Fake Social Justice: Inside Amazon's Racist & Horrifying Treatment of Employees

Fake Social Justice: Inside Amazon’s Racist & Horrifying Treatment of Employees

April 1, 2021 – Amazon.com Inc. promotes itself as a “woke” company caring about human rights and social justice. In fact, as its president, CEO and Board Chairman, Jeff Bezos uses the Washington Post publication, another of his properties, to propagate social justice issues, and by influencing others, keep the heat of investigation from himself.

Known to create fake “unions” for its employees, who then believe they have some collective bargaining rights, Amazon then can simply identify potential problem employees, while providing the illusion of workers rights. The fact of the matter is that Amazon, like many other multinational, lucrative tech companies often treats its employees terribly. From demanding 60+ hour work weeks, to exploiting H1B visa workers for slave labor while holding green cards over their heads, Amazon feigns social justice and wokeness to avoid scrutiny.

Let’s not forget that Amazon was discovered to have a “worker cage” patent, colloquially referred to as as “wage cage” by the meme makers:

Amazon Worker Cage Patent

Insider reports on the patent, and an Amazon executive dismisses the furor over this, claiming that “tons of patents get filed, even bad ones”:

A patent filed in 2016 has come back to haunt Amazon just as it’s under major pressure over the way it treats people who work in its warehouses.

The original patent documents depict a cage designed to carry employees around warehouses. The idea is that as warehouses become crowded with robots whizzing around carrying out tasks, it may be safer for humans to navigate these workspaces in an enclosed box.

The patent, titled ‘System and Method for transporting Personnel within an active Workspace,’ was unearthed in a recent paper by the artificial-intelligence ethics researchers Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler.

Their paper describes the design as ‘an extraordinary illustration of worker alienation, a stark moment in the relationship between humans and machines.’

According to the patent, the contraption was designed to safely allow human workers into ‘protected areas.’

Though the patent isn’t new, Crawford and Joler’s paper caused shockwaves on social media after the drawings were highlighted by a report in The Boston Herald.

Amazon’s senior vice president of operations, Dave Clark, reacted to the furor on Twitter, saying ‘even bad ideas get submitted for patents.’ – Insider

But it doesn’t stop there. Reports have come out about Amazon drivers having to pee into bottles, and defecate in bags in their Amazon vans (equipped with surveillance cameras), simply because the company strictures do not permit enough time to stop to use a restroom. Amazon has massive profits, there is no reason they cannot provide their drivers some of the accommodations that truckers receive, such as an internal bathroom in the vehicle.

Dan Price is an employer who actually treats his employees as human beings and not slaves, which is smart business. His employees love their jobs, appreciate the company and have a greater stake in keeping it going because they are grateful, dedicated and incentivized. Mr. Price has written a thread about the issues with Amazon, often pointing out the problems with some these massive corporations who treat their employees as replaceable robots. As Mr. Price can attest, a different and human approach is not only better for the employees, but also for the company’s security and prosperity in the long run. The employer’s reward is a happier workplace, less turnaround and more devotion to a well-made product and better team work and cohesion.

So while Amazon genuflects and virtue signals about “social justice,” they treat their own employees like modern day slaves.

American taxpayers are actually subsidizing Amazon, while they do not allow fair treatment for workers, or any kind of unions to try to negotiate a more fair, living wage for employees.

In one of the most heartbreaking and insulting stories yet, we find Amazon is spying on their employees to make sure they never complain or even talk about forming a union to represent their collective interests, all while Bezos is raking in $9.4 BILLION dollars PER HOUR for over a year!

Amazon treats its employees worse than slaves, and yet this is hardly talked about in American society. Rather than investigating them, Big Tech and their allies in the media want you focused on abstract notions of “white supremacy” and “whiteness” as being the problem with massive wealth inequality in America. Those tech behemoths are the ones making record profits right now, while poor white people are losing everything, including their small businesses, but hey, white privilege huh?

Amazon has stolen from its most vulnerable employees. When will people start to realize that the Democrats created identity politics and promote it in order to keep the lower classes fighting amongst themselves, and blaming each other for society’s woes, but never the greedy capitalists like Jeff Bezos at the top, and other Silicon Valley vultures.

Amazon was costing their own employees millions in unpaid time at work, another ploy to extract wealth from their own employees.

