A Content-of-Character Conversation

A Content-of-Character Conversation

By WILLIE RICHARDSON January 17, 2022 in Culture

Let’s change the conversation about the content of character. Listen first, then speak and win over a brother or sister.

In the past few days, I’ve run into two women from the Baby Boomer generation and had conversations with them about God and politics. I’ll share the most recent conversation in honor of the MLK holiday. Many people don’t know how to look past personal feelings and judge based on character.

I thought I was going for blood work and ended up having an epic conversation. We were having small talk and the phlebotomist started criticizing Trump. I thought it was 2022 and President Joe Biden was currently grinding down America. But I digress.

I just listened to her as she probably assumed I’d chime in and add to the fire. My skin color is brown, so I must agree, right? She wasn’t being mean, just expressing her view. As she continued, I asked her to explain different blood types and how mixing blood types could be problematic.

I told her that society is so caught up on races mixing, but never talks about blood. She let me know that she has mixed nieces and nephews. She didn’t want her family members judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

For some reason, she asked, “Are you a pastor?” I told her I do youth ministry, but I’m not a pastor. As she was getting blood samples, she kept on about Republicans and Democrats. I listened intently.

“I’m a Democrat because they’re for the people. Republicans are for the rich! Clinton had our budget balanced and I just love me some Obama. He was good!”

She said her brother gets on to her about what she believes based on her faith.

As we talked about the Democrat candidates in the 2020 election, she looked sad because she didn’t want to vote for any of them. She said, “You had old-man Bernie, broke-down Biden, and who was the gay guy moving up the polls? He ain’t right! That ain’t right!”

I boldly told her based on what she believes that she’s not a Democrat. She said, “My brother said the same thing, but I don’t listen to him.” It was interesting to hear this Christian woman praise Obama and Clinton when their polices and personal lives spoke against the character of Christ.

That’s when I decided to speak further. “Well, you know, homosexuality and gay marriage is on the platform of the Democrat Party. Abortion and government dependency as well.” She agreed that the economy was excellent under Trump. I shared with her how liberal policies broke the black family 60 years ago. She said, “You got me open to looking at the policies of Democrats. I’ve got to call my brother and apologize. He supported Trump.” I told her it’s bigger than Trump as a woman of faith. She couldn’t agree with anything she had been voting for and I said, “You’re not a liberal when you really observe the content of character instead of the false hype of the media.”

What a great conversation; we talked for an hour! She said, “You have really helped me today.” I met another sister in Christ! Let’s change the conversation about the content of character. Listen first, then speak and win over a brother or sister.


~~Reprinted with permission. See the original article here and leave some comments! 

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