline photo (Doi Chiang Dao mountain in Chiang Dao District, Thailand)

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