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  • Derik Vance



The Common Sense Show on Patriots’ Soapbox Live News Network is a YouTube podcast by volunteer citizen journalists. Our goal is to counter the propaganda in the mainstream media narrative with well researched information and to bring attention to important world news events routinely ignored or worse, buried. After 100+ shows, our guests have appreciated the opportunity to get on their soapbox with uninterrupted interviews rarely found on other media outlets. The show discusses topics from a Midwestern perspective that is often very passionate about our Country, the Constitution and those who serve and protect it.

The News & Views segment is an opportunity for the hosts to discuss the news of the day in U.S. politics and around the world. The goal is to discuss what is happening behind the scenes and to inform our listeners and viewers of the potential cause and effect of that day’s breaking and top news topics. The News & Views segment often includes passionate rants about topics that affect everyday people on a very personal level.  The Common Sense Show has had the pleasure of interviewing many exceptional guests including:

David Webb, Brenden Dilley, Ben Garrison, Juanita Broaddrick, Sidney Powell, Craig Sawyer, Linda Collins-Smith, Tiffany Fitzhenry, Pastor Mark Burns, Barbara Flynn, Kris Paronto and Erin Perrine, Deputy Communications Director for President Trump.

The goal for guest interviews is to allow our guests to complete their train of thought and go in depth into topics to fully explain their point of view. Those that join the show often get on their own soapbox to vent about important issues and injustices that happen far too often in today’s America. The hosts often ask the difficult question that is the elephant in the room, to give our guests an opportunity to discuss controversial topics in depth.

The News Blitz segment is a chance to highlight breaking and important news topics that often are ignored on MSM broadcasts and other news outlets. Topics range from national and local political news to worldwide events in far off lands. Some opinion is included in this fast-paced segment, but primarily we seek to inform our audience of daily news events quickly and thoroughly, based in factual verified sourcing.

The last part of the show often includes views from the listener, with a call-in segment. We also cover news conferences, or press releases from the White House, Secretary of State and other government agencies to highlight the message from the Government. The goal is to allow the listener time to discuss topics important to them that may have not been covered previously or on other shows.

You can catch the Common Sense show 3-5 PM Est weekdays bringing you an original perspective from the forgotten man’s point of view on news in politics, to sports, to world events. Whether its hard hitting interviews, passionate rants, or interesting people on their soap box, the show is fast paced rooted in a well sourced One Objective Truth. Head over to to find multiple streaming sources. Hope to see you there! God Bless You & God Bless America.


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