Amazon has hurt minority-owned small businesses, and put some out of business altogether because they cannot afford to compete with the monopoly.

Bezos doesn’t even have the heart to give his employees 10% of the profits they raked in during the holidays when many workers were working overtime to help Amazon get its products to people in time.

Amazon took advantage of the pandemic, to hurt its most vulnerable workers and REDUCE their pay, rather than increase it.

Amazon routinely put its workers at risk during the pandemic, by refusing to even offer paid sick leave.

Again we see Amazon’s hypocrisy on display, pretending to be “social justice” advocates and “woke” while actually punishing workers who try to fight for social justice issues within the company.

My God, Amazon is so racist that it perpetuates racial stereotypes by offering its Chicago employees, not a day off for Juneteenth, oh no! They were offered a meal of “fried chicken” — because we all know that black people LOVE fried chicken. No subtlety there! Where was the media on the absurdity and insult of this? Where is the outrage?

Amazon public relations discussed executing a smear campaign against a powerless, poor black man who left the Staten Island warehouse and was outspoken about the working conditions. Presumably the media would have assisted in this smear campaign?

Amazon is now looking to take away cashier jobs in grocery stores across the country in another attack in lower class blue collar workers.

Texas has brokered deals to once again favor Amazon at the expense of the working class people.

Workers are being injured at Amazon warehouses at an astonishing rate, even dying on the job, and there is no news coverage on this.

Touting the so-called “gig economy” that the mainstream media has praised, Amazon has ushered in an era of paying people $1.77 an HOUR. This is literally SLAVE labor and the media acts like this is somehow a good thing.

More racist policies at Amazon, while both sides of the political isle, as well as the media largely ignore this.

Amazon blocked its workers from mail-in voting on whether or not to unionize.

This is such a violation of privacy, as well as worker rights, it is shocking.

Amazon has started to develop such a bad reputation, based on complaints from former workers that it has done a public relations blitz focusing on how “woke” they are.

It’s gotten to the point where Amazon has employed troll farms to defend its reputation online, including on Twitter. Bezos purchased the Washington Post via his ill gotten gains and already uses it as his own personal public relations firm. Other news outlets also fail to publish investigative reports on him, or Amazon and now there are troll factories to protect Bezos and Amazon at work as well.

Fulfillment Center (FC) Ambassadors’ role is to defend Amazon, Bezos and the so-called virtues of capitalism. This is monopoly, not capitalism.

Here is an example of one of these troll accounts of an FC Ambassador praising Amazon on Twitter.

Amazon lied about its employees defecating into bags, but clearly they were aware of this, and had even addressed it, while not providing any kind of support or solutions for its drivers who had expressed the inability to find restrooms during the pandemic.

Amazon has maintained several monopolies, and because of this, they have damaged lower-income classes and destroyed many small businesses. Often employing minorities and immigrants, they take advantage of the H1B visa workers, under the threat of deportation, and effectively receive slave labor, by extracting 60-80 hour work weeks.

Amazon proudly proclaims to the world that they are a “woke, social justice” corporation, but the racist policies and the horrible abuse of their minority employees shows this is not genuine. Refusal to allow workers to unionize and permitting over three times the injury rate at their warehouses, shows a wanton disregard not only for their employees, but for human life in general.

Amazon uses social justice as a sword and shield, to shut down any criticism and inquiry into their own racial business practices. They promote ideas like “white supremacy” being the cause of the major wealth inequality in America, but only to take eyes off them. It’s really convenient for them to be able to blame poor whites, rather than have people discover that Bezos is raking in $9.4 Billion per hour, every hour during the pandemic.

That is the true problem — the real wealth gap and the real cause of America’s problems. That is the current, modern day slavery. While you are arguing about slavery from 100 years ago, Amazon is profiting off of it right now. While you argue about “reparations,” Amazon is putting blacked-owned small businesses out of business, and reducing the wages of all blue collar workers, regardless of their race.

Don’t just take our word for it, listen for yourself to the stories of actual Amazon workers:

This video contains several stories from former workers of Amazon.

This video tells one man’s personal story of working at an Amazon warehouse.

Finally, this video shows the anti-union “training” video Amazon uses to try to indoctrinate its own workers.

Here … in the United States of America. Today.

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