Twitter Calls Public Domain Biden Pics

Twitter Calls Public Domain Biden Pics “Child Sexual Exploitation” LOCKS Radix’ Account

September 1, 2020 – Twitter has locked my account after I posted these public domain images of Joe Biden being creepy. Clearly in the images, he is inappropriately touching women and children. But that is Joe Biden’s behavior, not mine. So, why would Twitter lock me out of my account? I am not the one sexually exploiting children. I was responding to a tweet by Jennifer Rubin, the mainstream spin artist and activist pretending to be a “journalist.” She had tweeted, “Has anyone ever seen Trump run?” I decided to respond that, yes he ran in 2016 and won, and he’s running again now:

Because I used the words “molest children” in the tweet, I thought maybe that was what triggered that. So I was forced to delete that tweet, and I made sure not to use those words in the second tweet. But they still locked me out.

So this tweet does not violate any of Twitter’s rules. I simply asked “Why is Joe Biden traumatizing these children? Why is he groping women’s breasts in front of congress and their husbands? Why wont you acknowledge his predatory behavior?” The question then becomes, are they covering for Joe Biden? Is this an in-kind contribution to his campaign?

Here are the public domain pictures that I included in my tweet:

These are all in the public domain and can be found easily with a quick Google search.

These are all images from PUBLIC events!

Once again, there is no nudity in these images. They are from public events and in the public domain. If Twitter thinks Biden’s behavior here is “child sexual exploitation,” why would I be punished and locked out of my account for simply exposing it? Shouldn’t they be locking Joe Biden out of Twitter for “child sexual exploitation”?

Twitter is lying here. They allow pedophiles to congregate on their platform and to form private groups.

I have filed an appeal, and I ask Twitter to clarify why I have been locked out for posting public domain images from public events. If they believe Joe Biden is sexually exploiting these children, then why aren’t they seeking to terminate his account. He is the one touching the children in the images.

As you can see, they refuse to give a time frame for the appeal I filed, leaving me currently locked out of my Twitter account. As a journalist, I find this reprehensible. I have no idea how long it will take for them to review my appeal and make a decision. In the meantime I am prevented from doing my job as a journalist, and getting my work before the public.

This is not the first time journalists have noted this bizarre and disgusting discriminatory behavior by Twitter:

According to Cara Curtis of The Next Web:

Social platforms like Instagram and Twitter discreetly change their terms and conditions on the regular. For example, last year we saw Facebook quietly introduce the ban on ‘sexual emoji’ that proved discriminatory towards sex workers and NSFW artists making a living on the platform.

Now, as Australian academic pointed out, Twitter seemingly changed its guidelines last March to allow public discussion about ‘attraction towards minors’ with the agreement that ‘they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way.’

As first reported by The Daily Dot, Michael Salter, a criminologist and coordinator of ‘Organised Abuse’ — a site that shares ‘reliable information about organized abuse to professionals, victims, and survivors’ — highlighted Twitter’s policy loophole in a series of tweets last week.

In the thread, Salter argued that Twitter’s updated terms of service prioritize ‘the sexual desires and social inclusion of pedophiles have been prioritized by Twitter over the safety of children on the platform or in the community.’ The criminologist speculated that ‘minor-attracted people’ may be permitted to discuss ‘attraction to minors’ because of encouragement from forensic psychiatrists who want their patients to have an outlet to discuss their issues. 

Adding to this, Salter argued that child protection and abuse prevention experts weren’t consulted, ‘because we would never have endorsed this change.’ However, in a letter signed by various child sexual abuse experts addressed to John Starr, Twitter’s Director of Trust and Safety, last January, they argued that Twitter has the potential to be an important ally in the battle against child sexual abuse. But, ‘we are concerned that Twitter’s recent suspension of the accounts of prominent anti-contact, non-offending pedophiles may have been a knee-jerk response to uninformed public pressure, rather than a reasoned decision made in the best interests of children.’

Last year, statistics from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) found that Twitter is responsible for half of the child abuse material found online found by UK investigators. According to the IWF, 49 percent of the child abuse material it found online in the last three years originated on Twitter. Accounting for 1,396 of the total 2,835 incidents found. – The Next Web

What is going on at Twitter, where journalists are being punished for doing their jobs, while pedophiles are allowed to organize on the platform and are seemingly protected?

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer has reported on this activity by Twitter, and the arbitrary application of its so-called terms of service:

As Twitter struggles to justify the uneven enforcement of their rules and terms of services, the tech giant has released a new set of rules. Wishing to clear up any previous confusion about what is allowed on the platform, Twitter has again succeeded in once again making it clear that the rules they publicly acknowledge and those implemented behind closed doors are two entirely different things.

