BREAKING: YouTube Has Engaged Severe Suppression Tactics Against Patriots' Soapbox

BREAKING: YouTube Has Engaged Severe Suppression Tactics Against Patriots’ Soapbox

March 09, 2020 – This past week, Patriots’ Soapbox has been breaking stories in advance of the mainstream media. We have seen numerous people stepping up to the plate with PSB engaging in investigative work, citizen journalism and interviewing real people. For “the old guard” that depends entirely on a passive, disengaged public, this kind of thing is terrifying. Now after one of the best weeks we’ve had, YouTube has enacted draconian measures in response in order to smother the channel.

What YouTube has done is forced “age-restriction” onto the channel: this requires a potential viewer to register and sign-in to Google/YouTube in order to be able to view the live-stream. YouTube knows that many in our very privacy-minded viewership are not willing to do so.

The effects of this are immediately apparent as our viewership numbers have been cut nearly in half overnight. We of course checked to make sure we did not have age-restriction on by accident, sure enough the box was not checked.

YouTube knows that an outright ban of a channel will almost certainly bring negative attention. Instead they have moved toward a policy of “soft-suppression,” tactics which are designed to kill you slowly, by strangling the channel of viewers, of funding, of the ability to engage freely on the platform like everyone else who follows the rules. What is it they are so afraid of?

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Peter Ramirez
1 year ago

Subjective policy enforcement on the part of Team YouTube! Come on, YouTube, GROW UP !!! This channel is not a hotbed of anarchy, just common sense and patriotism (and faith)…