Twitter Proves Once Again It Acts as Both Platform & Publisher; Bans QAnon as MSM Cheers & Conservatives Are Silent

Twitter Proves Once Again It Acts as Both Platform & Publisher; Bans QAnon as MSM Cheers & Conservatives Are Silent

July 21, 2020 – Twitter has once again shown that it acts as both a “platform” as well as “publisher” depending on what is convenient. Late Tuesday night, Twitter “Safety” put out a series of tweets announcing the BAN on anything related to “conspiracy theory” QAnon.

This follows Google’s move to blacklist prominent conservative websites, such as the Gateway Pundit, announced earlier today.

Add to the mix, washed up Hollywood starlet Chrissy Teigen complained about QAnon last week, claiming she would leave Twitter if they did not silence her critics. Twitter faced a major breech last week that compromised the accounts of many political figures like Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Had the hackers gotten into President Donald Trump’s account, they could have started World War III. One tweet from the leader of the free world about a nuclear attack on China could have been enough to cause the unthinkable. So one would think Twitter would be focused on fixing that vulnerability. Instead, they are currently prioritizing censorship of Qanon accounts.

The mainstream media (MSM) of course are celebrating the censorship of the American public and the further erosion of what civil liberties they have left.

The NBC smear job is not even eligible to count as “journalism” according to the standards and practices of Patriots’ Soapbox, so I will refer to it as blatant politically biased propaganda.

We all remember this recent scandal, as well:

This recent scandal at Twitter as well:

While the censorship continues to ramp up, most well-known conservatives and all Republicans and members of the GOP remain silent about this. Perhaps that is because they see these regular Americans as fundamentally disposable, as does Twitter.

This censorship clampdown is about restricting your potential, by restricting your language and thoughts into smaller and smaller boxes. The rules are applied arbitrarily and everyone knows it. This is simply the latest confirmation.

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