Violence, terrorism, harassment, child exploitation, abuse, suicide, illegal goods and sensitive content remain ‘not allowed’. However, Twitter’s punishment against those that violate the rules by posting content they claim is not allowed, is increasingly selective. In the past, tweets calling for the assassination of President Trump and kidnapping and rape of Baron Trump have been allowed (and celebrated by deranged journalists and Hollywood loons) have remained on Twitter, while conservative content has been unilaterally labeled as punishable hate speech (they literally ban funny memes and delete entire accounts for making fun of top Democrats).

Undercover investigations and whistle-blowers have revealed that Twitter and other tech leaders like Facebook have specific policies of banning conservative content. They have even developed algorithms and developed rewards for silencing dissenting voices. A recent post, from a verified Twitter user named Zachary Fox, promotes the idea of literally running over the 7-year old boy who propped up a local lemonade stand to raise over $20,000 to go towards building a wall on the southern border.

Vox journalist Carlos Maza who is currently leading a digital jihad against conservative content creators on YouTube openly called for political violence against his political opponents, encouraging the act of throwing projectiles at conservatives until they are so afraid that they stop holding public appearances. Washed up actress Bette Midler even recently tweeted about stabbing President Trump. Of course, none of their accounts have been restricted or suspended.

Twitter also claimed in their new ‘rule rollout’ that users ‘may not threaten or promote terrorism or violent extremism.’

One day after rolling out their ‘new rules’, Peter Bright, a popular left-wing tech reporter who has the verified Twitter account ‘@DrPizza’ was charged with soliciting sex with a 7 and 9 year old online. According to authorities, a complaint says Bright claimed to be in a sexual relationship with an 11-yr-old child.

Twitter claims they have a ‘zero tolerance for child sexual exploitation on Twitter’, yet the @DrPizza account still remains active and verified, along with all of the pro-pedophile tweets that @DrPizza posted. – Laura Loomer

As you can see, it appears these rules are applied selectively. If you are someone like Joe Biden, you are allowed to exploit children sexually, but if you are a journalist trying to expose this behavior, you are the one locked out of your account and punished by big tech. The message from Twitter could not be more clear: if you expose child predators and pedophiles, you will be punished. Twitter will retaliate against you and seek to prevent you from doing your job performing journalistic due diligence.

Lily Santiago from has also reported on this disturbing trend:

MAP’s, Minor Attracted People, also known as pedophiles, have long been present on the internet. Peaking on Tumblr pre-December 2018, when all of their child porn was finally taken down. Their blogs ended up being deleted on their own after a lot of shaming from other users.

Tumblr never addressed this issues which had been a continuous complaint from Tumblr users. After the Tumblr NSFW purge, MAP’s needed a new platform to form their community.

Their new platform of choice is Twitter.

First, let’s get into what MAP’s are, and the various types of MAP’s. MAP is an acronym for ‘minor attracted person’. There are also NMAPS or NoMAPS which are ‘non offending minor attracted people’. In the community there is a large distinction.

Non-offending MAPs would be pedophiles who do not consume child porn nor harm children. Regular MAP’s would be consuming child porn but not always actively harming children directly.

Once switching to Twitter people started to become more familiar with the community. They have obviously not been welcomed with open arms and have had call out threads made so that people know who to block.

The most interesting thing about the MAP community is that they are not all adults. Teenagers as young as 15 identify as MAP’s, meaning they are attracted to smaller children. On some MAP profile you can find the acronym ‘AOA’, meaning ‘age of attraction’, followed by an age range. This can be especially harmful if they are also following people in their specified age range. – Lily Santiago 

Unfortunately the tone of Lily’s article is itself disgusting. She refers to this MAP community of pedophiles as “interesting” and notes that not all are adults. Some are teenagers. What she fails to identify and explore is the grooming process. It’s not “interesting.” It’s disgusting. She attempts to carry water for these predators and suggests they don’t have enough mental health care. They do not need a therapist, lady. They need a prison cell.

Even Jeff Sessions was concerned about his predatory behavior, and felt the need to swat his grab-happy hands away from his grandchildren. (See at 2:50) What goes through the mind of a man who thinks its OK to touch women and children this way, in front of rolling cameras. He has even been caught whispering disgusting things in the ears of the children as he touches them inappropriately. God only knows what horrific things he told them. Did he threaten them or their families?

Please share this article and the video above, and demand that Twitter unlock my account. Either that or lock Joe Biden’s. Which one is it, Twitter? Is Joe Biden engaging in “child sexual exploitation” in these public domain images. If so, will his account be locked, and mine restored? If they claim he is NOT engaging in “child sexual exploitation” in the images from public events, then why did they lock my account? And, will they unlock it?

Your move, Twitter.

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Fish Bones
Fish Bones
3 years ago

Tough shit Urso. It’s a private company and they make the rules. Sort of like how you continue to ban me simply because you don’t like my point of view, or if I disagree with something said on-air.